Top iPhone Cases at Walt Disney World & Disneyland

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Steve Jobs sure knew what he was doing when he created the world’s most popular smartphone. With its amazing capabilities and unique functions, the iPhone has revolutionized the way we look at a mobile device. One would be hard-pressed to walk into a store or business and not see someone with this little gadget. And, if you’re like me, you enjoy proudly displaying your love of everything Disney on its cover. Thanks to Disney Parks’ D-Tech merchandise line, Disney fans have dozens of choices for iPhone cases that will provide both protection and style. Here are a look at my favorites.

iphone 6 (550x365)

Image: Show your love of Disney with an iPhone case from Disney Parks!

Over the past few years, Disney Merchandise has created an ever-growing collection of technology accessories called “D-Tech.” This group of cases, covers, and holders are specially made for Apple products like the iPhone and iPad as well as the Android phone. Styles vary, but typically feature beloved characters and theme park icons. I’ve recently become enchanted by a few of the designs and thought I’d share them.


iphone 11 (330x153)

Image: Disney Parks’ D-Tech line features items to protect and “Disney-fy” mobile devices.


Be Dazzled!

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? Add some to your favorite mobile accessory with one of these jeweled iPhone cases featuring Mickey,  Minnie, or Jack Skellington. These are designed with rhinestones on the case, but still hold the distinct features of each character.


case 2 (450x600)


Characters – Old & New

Many Disney fans might prefer to show off their favorite characters on their devices. D-Tech has a large amount of character cases available especially for the iPhone 4S. This includes familiar faces from older films like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty as well as those that are newer such as Oz: The Great & Powerful.


photo 4 (450x600)

Image: This iPhone 5 case features a more nostalgic design of Mickey and friends.


iphone 2 (313x600)


iphone 3 (550x523)

Images: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Oscar and his witch friends are featured in new designs released as of lately.


iphone 4 (410x600)

Image: This group of cases was released for the grand opening of Walt Disney World’s new Fantasyland. They are limited in number and very difficult to find in the parks.


Commemorate Your Special Visit

Whether it is your first visit to a Disney park or a holiday trip,  you can select an iPhone case celebrating all of the fun you had. Below, Sorcerer Mickey commemorates 2013 trips to the parks.


photo 1 (4) (600x450)


Many Disney fans enjoy the parks during the holidays. This is due to their elaborate decorations and special activities. This new group of Christmas cases was sold this past December and feature our beloved castles lit up in thousands of twinkling lights.


iphone 7 (528x334)


Park Icons & Favorites

Those of us out there who have an interest in Disney history and park icons will be happy to see many of the new iPhone cases being released lately. They feature designs such as the original Walt Disney World logo, Pirates of the Caribbean artwork, and even Push, a frisky little talking trashcan that can be commonly found in Tomorrowland.




iphone 10 (300x300)


photo 2 (1) (450x600)


iphone 1 (550x443)


Designer Options

With the success of Disney’s collaboration with handbag designer, Dooney & Bourke, it is no surprise that D-Tech recently released a matching iPhone case. Available in both white or black, the pattern models the original “Disney Dooney” which was released last year. Due to the success of both the handbags and their matching iPhone cases, I would think it is safe to say that additional styles will be released in the near future.


iphone 8 (470x470)

iphone 9 (470x470)



All of the cases shown above range in prices depending upon collection size and style. Most begin at $39.99 and up, but I have seen some marked down recently to as low as $10.99. Note that each case comes with a plastic screen protector that sticks to the front of your phone in order to prevent scratching.


No matter what case you choose, it’s good to know that Disney Parks can be with you anywhere via your mobile device. Do you buy iPhone cases during your trips to Walt Disney World or Disneyland? Which is your favorite?


Image Credits:

Disney Media

N. Mancini


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  • Jeannie

    I know iPhone is the most popular, but I’d sure like a selection for my Android phone!

  • Dgmomie

    I have had two cases now – one for the iPhone 3GS and one for iPhone 4S. Both of them where the Cinderella castle – love that look!

  • frank

    Need cases for Galaxy Note phones……tired of all the IPhone cases….I gave up my IPhone…and still don’t regret it…

  • saltyd

    Wish there were cases for my Samsung :(

  • Amy Shelley

    The cases are pretty, but not protective. I received one as a gift, and feeling a certain obligation to use it, I put it on my phone. Only a few months later, an accidental drop put my four year old (but still going strong) phone out of commission. I will keep my protective case on my new phone. If Disney wants to make a deal with Otterbox, I will be the first in line to buy one! In the meantime, I will make do with my Disney stickers :)

  • Andrew Buerger

    why didn’t you include any of their Star Wars themed cases? i bought Boba Fet when I was there in Feb. its awesome!

  • Anthony Ann Zagar

    I would Love one but they are ALL for the iphone I have a Galaxy Sand these doNot fit my phone!!

  • Carrie

    Amy – thanks for that info. I was wondering how protective these cases were. As much as I would love to Disney-fy my phone, it’s more important for my klutzy self to have the layer of protection a solid case provides. Now a Disney Otterbox or Lifeproof? Yes, please!

  • Pam Minx D’Alesio

    what store can you buy them in at Walt Disney World?

  • Jillian Byrd

    I’d buy some of these if they made them interchangable plates. Make the back clear plastic/whatever material, and have inserts that you can change back and forth. I’ve given up on mass produced cases and now just use a plain clear one, and print out designs to switch out. Of course, mine are only paper, so I have to be careful when storing them that they don’t get wet or wrinkled, but I’m sure Disney could come up with a thin plastic or laminate that would be easy to store.

  • dvcdenise

    Can you order on line anywhere ?

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  • Kathy

    I wish they would hook up with the Lifeproof folks to put some Disney prints on these waterproof, shockproof covers! Until then, I am just drooling from afar, because I won’t give up the protection for the coveted Disney cover!