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This November, I told you about Disney’s announcement regarding the closing of Main Street Bakery so that it could be converted into a Starbucks. Now that we have all had time to digest the news, formulate opinions, and begin to predict how this will affect the Magic Kingdom, if at all, I think it’s time to face reality and make alternate plans. Many guests stop for breakfast or a sweet treat when visiting Main Street, but now that its bakery is temporarily closed, where can they find such items? Let’s take a look at a few of the options available for those of you making a trip to Walt Disney World over the next several months.


IMG_5094 (450x600)

 Image: Where can you find park goodies while the Main Street Bakery is closed?


Tomorrowland Terrace

Nestled right along the corner of Main Street and the beginning of Tomorrowland, you’ll find Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station. Wait, what? Noodles? Yes, that’s right. This location has served up noodle dishes in the past, but is now operating solely as a breakfast eatery while the Main Street Bakery is being refurbished. Croissant, egg, and cheese sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, waffles, fruit, and pastries are being sold. Milk, juice, and coffee are also available. Prices range from $1.69 to $5.99 depending upon the item.

While in the park last week, I noticed that this served as a popular option for guests looking to have the “most important meal of the day” inside the turnstiles. Because there is a large number of tables available, families can begin their day here if they’re looking for a quick breakfast option. The Terrace is open from 8:00 am to 11:30 am and is not open for lunch or dinner at this time.


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Image: Tomorrowland Terrace serves breakfast sandwiches, fruit, oatmeal, milk, and hot beverages.


Other quick service areas that offer muffins, pastries, cereals, and fruit include Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies, Cheshire Cafe, and Sleepy Hollow.


Gaston’s Tavern

When the Main Street Bakery’s closing was first announced, many Disney fans were concerned about a favorite treat’s future, the warm gooey cinnamon roll that so many enjoyed as their morning welcome to Magic Kingdom. Although we are unsure as to whether or not the new bakery will sell the item, guests can find an alternative over in Belle’s Village of Fantasyland. Speckled in trophies, antlers, and all things manly, Gaston’s Tavern is a new quick service location that has options for meals and snacks.





Image: Gaston’s Tavern is a new eatery featuring pastries, fruit, and more.


In the morning, consider indulging in a warm cinnamon roll that is topped with a maple-icing; the latter is a slight change from what Main Street Bakery used to offer, but the size of the treat more than makes up for it. For $3.99, two people could easily share one serving which is larger than the span of two hands on an average size person. These have proven to be very popular since the Tavern opened, along with Le Fou’s Brew, a no-sugar-added frozen apple juice drink with a hint of toasted marshmallow blended in and topped with passion fruit mango foam. For $9.99, these are available in a souvenir cup fit for a beauty or a beast. Chocolate croissants, fruit, and various juices are also available to round out a sweet breakfast.


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 Image: Le Fou’s Brew


If you decide to stop at Gaston’s, be sure to spend some time looking around. You’ll find dozens of neat little motifs and tributes to the movie and its characters. Also, the “tribute” out front is worth a look as it is dedicated to the namesake himself who happens to frequent the area throughout the day. Be sure to tell him I said hello.


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Image: Gaston himself greets guests throughout the day near his tavern and is quite the character.


Main Street Confectionery

If your sweet tooth is searching for more of a treat rather than breakfast food, the Main Street Confectionery is waiting for you. Housed at the very beginning of Main Street, USA, this candy shop fills the air with the scent of vanilla and sugary goodness. Here, guests can snack on caramel apples, cookies, krispy treats, and more.


Main-Street-USA-16 (600x400)


IMG_4797 (600x450)

Image: The Main Street Confectionery is the perfect stop for your favorite sweets.


You can also have fun watching the cast members make specialty goodies right before your eyes. A cotton candy machine is on display, marshmallows are dipped in chocolate, and apples are covered in sprinkles. This is a nice break from the Florida heat and a great activity for little ones to view. Guests may stop by at anytime during the day up through park closing.


IMG_4794 (450x600)

IMG_5095 (450x600)
IMG_5097 (600x450)

Image: Candied apples, krispy treats, chocolates, and more are available for sale.


Prairie Outpost & Supply

Prairie Outpost & Supply, located in Frontierland near Country Bear Jamboree, is another hot spot for your favorite candies. After lunch at Pecos Bill Cafe, stroll down the road to this little shop to indulge yourself in a variety of candies. Freshly-made fudge, candied apples, marshmallow treats, and a host of Goofy’s Candy Company’s sweets are sold here.


Frontierland_06 (600x449)


IMG_4757 (450x600)

Image: Just about anyone can find something to sink their teeth into at Prairie Outpost & Supply.


Young guests will enjoy choosing their favorite jelly beans while adults might prefer to browse the glass display case. A serve-yourself M&M’s bar is available as well as Goofy’s Powdered Sugar. You can also find several pre-packaged options that would be perfect for bringing back to your resort room as a late night snack.


IMG_4748 (600x450)


IMG_4755 (600x450)


IMG_4750 (600x450)


IMG_4749 (450x600)

Image: Kids and adults alike will find several snack items at Prairie Outpost & Supply.


Big Top Souvenirs

The newest sweet treat shop is in Storybook Circus as a part of the Fantasyland expansion. Similar to the Main Street Confectionary, Big Top Souvenirs offers a variety of candied apples, krispy treats, cookies, marshmallow snacks, and more. The shop also sells themed merchandise celebrating Dumbo and his pals. Guests will find themselves amused by the theming of this area and how well it brings them “under the big top” as they hunt for souvenirs, both edible and not.


Big-Top-Souvenirs-02 (600x399)


IMG_5083 (600x450)

Image: Cast members delight in making your favorite treats at Big Top Souvenirs.


The food kiosks at Big Top sit in the center of the location. There are two large display cases as well as a separate area for candy and freshly dipped apples. This is a great stop for the middle of the afternoon and the treats can be enjoyed while experiencing some of the entertainment options in this section of Fantasyland. Like the above eateries, Big Top is open throughout the day until park closing.


IMG_5085 (600x450)


IMG_5082 (450x600)

Image: Large display cases feature a variety of snacks available for purchase.


In Closing

Whether or not you are a fan of Main Street Bakery’s redesign, it’s good to know that there are other options in the park for those seeking breakfast or sweet snacks. Each of these locations delight most who visit and bring about big smiles. Where do you like to get treats in the Magic Kingdom? Let us know by commenting below while I nibble on some fudge.

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  • Kathy Magnetico Mertz

    I believe I read somewhere that they are still available at the ice cream parlor at the end of Main Street.

  • Chris Stites

    You can get these at your resort most of the time as well if you stay on property at least the value resorts i know for sure

  • Julian Abrego

    I will never set foot in the Main Street Starbucks. Walt must be turning over in his grave.