Book Review: Seen, Un-seen Disneyland

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During the construction of the Storybook Land Canal Boat attraction at Disneyland, Walt Disney insisted leaded glass be used in the windows of the cottages. The model builder, who was looking for ways to cut costs, wanted to use regular glass and asked Walt, “Who’ll know the difference?” Walt sternly replied, “I’ll know the difference.” In his book, Seen, Unseen Disneyland – What You See at Disneyland, but Never Really See, author Russell D. Flores takes us on a journey through Disneyland examining many of the details Walt and his Imagineers put in the park which most guests rush past on their way to queue up for attractions.

Russell Flores’ fascination with the details at Disneyland began when he noticed that the trash cans were themed to the surrounding lands. Similarly, Russell begins his book with a photo essay of the various trash cans in the park followed up by “Disneyland Trash Facts.”

In Seen, Unseen Disneyland you’ll discover how Imagineers re-used the old ticket booths, ride vehicles and movie props throughout the park. Included are chapters on the remains of extinct attractions, a few Hidden Mickeys, Disney Urban Legends and architectural details of buildings, attractions, signs and paths. Seen, Unseen Disneyland is not just a photo book. It contains 374 photos, 327 photo comments, 116 notes, 13 quizzes and 121 references. There is also an extensive bibliography for those who want to add to their Disney library.

For a guest preparing for their first visit to Disneyland, Seen, Unseen Disneyland is a wonderful introduction to the magic of Walt’s park and why it sets the standard for all theme parks. For a guest who knows Disneyland like their own backyard, Seen, Unseen Disneyland contains little-known facts and details that will bring a new depth to their Disneyland experience.

On a recent segment of  The DIS Unplugged: Disneyland Edition I enjoyed speaking with Russell about his book and his efforts to get it published, our favorite Disney reference books and what we enjoy the most about Disneyland.

You may order Seen, Unseen Disneyland from Amazon, or if you want an autographed copy you may order it directly from Russell Flores at Be sure to mention you heard about the book on The DIS Unplugged!

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