Starbucks opens at the Magic Kingdom!

| June 18, 2013 | 9 Replies

Today was the big day!  Starbucks opened in the Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. The world didn’t come to an end, Walt didn’t turn over in his grave and life goes on here in Florida.


I got to the park about 9:15.  There is a queue line outside the Main Street Bakery but I walked right in.  The first thing I noticed is there are two separate queues as you enter.  You can go to the right or left.





There was a greeter in the line asking if you had any questions.  She also was handing out menus if you needed one. You can not redeem My Starbucks Rewards at the Main Street Bakery, but your total will count towards My Starbucks Rewards. It is also important to note that these are Disney Cast Members, not Starbucks employees.







When you get to the baked goods there are cast members behind the counter serving the food to you.  This is also where you order your breakfast sandwiches. Sadly the cinnamon roll is gone from this location, but they are telling people to go to Gaston’s Tavern to get one there.



You turn the corner and there were 4 cash registers where you could place your coffee order.  It’s the same as every Starbucks where they ask what you would like, they put your name on the cup and then you pay for it.  You wait at the end of the counter for your drink to be delivered.






I thought the change to Main Street Bakery was done well.  The cast members are still in their period costumes and they are still very helpful. I thought the coffee was good.  It certainly was much better than the coffee previously served here.  There is no longer a seating area inside.  As much as I miss the seating it is nice that the bakery will be able to handle the crowds better than it did before.  I think Walt Disney would be happy to see what they did with this location. It hasn’t changed that feeling that you get when you are walking down Main Street USA!  I am happy I can now get a better cup of coffee in the Magic Kingdom.  What do you think?  See you in the parks.


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  • Lisa Marie Bennett

    Nice review! Thanks for the picture of the menu boards. Seems like the prices are comparable to Starbucks outside of the parks! How long did it take to get your order?

  • Darren Rogers

    nice review :)

  • Lisa

    No need for a Starbucks on Main Street. I don’t care how “good” they are, just sad that this is the best that Disney can do for a Main Street bakery. And yes, I’m sure Walt is turning over in his grave. Imagineering can do better, much better.

  • Darlene Kane

    Yes, that’s just absolutely wonderful; to see another institution of Walt’s making that has again gone the way of the wind. I visited yesterday. This is a Starbucks branch, plain and simple. While I do like Starbucks coffee much better than the old Nescafe’, the bakery items in the showcases are all Starbucks manufactured just as what you would see at any Starbucks location, with a few of Disney’s brownies and cookies thrown in for effect. The choices available for breakfast and snacks are negligible. You used to be able to order real food with choices appealing to the palate. No longer. The queue area is a large one. The decorations do keep a version of the feel of a country store. But let’s be honest; this is NOT the Main Street Bakery. Gone are the tables and chairs as well as the ambiance. It’s just a big ol’ Starbucks with a bit of country, and yes, I do believe Walt would NOT be happy with this one.

  • SY21

    Nice review! Sadly I will never be swayed that Starbucks in MK is acceptable. Where are the giant doorstop turkey and ham sandwiches? Where are the cinnamon rolls (OK, Gaston’s Tavern, I read the article…But when you think “Cinnamon Roll” do you think bakery or pub?!). Don’t get me wrong, I truly do love Starbucks, but when I’m in Disney, I want 100% Disney, and that includes the drinks and the fabulous food.

  • humbucking

    I enjoyed the Main Street Bakery, with its ham & cheese croissants for breakfast, and the turn of the century ambiance exemplified in the beautifully decorated dining area reminiscent of years past. Alas, no longer. As much as I like my morning cup of real coffee what has been sacrificed is much more than what is being received in return. We usually fix a pot of “real” coffee in our room before heading to the parks. That tides us over long enough to have a breakfast and make our way to the select kiosk that serve a double expresso over ice — unless they stop serving real coffee at the select kiosks. That will be a drag if Starbucks becomes the only location serving real coffee in the parks. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

  • Milford C. Hutsell III

    Ok so there are NO DISNEY BAKERY ITEMS? I really hope this is not a trend. I loved the DISNEY BAKERY ITEMS. Now I have no reason to even step foot into this Bakery anymore if you can even call it that. I believe everyone was told that they were going to stay with the Disney Pastries, I have no desire to buy Starbucks Pastries at a Disney Park. Coffee maybe, but not at what looks like a $1 per cup premium. Ouch!

    Disney, hope you are listening, please don’t do this to all of the Bakery locations throughout the property.

  • danj

    Thats fantastic!!! Now i wont have to travel to the Polynesian Resort for Kona Coffee when Im there.

  • Jeffrey S Piatt

    well at least they used an retro logo on the outside and not the modern version. yes it is the 70’s logo but it looks like an sign that would be in place in the main streets era