Disney & Vera Bradley Partner to Create New Line of Bags

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Note: See updates from August at bottom of this article. 

Whether you love them or think that they’re better suited on your grandmother’s arm, Vera Bradley is a popular choice for women’s handbags. For years, Disney park guests have sported Vera’s totes, backpacks, wristlets, luggage, and duffles during their vacations. The combination of the patterns’ bright colors and the versatility of the bags’ designs have made them excellent choices for traveling throughout Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Much to the surprise and joy of many, Disney and Vera Bradley announced this morning that they will be partnering together to create a new line of bags to be released this fall.


Vera (550x371)

Image: Disney Merchandise & Vera Bradley Join Together to Create New Line


Known for the company’s soft, quilted fabric bags and colorful accessories, Vera Bradley has undoubtedly earned the reputation as being at the forefront of the gift industry. Based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, the company began in 1982 when co-founders Patricia R. Miller and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard recognized that feminine-looking luggage was almost non-existent in stores. Within weeks, the two created the company, which is named after Baekgaard’s mother, and began down the road to where it is today – that of a nationally and internationally recognized business enjoyed by many.


Vera 7 (600x270)


Vera 6 (600x270)

Images: Vera Bradley is one of the leaders in designing comfortable, yet feminine luggage and accessories.


It only seems natural that Disney Merchandise and Vera Bradley would join together to provide products that are both pretty and fun especially since so many park visitors already use Vera bags. “In recent years, we’ve seen several guests in our parks and resorts sporting fun, colorful bags by Vera Bradley,” explained Cathy Dawson, merchandiser for accessories at Disney Parks. “Even our Disney Cruise Line team recently added some items by Vera Bradley to the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. We thought it would be wonderful to add a splash of Disney to these popular and colorful accessory items.”


Vera 2 (550x342)

Image: Two new Vera Bradley patterns have been designed with Disney fans in mind.


Set for release in the fall of 2013, the new Vera Bradley Disney line will feature both Mickey and Minnie Mouse hidden in two new floral patterns. The first, “Just Mousing Around,” is a vibrant design filled with pinks, oranges, purples, and yellows. Our favorite Disney friends are spotted throughout the fabric posing in their traditional fashion from the late 1920s – Mickey with his red shorts and Minnie in her blue and white dress. The second design, which happens to be my favorite of the two, offers and entirely different choice due to its bold colors. This pattern, termed “Midnight with Mickey,” features a black background and bright blues, pinks, greens, and yellows. Of course, Mickey and Minnie make their appearances as well. I can see both patterns becoming extremely popular over the course of the next year.


Vera 5 (424x600)

Image: Tote bags and duffel bags, like those seen here, will feature the new Disney-inspired patterns.


In terms of styles, the collection will include both bags and accessories. Tote bags, duffels, cosmetic bags, hipsters, and more are to be among the first options available. Because Disney park guests look for bags that are easy to carry and sift through, these choices will provide a great way to keep your things organized for travel. The many pockets Vera Bradley bags have are perfect for sunglasses, water bottles, park maps, and more. For those going on a short trip, the various sizes of duffel bags available will also be a big plus.

I’m thoroughly excited to see the new Vera Bradley Disney line. Like Dooney & Bourke and LeSportsac, these bags are sure to hit the shelves and sell out quickly. They will initially be sold at select stores in Walt Disney World and Disneyland and later online. One should expect that they will be difficult to find in the first few weeks of being available to the public. Until then, be sure to stop by Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival Center to get a preview of what’s to come. You can find them just inside the building near the merchandise location. Happy shopping!



Now that the Flower & Garden Festival is underway, I thought I’d share a few photos of the Vera display. Enjoy!


photo (5) (600x450)


photo (6) (600x450)


photo (7) (600x450)


photo (8) (600x450)


photo (9) (600x450)


UPDATE as of 8/15: Disney has officially announced that the Vera Bradley collection will be available starting September 21. A special release event will be held from 7:30 a.m. on at The World of Disney in Downtown Disney’s Marketplace. I imagine that the bags will be available at Uptown Jewelers on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom either on this day or shortly after and then spread to other merchandise locations on property. For those visiting Disneyland, you can find them at select locations beginning September 23. The bags will also be available online in October.

It’s my understanding that Disney already has another Vera pattern in the works for a possible December release. While I don’t have too much information as of yet, the rumor is that it will be less bold than the prints found above. It may possibly feature the Mickey icon instead of the full characters images and available in blues and greens. Once I have more information about this, I’ll be sure to make note of it here.

PRICES JUST RELEASED! Here’s Disney’s official word on the pricing:

These styles will be offered in both colors. Please note that all retails do not include tax and are subject to change without notice.

– Backpack – $99.00
– Cosmetic Case – $35.00
– Duffle – $99.00
– Hipster – $70.00
– ID Case – $15.00
– Mini-Hipster – $60.00
– Smart Phone Wristlet – $55.00
– Tote – $99.00

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jacklynnsteven Jacklynn Grimm

    I love the variety of Vera Bradley styles and making them with a Disney print is just icing on the cake! I use a lot of Vera when I travel to Orlando…..can’t wait for these new designs!

  • Patty

    Love Vera Bradley bags. Now I can also get my Disney fix. Can’t wait until they come out.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JJD2JCNX2CV36MXQ2QHRYPC2P4 Tricia

    I can’t wait !!!!! love Minnie Mouse :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/reddy.thompson Reddy Thompson

    any idea on how much they are going to cost??

    • Nicole L. Mancini

      Vera prices range depending on style. If I’d have to guess $100+.

      • Casey

        Hey Nicole, just wanted to update, they made a mistake on the hipster, it’s going to be $70, not $99.

        • Nicole L. Mancini

          That makes so much more sense now! Having the duffle, tote, and hipster at the same price baffled me. I see that Steven Miller fixed his error. Thanks for the heads-up!

          • Karla

            What store in DTD are thes going to be sold at?

          • Nicole L. Mancini

            World of Disney at DTD first. I would expect they will also be at Tren-D as well. :)

          • Karla

            Thanks Nicole ! I will be flying down late on Sept 21st, so this will be my first stop on Sept 22nd. :)

          • Nicole L. Mancini

            Awesome! Please let us know what you wind up getting! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/tdmanley Traina Davidson Manley

    We are planning a trip to Disney in September I so hope the have them out by then.

  • Betty Bain

    please release dates these are available. I saw them in March and have waited to purchase them since. My daughter just absolutely loved them.

  • AmyB

    Any idea on what the pricing will be so that those of us who want to have someone pick up a bag while they are on vacation can give them enough money to cover the purchase? The biggest decision is now which style and design do I get first LOL

  • lddcw

    I look forward to being able to buy a couple of these in the coming fall months. What I don’t look forward to is the local FL/CA or vacationing money grubbers, who will be at the parks or DTD, buy these up and try to resell them for a huge markup online on eBay and so on. I get so tired of seeing this happen again and again with Disney items from the stores or the parks, especially with limited edition items.

  • Tiffany Kylene Ooley Sanford

    diaper bags in the prints would be nice :(