Disney MagicBand Styles Begin to Surface

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This January marked the official reveal of Disney Parks’ announcement regarding the next generation in vacation experience. The new MyMagic+ system will allow guests to fully customize their time spent in the parks using the new My Disney Experience app and a MagicBand, a RFID-encoded new piece of technology that will link together resort and dining reservations as well as the ability to use the new FastPass+; the “re-imagined” FastPass allows visitors to schedule a pre-determined time to visit their favorite Disney attractions. Now that the parks are gearing up for this way to enjoy touring, details are beginning to emerge about the styles of MagicBands that will be available for purchase and how they can be tailored to meet guests’ interests. After a bit of research, I found some exciting news.


Bands 5 (600x405)

Image: The new Disney MagicBand is a bracelet guests will wear during their vacations and use to get the most out of Walt Disney World theme parks.

I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I’ve been wracking my brain for the past several weeks trying to figure out how Disney is going to make back at least a portion of the million dollar investment it put into designing the new MagicBand and its customizable system. Rumors began to surface that guests would be able to purchase a different band from the standard one that would be offered upon booking a vacation, but that just didn’t make sense to me. Why would anyone want to purchase their own Band when they’d be getting one for free? Sure, you can throw a few different color options out there, but would that make them personal enough? I’m starting to think that yes, this may just be the case.


Bands 4 (600x405) (2)

Image: The underside of a Disney MagicBand as shown in an early-release photo. Since this picture appeared, many more customizable options have begun to surface.


While very little of this has been officially announced by Disney as of yet, the new line of MagicBands will feature of a variety of colors and styles. The basic band is made from a flexible, rubber-like material that is hypo-allergenic, waterproof (this will really add to the fun of Disney’s water parks), and is expected to withstand the hot temperatures of the parks (and those cold nights in the winter months). It is rumored that guests will receive a red Band as the standard, but other options will be available including black, green, purple, blue, yellow, pink, and orange. Color choices are said to appear on the My Disney Experience app for guests planning their vacations before leaving home.


Bands 2 (500x283)


Image: Guests will have the option to choose from a variety of MagicBand colors to personalize their experience.


In addition to color choices, MagicBand styles will come in several patterns, themes, and forms. Disney princesses is sure to be a hot option among ladies and girls while the boys might prefer a Pirates of the Caribbean Band. Other Disney characters will also be seen on a variety of bands. Want to visit Wonderland? How about an Alice MagicBand? Are you more traditional and prefer Cinderella or Tinker Bell? No problem. The Bands are expected to showcase numerous characters so guests can pick their favorites. Likewise, one’s name can even be printed on the bracelet itself using one of several fonts. These personalization options are sure to entice people to bypass the standard MagicBand and purchase something more unique to their style. In turn, the Bands would become more of a fashion accessory with a twist, so to speak, a twist that will completely immerse guests in the Disney experience.


Bands 3 (600x336)

Image: Photos are beginning to pop up online including this one which appears on DizFanatic. Here, five customized MagicBands are shown in a variety of colors and styles.


Bands 6 (2) (600x405)

Bands 6 (103x123)

Images: Different MagicBand styles are shown here in a photo from Disney. Notice the little boy’s Band? It’s Pirates of the Caribbean-themed!


Notice the holes on the inner surface of the blue MagicBand above? This answers a lot of questions for those of you out there who were wondering if the bracelet would be removable or adjustable. Guests will be able to take the Band on and off as they please and size it to their wrist without issue. Similarly, there seems to be a rumor that charms (think of those plastic charm bracelets from the 80s we all loved – yes, I know that they’re coming back) will also be available for purchase. The charms will connect to the Band, but it’s unclear as of yet how that will work being that the holes are only on the inside in most photographs. I’m sure that Disney will have a special Band with holes for the charm bracelet lovers out there.


Bands (550x366)

Image: Guest experience becomes more interactive as the MagicBand system changes how we vacation.


For guests who do not like the option of wearing a bracelet, Disney is supposedly developing a few other forms of the MagicBand. Apparently watches and other types of jewelry are being made to replace the original; key chains will also be available, and again all of these items will come in many different colors and styles. I have even learned that Dooney & Bourke might be working with Disney to create a MagicBand based off of their popular line of handbags. I can see this being a hot ticket (and hefty price tag) item that is sure to be flying off of the shelves in the near future. Similarly, Disney may very well be working with Swarovski crystal to design another high-end Band to be sold.

All in all, I’m excited to see the new MagicBands and the styles that pop up in stores within the next several months. Right now, guests who are staying at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort may be selected to begin using them. Other resorts including Wilderness Lodge and Port Orleans could be next on the list. According to Tom Staggs, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, the system will spread across property as the year continues until all Walt Disney World Resort hotels have it working properly. Likewise, Staggs has said that Annual Passholders should not be concerned that they will be left out of the MagicBand fun. “Guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels, and Annual Passholders will receive a band, as well as those guests who purchase a photography package,” he explained. Those guests who choose to stay off-site will receive RFID-encoded tickets and have the option to purchase a MagicBand if they wish to do so.

Are you ready to hit the stores and purchase your own MagicBand? Let us know what you think here!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.hammon.5 Michael Hammon

    I think this is great and I can’t wait! We’re staying at the Poly in June and I really hope we have them. Everything I have read about these will make the experience SO much better for many of us. I absolutely would spend more money on personalized bands. That will be a no-brainer and I’m sure many other Disney fans will do the same.

  • Jan

    And if you don’t have an iphone/smartphone and CAN’T use the planning app for fastpasses etc. before you get there? Are you stuck with the one color and no personalization? How much will the other styles cost? On top of the thousands spent to go in the first place, it seems pretty smarmy to charge for style selection- let alone “a hefty price tag” for “high end” designs…..

    • Mike Wyatt

      how is this “smarmy”? you get a basic one for free if you stay onsite from what I’ve read and they didn’t even have to do that.
      Businesses try to make money and if you don’t agree with their product or service you have the ability to not spend your money at that place.

      • Jan

        Refer to the beginning of that sentence….on average, a trip there is about $5000 for a family of four- then, what is rumored to be another $8-$10 each for a picture/particular color band Disney KNOWS your kids are going to harass you for– and, yes I can say no and stay with basic– but why should I have to? They wouldn’t be losing profit– they already make billions on the vacation costs in the first place, they can give you a red one for free, then why not the other colors/styles too?…. If they are going to offer choices, they should be part of the package you are ALREADY buying….

        • Mike Wyatt

          “They wouldn’t be losing profit– they already make billions on the vacation costs in the first place,” FREE = lost profits. By your posts, i can tell you do not run a business and if you do, please tell me which one so i can get all the free stuff I feel I am entitled to have.

          • Jan

            I know enough to know that Disney HAD to offer at least one for free because you can’t charge your customer for all that the ticket entitles them to and then charge for the ticket itself- which is what those bracelets are, the new tickets, so yeah, I’m entitled to one when I purchase a vacation. And I know that when you make BILLIONS in profit every year you can afford to absorb a few million in cost without turning around on the customer- especially with something like the ticket, it’s called reinvesting in your company and it doesn’t hurt your profit, it creates more with repeat customers– I don’t think my souvenir shopping is free– it comes down to customer service- the Disney Store gets it- if I buy product over a certain amount, they will personalize for free— If I buy a vacation package for thousands, why shouldn’t my ticket be personalized for free? Even if they don’t want to do that, why not a second or third color choice– another solid color doesn’t cost them more than the red one- it’s called customer service- it’s why the refillable mug is now free with the dining plan, why a refrigerator is free with the hotel room– customer service– I have no choice but to get and wear a bracelet when at WDW (at least by the end of this year), why shouldn’t I get a choice in what it looks like on my wrist? Customer Service. It’s why my business would stay open…

          • calebu2

            Can’t charge for the ticket itself? Ticketmaster would beg to differ.

          • Jan

            Ticketmaster is a third party supplier of tickets from whom you are purchasing the services of their obtaining the tickets as well as purchasing the ticket from the original supplier…..Walt Disney World is the supplier of their own tickets in this instance, and I will have ALREADY paid for their services in purchasing the vacation….

          • Angel

            Disney has 6 color options aside from the basic black/grey that you can choose from. This article is speaking more about bands that come with graphics, which does indeed cost more to make so it would make perfect sense that you would have to pay extra for that. And actually, it does indeed cost Disney more to make a band in one color over another color. I’ve worked in retail (including at WDW) for many years, and there certain colored dyes that cost more than another. If you go to a store, sometimes you’ll see that a red item might cost a few cents to a few dollars more than a green one. That’s typical. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, then make a choice from the color options that are free, or opt out of it all together. If your kids ask for them, just say no. I’m sure you tell them no on a lot of things that they want while they’re at WDW anyway. Disney is #1 when it comes to customer service, and they are all about making the guest experience unique and fun, this is why they designed these in the first place. However, they are still a business and still need to make a profit to keep running. With all the technology that is going into this band, it can’t be cheap to produce. Also, keep in mind that this at the beginning stages. Disney is always changing so I’m sure more options till be made available as the years go on.

    • Dave

      The official Disney website will have the same functionality (i.e. reserving FastPasses, purchasing Magic Bands, etc.)

      • Jan


        • http://www.facebook.com/cherise.elder Cherise Creede Elder

          Plus your travel agent, like me, would be able to help you as well….so there are different ways.

          • Jan

            Good to know! Thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisambates Lisa Bates

    Wondering if we buy fancy personalized bands if they can be used for multiple trips? And you just upload new trip data each time?

    • Bickiana

      This is exactly what I am wondering! It would make sense, and could even justify spend the extra money to have a personalized band.

  • http://twitter.com/DisjointedImgs Melanie DI Castle

    Very interesting. I can’t wait for confirmation on pricing and whether the bands are reusable (given the expensive options available).

    One nitpick: “Disney princesses is sure to be a hot option among ladies and girls while the boys might prefer a Pirates of the Caribbean Band.” Why gender-specify these interests? Boys can want a princess band and girls (myself included) are way into Pirates.

  • bearwater

    I think it sounds fun and would of course be a keepsake type of item if you paid to personalize it. If you don’t want to spend the $, then go with the free one. I just hope we can use the system when we go there in June! Staying at AOA Suites.

  • http://www.facebook.com/z28katcar Katherine Estey

    It would be awesome if they would make a Disney Chamilia or Pandora bead that had the technology in it so I could just add it to my bracelet!

  • http://twitter.com/yegcookiecutie Shelley

    I would totally buy a more custom band but wouldn’t be spending a ton of money extra…

  • LuAnn

    They look cute! But my son with autism is not going to wear one. Even when he is in the hospital, they have to put the band around his ankle. What then? :/

    • http://www.facebook.com/cherise.elder Cherise Creede Elder

      LuAnn….from what I understand you WILL be able to opt out of the bands and go the old fashioned way. I’m not a rubberized band wearer either so I hope that’s the way it will turn out. :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/dustin.carr.14 Dustin Carr

    My dad works as a tester and he gave me one! It has my name on it and everything!!!! SWEETTTTT

  • http://www.facebook.com/ilovetheangelofmusic Shana Pye

    Ok so I’m curious…if you buy a personalized band would it only be good for that one visit, or if you were like me and lived close enough to come back throughout the year could you use the same one or would you have to purchase another one? I’m confused on that point. Cause if I bought one I’d like to be able to “reload” or “recharge” it I guess and just use the same one.

    • Lisa

      You use the same one. As of now, I believe they are good for up to 2 years. I believe you just “reissue” it or something. You link your tickets on MyDisneyExperience website and you are good to go.

  • Noname

    Disney watching you on every step while you are in the park? 1984 and Big Brother is here.

  • giovanna

    how can you order the customized bands the only option it gives me is for the different colors