A Monstrous 24-Hour “All-Nighter” at Magic Kingdom

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I did it!  I managed to stay awake overnight for the kickoff event for Disney’s Monstrous Summer. This was a 24 hour event at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, and California Adventure held from 6:00am on May 24 through 6:00 am on May 25. Anyone who knows me knows that I go to bed early and rise early so this was going to be a tough one for me. This event was to celebrate the release of the movie “Monsters University” from Pixar with Mike and Sulley.


I didn’t go for the whole 24 hours.  I wanted to go to the Magic Kingdom during hours that I don’t usually go to the park.  We got to the Magic Kingdom about 9:45 PM and stayed until 6AM.  We got there just in time for the large crowds for Wishes the fireworks show.  I am a veteran of the the theme parks and I have never seen crowds like that.  It was definitely one of those times that people needed to show a little patience because I saw lots of pushing and shoving going on.  I felt bad for the people on ECVs and pushing strollers.

Once I made it up to the hub in front of the castle, the crowds weren’t too bad.  I wanted to see the updated Celebrate the Magic! show that is projected on the castle.  This was a winner! It’s hard to believe the way they can change the castle.




There was plenty to see and do at this special event.  In Tomorrowland they were showing the movie Monsters, Inc.  They had a giant soft pad on the ground where you could watch the movie.


We only rode one ride the entire time we were there because there were plenty of events going on. There were special food items for this event.

DSC_9761 DSC_9762 DSC_9768

Gaston’s Tavern had these yummy cupcakes.


We stopped at the Lunching Pad for a special glow drink and a cast member told us about the special breakfast items that were available.


We did see while we were on Main Street USA that they have started putting up signs for Starbucks in the Main Street Bakery.

We also spent part of the evening hunting for places to charge our cell phones. We love the new area in New Fantasyland where you can charge your phone.  Please be sure to bring your power block and plan to hang out in the area for awhile while your phone charges. This area was very popular. Hopefully Disney will be putting in more places to charge your phone. You might want to consider purchasing a extra battery for your phone or one of the portable charging devices.

The best part for me was knowing that I was in the Magic Kingdom after hours. I really wished that all my friends that “get” Disney could have been there.



There was a great dance party in front of Cinderella Castle.




All too soon it was time for the “Kiss Goodnight” in front of the train station.  It is where the characters say goodbye and it is the end of the evening. Time for one last look down Main Street.



It was fun until the sing along.  I got all choked up and had tears when we did it.  I can’t explain it but I realized how lucky I was to take part in this event.


Where you there at the “All Nighter?” What did you think? I can’t wait for another one of these special events.

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  • http://twitter.com/CyranoDIS Reid Hutchison

    Great blog Kathy. Impressed that you went to the park well past your bed-time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=73408709 Thommy Sandvick

    Experiencing MK at night is an entirely different experience. It’s so much more intimate. Some of my best memories are of being in the park on nights when it closes 3-4 hours after Wishes and the park is nearly empty. Great blog!

  • Janice Alvord

    You’re choking me up while I was reading this. Wishing I were there – some things like that are once in a lifetime events. Glad you loved it.

  • gumby74

    Good for you for making it all night. We had to tap out at around 4. We were surprised how busy it still was then – I think people were really in the spirit. Even at that hour, there was a 25 minute wait for Haunted Mansion. It’s funny though – there were some places in the park where there were very few people. There was definitely an ebb and flow. My favorite part was when we left at four and got ON the monorail, there were people coming INTO the park.

  • erika duke

    Great blog Kathy!

  • Michelle

    Did the park ever reach capacity? We are going this year and don’t want to be shut out