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We’ve made it to the third week of our second round of our ‘7 Walt Disney World Resorts in 7 Days‘ series! This round we have already visited three value resorts, Art of Animation Resort, All Star Sports Resort and All Star Music Resort. This week we are moving on up to moderate resorts with Coronado Springs and Fort Wilderness – which were both great resorts to spend time walking around.


Coronado Springs is a convention resort, which I think is a deterrent for a lot of people when considering staying at this resort. I think there is a conception that the resort will be full of lanyard-wearing drunk business people trying to make it through a week long conference. This may be the experience for some, but I have to say we wouldn’t have really taken notice if I hadn’t already known they were there. The resort is so big that it can easily be shared with vacationers and guests who are there for work-related business.


The theming of the resort is based on a Mayan & South American design and the lobby is a beautiful display of that aesthetic. The columns, lanterns and tile floor are all examples of this. Another highlight are the wooden support beams lining the ceiling. There is also a Hidden Mickey formed by the spotlights on the logo of the resort on the back wall.



In addition to some of the larger design aspects of the lobby and main building, there are so many smaller details that add to the Mayan theme. Statues, woven fabrics, hand carved wooden ornaments and a large tile fountain in the atrium are just a few examples.



The merchandise location at Coronado Springs has a mixture of the typical Disney theme park merchandise and South American/Mexican gifts that are a little more relevant to the theme of the resort. Unfortunately there are no products aside from pins that have the Coronado Springs logo on them, which is typical of most non-DVC moderate resorts.



Continuing inside to Rix Lounge, there are more details that add to the South American and exotic feel – including lanterns, draped fabrics, and damask patterns.




The grounds of Coronado Springs Resort are some of the most beautiful outdoor areas at any of the moderate resorts. Similar to Caribbean Beach, the room buildings surround a small lake. Themed plants, flowers and succulents line the paths and make for a beautiful walk around the property.



Arguably one of the coolest parts of the resort is the pool area, The Dig Site, which is themed to the lost city of Cibola – a sort of Mayan temple with statues, vines, trees and fountains. The pool and slide are not to be missed and are maybe some of the best on property.




The buildings of the resort are themed differently and are all very distinct looking. My favorite of which was the Ranchos section which seemed very Southwestern United States. Lots of rocks and cactus surrounded the buildings, which were stucco and tile-roofed.



The room buildings also have special details and adornments that continue the theme of the resort. Above are a few of the details that are found on the second floors of a few of the buildings and also a concrete pattern found on a set of stairs. Below is one of my favorite details at the resort – a large Mayan coin found near the arcade area at The Dig Site. It’s like something right out of a National Treasure.



Today we have a desktop wallpaper featuring Coronado Springs Resort. You can download for your computer, iPhone, or iPad. Enjoy!

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That finishes our third week of ‘7 Walt Disney World Resorts in 7 Days – Part Deux!’ Have any tips on Coronado Springs Resort? Share them with us in the comments below!

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