Merida becomes a Disney Princess!

| May 11, 2013 | 5 Replies

Today at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Merida from the Academy Award-winning film “Brave” became Disney’s 11th Princess. The ceremony started today at 9:30AM. It was tough to get a good spot to see the ceremony with the large crowds and  the area in front of the stage blocked off. There was also a parade down Main Street.


Merida is a modern day princess who fights her battles, and advocates for what she believes in and asserts her point of view, according to “Brave” producer Katherine Sarafian.  She goes on to say that Merida refuses to let others tell her who she is.










I really wish that people would leave their iPads at home.  It makes it very hard when you are trying to see or get photos when people hold them up. I also think that Disney needed to turn up the volume so those in the crowd could hear the coronation ceremony.  I was standing by the Walt statue and could barely hear what was going on.  I have been to many events in the theme parks and the last two I have been to it has been hard to hear the speakers.  Before you think I am losing my hearing believe me other people around me said the same thing.

Are you excited that Merida has become a Disney Princess?  I know in the crowd around me people were telling the story of Merida from the movie.  Do you think she fits in with the other Princesses?  I like that she is her own woman but love all the Princesses and their qualities.  Expect to see a lot of Merida merchandise in stores and the theme parks.

Welcome to the family Merida!

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  • Raymond M

    So glad to see Merida join the group. We saw her in MK when we were down in December, and she was great for our little girls to see. Although I love all of the other princesses, Merida is a breath of fresh air and such a great, independent woman.

    Thumbs up to the iPad comment. :)

  • John Metrinko

    We love Merida and really enjoyed the crowning ceremony with all the princesses but who was the guest with thebig white board blocking everyone’s view???
    Congratulations to Merida!

  • Karen Campbell

    I enjoyed the ceremony, but I was also distracted by the white board. Thanks for including the parade and Angus. My granddaughter loves Merida and will meet her for the first time in August. Congratulations to the new princess!

  • Michelle Jacob Tolliver

    Love Merida. She is a true princess! Now, Pocohantos…..??? Don’t get me started 😉 Thanks for the coverage Kathy!

  • Alex

    Did anyone else notice Debby Ryan in the bottom right corner?