7 in 7 Day Two: Port Orleans – Riverside

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A day at Port Orleans – Riverside

We have made it to Day Two of our 7 Disney World Resorts in 7 Days tour and we are featuring Port Orleans Resort – Riverside! While Riverside is the sister resort to Port Orleans – French Quarter which we covered yesterday, their name is one of the few things the two resorts have in common.

If you’re not familiar with our 7 in 7 Project, you can learn more about our week long adventure here. Be sure to stay tuned for the next six days to see our overviews of the seven resorts we visited and see if you can guess where we went next. You can also check out Day One’s report of Port Orleans – French Quarter here.

Check out our Port Orleans – Riverside video overview below, which was filmed during our second day. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on any of our 7 in 7 videos!



Port Orleans – Riverside, which many remember by its former name Dixie Landings, definitely holds its place as a fan favorite for a reason. The old Southern country feeling Riverside’s design lends itself to a more relaxed vacation atmosphere than a lot of the other moderate resorts. It definitely has a down home atmosphere, which I think is really comforting and can be a nice quality in a resort while on vacation.


The lobby, which was just refurbished last year, does a great job of mixing that Southern charm with elegant details like gold embossed columns and huge glass chandeliers. The names of well-known towns and cities in the South line the perimeter of the ceiling giving.

Below you’ll see accessories like old metal mailboxes (left), brass-tacked leather trunks (bottom, right), and ornate metal borders on the check-in counters (top, right) that really combine the styles and help tell a story of a Southern resort.




Moving further into the main building and entering The Riverside Mill, you can clearly see the aesthetic change from the elegant design of the lobby to a more woodsy, barn concept.


It wasn’t until later when I was reviewing photos that I noticed the weird lines coming from the center window in the photo above (left). I sure hope it’s beams of light coming in from the sun. Either that or Aragog relocated to Riverside and is waiting for Hagrid to show up.


Heading Outside

My favorite parts of Riverside are definitely the outside areas. The resort is huge, about three times the size of French Quarter, and you could easily spend an afternoon exploring by foot or even renting a surrey bike. As a side note, riding on a surrey bike with Pete was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in 2013.



The most well-known “landmark” of Riverside is its working water wheel which is attached to exterior of The Riverside Mill. It’s fun to just spend a few minutes watching and listening to the water travel through the paddles.



The buildings at Riverside are grouped into small sections around the property, but there are two main types of buildings. The mansions that make up the Acadian, Magnolia, Oak, and Parterre buildings are designed after old plantation buildings you’d see in the South.





Alligator Bayou

Unlike the mansions at Riverside, Alligator Bayou is made up of smaller rustic buildings which have more of an outdoorsy feeling. I almost felt like we were in the middle of the woods on a camping vacation. All of the trees and brush really keep this section of the resort quiet.


I loved the small details of Alligator Bayou like the alligator cutout on the sign (left), the organic shapes of the pools (bottom, right), and the old-fashioned water fountains (top, right). I really wanted to drink from that water fountain, but no water came out of it. Probably for the best.



Great Outdoors

The pool area of Port Orleans – Riverside is one of the most unique places at a Disney resort. Ol’ Man Island is in the middle of the large inlet that divides Riverside. There are three bridges that take you to the island. Recreation activities like fishing and a nightly campfire are also found on the island.





Here are some wallpapers of one of the most well-known views of Port Orleans – Riverside. You can download for your computer, iPhone, or iPad. Hope you like them – enjoy!


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  • http://www.facebook.com/rena.thompson.18 Rena Thompson

    We are definitely staying here next! Going to use the wheel for my desktop…Thanks, Shaun!

    • http://shaunthompson.net/ Shaun Thompson

      Good! I cast my vote for Alligator Bayou.

  • Brian Dancer

    Don’t suppose you could throw in a 1920×1080 resolution for your daily wallpapers? =)

  • Beth

    Where’s the ATM though?

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    Love the HP reference :)
    I want to stay here next. It has been my plan since I went 2 years ago. It is so beautiful!!

  • sue

    We were just there this past week end at the alligator boyou and it was great.