Disneyland 101 – Disneyland After Dark

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One of the most special times at any of the Disney parks occurs each evening when the sun goes down and lights come on.  The Disneyland Resort takes on a whole new look at night, and many agree that it’s the best, the most magical, time.  And it’s much more than twinkle lights on the buildings or a walkway light.  At night, it’s like looking at a whole new area with a whole new feel.  In fact, some of the areas look even better at night.  For me, my favorite time is Disneyland after dark!

You can also listen to the full “Disneyland 101 – Disneyland after dark” segment on our recent episode of the DIS Unplugged Podcast: Disneyland Edition.

DL nighttime 01
Main Street USA at dusk

Back in 1962 when Walt Disney’s “Wonderful World of Color” TV series was running, there was an entire episode dedicated to Disneyland after dark.  There was also reference to this back in Walt’s original “Disneyland” TV series.  Most theme parks decorate and landscape for daytime, but when it comes to the night time there isn’t much more than some street lights or some colored floodlights in the trees.  Disney on the other hand, designs a whole nighttime look.  They design a complete scene for nighttime and it is perfectly integrated into the daytime architecture so that at night, something wonderful and new appears.

There are many ways to present Disneyland after dark.  But for this story, I thought I’d let my pictures do all the talking.  Come with me; walk with me; see the sights, take in the sounds, and watch the magic unfold.

So let’s take a trip through the Disneyland Resort after dark.

DL nighttime 02
Mickey in Town Square

DL nighttime 03
Main Street shops

DL nighttime 04
Mickey balloons

DL nighttime 05
Light up roses

DL nighttime 06
Tiki Torches just outside the Enchanted Tiki Room

DL nighttime 07
Rivers of America

DL nighttime 08
Haunted Mansion

DL nighttime 09

DL nighttime 10
King Arthur Carrousel

DL nighttime 11
Mad Tea Party

DL nighttime 12
Snow White fountain

DL nighttime 13
Nemo Submarine lagoon

DL nighttime 14
Space Mountain

DL nighttime 15

DL nighttime 16
Soundsational Parade at night

DL nighttime 17
Sleeping Beauty Castle

DL nighttime 18
Disney California Adventure

DL nighttime 19
Oswald’s gifts

DL nighttime 20
Carthay Circle

DL nighttime 21
Carthay Circle fountain

DL nighttime 22
Hollywood Land

DL nighttime 23
ElecTRONica opening pre-show

DL nighttime 24
ElecTRONica dance area

DL nighttime 25
ElecTRONica Laserman

DL nighttime 26
Mad T Party

DL nighttime 27
Alice and the Mad Hatter

DL nighttime 28
House of Cards stage

DL nighttime 29
Tower of Terror

DL nighttime 30
Cars Land

DL nighttime 31
Flo’s V8 Cafe

DL nighttime 32
Cozy Cone Motel

DL nighttime 33
Luigi’s Flying Tires

DL nighttime 34
Neon signs in Cars Land

DL nighttime 35
Cadillac Range Mountains

DL nighttime 36
Paradise Pier with Mickey’s Fun Wheel

DL nighttime 37
Paradise Pier with California Screamin’

DL nighttime 38
World of Color

DL nighttime 39
World of Color

DL nighttime 40
World of Color

DL nighttime 41
Christmas on Main Street

DL nighttime 42
Haunted Mansion Holiday

DL nighttime 43
Small World Holiday

DL nighttime 44
Sleeping Beauty Castle from Fantasyland

But no matter what your favorite nighttime activity is, at some point the end of the evening will come and it’s time to say goodbye.  Most of us will come back to the hub and take another long look at Sleeping Beauty Castle and its classic lighting.

DL nighttime 45
Sleeping Beauty Castle at Christmas

We’ll stop by the Partners statue and say goodnight to Walt and Mickey, and then make our way down Main Street.

DL nighttime 46
Partners statue

DL nighttime 47
Main Street from the hub

Maybe we’ll buy one last lighted Mickey balloon, or even a late night ice cream.  And of course there’s the last minute souvenir hunt which seems to still be almost a tradition.  But after all that, you make your way to Town Square.  Stop in the middle, turn around and take one last look at the Castle and remember the day you’ve had.  Remember the great moments and adventures.

DL nighttime 48
Heading home after a magical day

And lastly, turn toward the Firehouse, and look up to Walt’s apartment and his lighted lamp.  Remember that Walt Disney brought all this to you and as long as the lamp is lit, he’s still with us.  I always say, “Goodnight Walt, thanks for a great day.”

DL nighttime 49
Walt Disney is always with us.

DL nighttime 50
See ya real soon!


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  • Kristina

    I almost cried when I read this – I have a similar “goodbye” ritual when I leave Disneyland Park. I look towards the Fire Engine, blow a kiss at the lamp in the second story window, and say, “Thanks, Walt.”