Habit Heroes reopens at Epcot

| March 1, 2013 | Reply

Habit Heroes recently reopened at Walt Disney World in Epcot’s Innoventions.  This is the second version and it has improved from the first version. We talked about this re-imagined attraction on a recent edition of the DisUnplugged Podcast.


If you visited this attraction before, it will feel familiar but they have changed the layout of the attraction. You now go in through what was the end room. In the room now you are introduced to Director Jin, Agent Quench, Agent Fuel and Agent Dynamo. Gone are characters Will Power and Calli Stenics. Also gone is the locker room theming.



You are taken into the first room in groups of 16.  You will learn about the Scorchers, the sappers and the blocker bots.  You will work on building your power over these bad habit monsters. You will fight back with water, activity. friends and vegetables. Be prepared to do some exercises to combat these monsters!


In the second room you shoot these monsters.  Your gun indicates which monster you will be fighting.



After this activity you will go in the 3rd room.  You will be fighting the monsters here also.  Be sure to look for the Hidden Mickey on the Roman Coliseum. You will be moving around the room trying to destroy the monsters.  You receive a Habit Heroes card with a color that you must tap on the machine to destroy them.



Finally you move into the final room where you receive the totals from all the activities.  You will receive a wrist band that represents different activities.  You also get a mission card to complete out in the park. You lay your mission card on top of a park map and off you go to the park attraction.  It is best if you are part of a group for everyone to get a different mission.





When your mission is complete you return to the kiosks outside of Habit Heroes. You can also sign up to get an email from them but that hasn’t worked for me twice now. There is an iphone app that you can download to continue your education at home.  This is a much better attraction than the first version. If you are looking to start a conversation about a healthy lifestyle with your family this attraction will help.  If you are in Epcot I suggest checking out this new attraction. See you in the parks!



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