The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s Hidden Spaces

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The crowds at the Wizarding of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando haven’t let up too much over the past 3 years.  As you walk through Hogsmeade Village, bumping into people has become common-place.  During a recent visit I found myself looking for a little space to get away from the crowds inside the land.  This time I discovered something I should have discovered long ago.  A place where space is abundant and visitors seem oblivious to its existence.  Continue reading as we look at some of Harry Potter’s hidden spaces.


Walking along the main path of Hogsmeade Village I turned right into the Hog’s Head Pub.  After walking through the bar (early in the morning I admit) I decided to go out the back entrance.  That led me to the backside of the buildings.  Winding my way through these areas it hit me how nice it was to walk and meander without the crowds and the noise of the main pathway.  It was rather quiet and surreal.  It was simply a great place to hang out if you were looking for some peace and quiet.




Also along the backside of the buildings you’ll find seating areas if you decide to eat or drink outside.  If you are looking for a place to just sit and relax with a great view consider checking out these areas.  You’ll be surprised how much seating is located along the back side of the village.




What I found amazing was most guests visiting the land didn’t seem to find their way to these hidden areas.  In some cases Team Members formed lines through these areas to keep them away from the main pathway.  It was surprising to see so many people in the main pathway and hardly anyone in the back of the village.  In some cases these hidden paths led to doors that didn’t open.  However, some of these doors did open leading me to other shops that were also very crowded.  Whether these doors opened was a mystery until I pulled the handles.  I loved the mystery aspect of these hidden areas.  I call them hidden areas because it seemed to me nobody knew they were there, or at least nobody used them to maneuver around the land.





If you are a frequent visitor to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter please spread out!  Don’t be afraid to use these areas to get around the land, relax, or simply enjoy some food and drink.  If you are a first time visitor know these areas exist and don’t be afraid to walk through a door that leads to the back of a building or down an alley way.  Don’t worry!  Lord Voldemort won’t be waiting for you.  You’ll have a great time figuring out where you are or what awaits you around every corner.

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  • Jon Beer

    Lord Voldemort aka Universal Security found me there :(

  • James Amin

    Wow, you know I noticed that too but it never occurred to me that it was a great place just to get away from the crowds. I think at the time my mind set was there no one back here, must not be much to look at let’s go where everyone else is and see what is happening. I really enjoyed it behind the Hogs Head, you could sit out there and it was kinda surreal due to I was in 80+ degree weather, there was way less noise and I could admire the snow covered roof tops :)

  • Jennifer Phipps-garner

    im going in about 10 days and im totally going to try it back there. thanks for the tip!!