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We’ve made it to the third week of our second round of our ‘7 Walt Disney World Resorts in 7 Days‘ series! This round we have already visited three value resorts, Art of Animation Resort, All Star Sports Resort and All Star Music Resort. This week we are moving on up to moderate resorts with Coronado Springs and Fort Wilderness – which were both great resorts to spend time walking around.


I’ve visited Fort Wilderness many times before to just hang out, either utilizing their recreation facilities at the marina or to see their dinner show Hoop Dee Doo Revue, but I’ve never stayed at the resort until our 7in7 trip. Fort Wilderness is now one of my favorite, if not my single most favorite, resort on Disney property. The feeling of staying here is so different than just visiting. Even though we were just there for a night, I feel like I got the total vacation experience.


The grounds of Fort Wilderness are huge and are shared between traditional tent campsites, RV parking sites and built cabins that are a little less rustic than the traditional tent camping. Golf carts are available to rent by the day and add such a fun element to a stay at the resort. Half of the fun was driving around the property in our carts and seeing everything there was to see.



The recreation amenities at Fort Wilderness are unbelievable – bike rentals, canoe & kayak rentals, pontoon & mice water boat rentals, tennis, pedestrian trails, and even horseback riding on top of the typical pool and water areas. This is a perfect resort to spend time at, so much so that if you are planning on staying here, I would definitely budget at least a day to fully utilize the on-property amenities.




The Tri-Circle-D Farm at Fort Wilderness is an amazing thing to experience even if you are not staying at the resort. This is where all of the horses stay that perform in the various parades and shows at Magic Kingdom. We were even able to see the small miniature ponies that lead the carriage at the Wedding Pavilion.



They ask you not to pet the horses – but I’ll be honest it’s hard to resist. We were lucky enough to be there when one of their feedings was about to happen and even before the Cast Member with the hay walked through the door, every horse stuck their head out of the stable and knew what was about to happen.

They also have a really interesting exhibit all about Walt Disney and his love of horses. It’s a nice thing to take a look at when you’re visiting the farm.


One of the things that I really connected to as a designer was the custom typography and artwork on the signs all around the resort. Everything is designed to that old-timey Western feeling and adds so much to the authentic feeling of the campground. Below is a close-up of the Bike Barn sign which shows the wooden details.


Even the swimming pool sign is of the same style and is placed on the wooden log building that acts as the quick service for the resort as well as the restrooms and entrance to the swimming pool area.


In addition to the wooden signs for different areas and buildings around the resort, there are smaller tin metal signs around the resort that give such an authentic feeling to the spaces. They are advertising anything from canned pumpkin to cleaning products but the illustrations and designs give a great old-fashioned rustic theme.



Now even though Fort Wilderness is a moderate resort, their resort-specific merchandise is some of the best on property. Mugs, license plates, plush, shirts, chairs even are all available with a Fort Wilderness logo and design. It shows that there is a lot of Fort Wilderness pride out there.




Below is a shot of the resort launches that leave from Fort Wilderness to the other Bay Lake resorts and also to Magic Kingdom. It’s always really fun to take a ride on these even if you just plan on coming right back to the resort.


And finally, here is a behind the scene look at how we spent our day at Fort Wilderness – a point of view shot from our golf cart!



Today we have a desktop wallpaper featuring one of the horses at Fort Wilderness Resort. You can download for your computer, iPhone, or iPad. Enjoy!

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That finishes our third week of ‘7 Walt Disney World Resorts in 7 Days – Part Deux!’ Have any tips on Fort Wilderness Resort? Share them with us in the comments below!

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