7 in 7 Day Three: Caribbean Beach

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A day at Caribbean Beach

Today is Day Three of our 7 Disney World Resorts in 7 Days tour and we are covering Caribbean Beach Resort! Caribbean Beach was the first moderate resort to be built and is massive. It’s not too difficult to get around and to get to the main section, but there are a few buildings (I’m looking at you, Trinidad South) that are so remote it feels like you’re leaving the main resort.

For more information on our 7 in 7 Project and to see our previous days, visit our main 7 in 7 Page here. Come back for the next five days to see our overviews of the seven resorts we visited and see if you can guess where we went next.

As well as taking photos, we filmed an overview video at each resort. Check out Caribbean Beach‘s video below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on any of our 7 in 7 videos!


The front desk/check-in area of Caribbean Beach is located in a small building near the entrance of the resort and is completely separate from Old Port Royale, the main hub of the resort. This area is way too small for the size of Caribbean Beach and was unbearably crowded when we were there. Luckily there is a concierge desk in Old Port Royale where you can take care of most front desk type things.



Moving to the central area of the resort, Old Port Royale is where all of the activity takes place at the resort. Situated right next to the pool, you’ll find Caribbean Beach’s merchandise location, its quick service restaurant and a table service offering, Shutters.


Old Port Royale is filled with bright Caribbean-inspired colors and shapes that make you feel like you’re on an cruise excursion. Luckily there are far fewer men yelling about ten dollar island tours or discount sting ray swimming. I only saw two here.




One of the coolest parts of this resort is the island that sits in the middle of the resort, Caribbean Cay. Unlike Riverside which uses its island as the pool area, the island at Caribbean Beach is really only built as a quicker way to get from the far sections of the resort to Old Port Royale. There’s also a playground on the island and some cool gazebo bench areas good for picnicking, but not much more than that.



Yes, these were the two yelling about island tours.


Caribbean Beach’s pool was refurbished not too long ago and was designed based on a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Above you can see some of the textures in the area.


This must be the international symbol for “Stay Out Of The Damn Lakes” – with Caribbean flair.


The resort is filled with small sandy beach areas lined with hammocks and lounge chairs so there are lots of opportunities to relax.



The buildings of Caribbean Beach are sectioned off into smaller groupings named after countries or islands in the Caribbean. Each section’s style is very different – both in colors and also architecture. Even though the individual buildings look very different, the main layouts of each section are very similar and the smaller pools are basically just exact replicas of each other.







Joey Fatone carved his name in a tree here when *NSYNC sang at the Caribbean Beach Resort opening ceremony.*

*Not all facts have been checked.


I will leave you with these little dudes that block the under-bridge walkway from rogue surrey bikes. It was daylight and they caught me by surprise – I can’t imagine what it would be like to see them at night.



Today we have a wallpaper featuring a relaxing view of Caribbean Beach. You can download for your computer, iPhone, or iPad. Hope you like them – enjoy!


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  • Marie

    I love your comment about the “Joey” carved in the tree. Made me laugh.

    • http://shaunthompson.net/ Shaun Thompson

      Thanks Marie, glad I wasn’t the only one laughing at my stupid jokes. :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/rena.thompson.18 Rena Thompson

    Joey, $10 island tours, little dudes and the lake sign…I also laughed at your stupid jokes. :-)

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