7 in 7 Day Six: All Star Movies

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A day at All Star Movies

We’re nearing the finish of 7 Disney World Resorts in 7 Days and for Day Six we’re featuring All Star Movies Resort! Just one of the three value resorts that make up the All Star Resort, Movies is decorated with designs and statues from well-known Disney movies. Let’s take a look and see what a day at All Star Movies offers.

Don’t forget to take a look at our 7 in 7 project home page to learn more about our tour and to see our previous days. We have only one more resort to cover so be sure to check back tomorrow to see our final 7 in 7 write-up.

We have blog posts, photos, and we also filmed an overview video at each resort. Here’s our All Star Movies Resort video below. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on any of our 7 in 7 videos!


Unlike the the check-in area of Caribbean Beach, which we covered on Day Three of 7 in 7, the All Star Movies lobby is huge and can handle the crowds well. It’s a bright and airy building with lots of seating options and even its TV/Entertainment waiting are is large.



In addition to housing the lobby, Cinema Hall is also where you’ll find the quick service, World Premiere Food Court, the arcade, and merchandise shop. Even though the merchandise is pretty much the same things you’ll find in most other shops, the decor of the shop is fun and has a lot of movie references.


The signage above one of the registers reads ‘Concessions’ on a vintage-looking sign.


Inside the seating area of World Premiere Food Court, there are even more film references and memorabilia. An old camera is the centerpiece to the back section and is fun to check out. Movie posters of all kinds of classic movies line the walls of the food court too.



Directly outside of Cinema Hall is the main pool of the resort, which is themed from a classic scene from Disney’s Fantasia. It’s a really nice sized pool and it’s really easy to just head inside and grab lunch or a snack. The one down-side is that just like most resorts’ main pools, it can get fairly crowded in the busy season. A lot of people like to visit the smaller pools for this reason. However, since we were here in January, there was absolutely no one in at the time. This was good so I didn’t feel like an absolute creep while taking photos.



The Fantasia theme is continued along the pathways around the pool and also to the buildings in the first section. You’ll see the enchanted brooms, sorcerer’s hats, and even characters from Fantasia 2000.




My favorite section of this resort is definitely the Toy Story group of buildings. The courtyards and buildings are decorated with big statues of Woody, Buzz, Rex, Bo Peep, and lots of green Army men.



There are a lot of cool details in this area like the door to Andy’s room and the recognizable blue cloud wallpaper straight from the movie.


Typically Buzz is looking a little ‘healthier,’ but he was getting a makeover since it was the off season. It was actually really scary seeing him just with white eyeballs. I apologize for any nightmares caused.



In addition to Fantasia and Toy Story, there are three more wings based on well-known movies: 101 Dalmatians, Herbie The Lovebug, and The Mighty Ducks.




One of the coolest things about the All Star Movies, or all of the All Star resorts, are the huge letters that spell out the name of the resort and cover the facade of the main building. It’s here that you’ll catch a bus to the park or even pick up Magical Express.




Here is our All Star Movies Wallpaper! You can download for your computer, iPhone, or iPad. Hope you like them – enjoy!


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  • http://www.facebook.com/rena.thompson.18 Rena Thompson

    I love the Toy Story building! Great pictures!!!

  • Karen Campbell

    My favorite area is Fantasia. We plan on visiting WDW for the first time next year and will be staying at All Star Movie Resort. Thanks for the video that included shots of a room interior.