Disney’s MagicBand Accessories…Revealed!

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The next round of official testing for Disney’s MagicBands began today and continues through next week. Select guests staying at the Contemporary Resort and Animal Kingdom Lodge were notified before leaving home that they were chosen to participate in what is reported to be the most extensive test to date. Those of us watching from the sidelines need not feel left out though; MagicBand accessories are now officially being sold on property at the Walt Disney World Resort for all of us to see.


Band (600x450)

Image: MagicBand accessories are officially on the shelves at select locations.

From June 20-27, pre-selected guests will be able to use all of the features in Disney’s new MyMagic+ system. This online component to park touring offers visitors quicker access to attractions, entertainment, merchandise, and more. The MagicBand, a vinyl bracelet equipped with a RFID chip that enables functionality, syncs with guests’ accounts on MyMagic+; there they can schedule FastPasses for a variety of attractions which would allow them to bypass standard queue lines and eliminate most of the time waiting in line. Along with this option, MagicBands also allow guests to skip traditional methods of entering park turnstiles – simply tap your band to the Mickey-shaped sensor, scan your finger, and you’re inside the park. I found this to be very efficient when I tested it back in the early spring.


photo 4 (600x450)

Image: New turnstiles incorporate both the RFID chip in MagicBands and the traditional finger scan.


In the name of good merchandising opportunities, rumors have been flying for the past several months about accessories for MagicBands that would allow guests to customize them to their style. Today, shelves of a few shops on property were lined with the new items. Understandably so, one such location was Fantasia, a merchandise area inside the Contemporary Resort. Because guests staying there will be able to test the bands, it only makes sense for Disney to do a little early “market-research” to the select group; initially though, I was surprised to hear that the accessories were available even if the majority of guests did not have bands to use them with. It appears as if Disney wants to see how the items are being received before things get underway.


Band2 (600x450)


Band3 (600x450)

Images: Accesories began appearing on shelves today which is also the first day of the longest MagicBand test done to date.


So far, three accessory options are available: CoverBands, MagicSliders, and MagicBandits. The covers provide an alternative to a plain colored band and are available in prints reminiscent of our favorite Walt Disney World attractions or themes; styles include the purple and black Haunted Mansion wallpaper, Mary Blair-style It’s a Small World background, neon Mickey logos, and a tropical pattern that would be perfect for a luau at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.



Band6 (600x450)

Band4 (600x450)


Band5 (600x450)

Images: CoverBands in a Variety of Colors and Patterns


On the other hand, MagicSliders are just that: large charm pieces that “slide” onto the band. Mickey and Minnie designs are being sold right now. Both have a square shape which leads me to believe that they are to be placed directly over the RFID chip in the MagicBand; in fact, that is how one is displayed in the picture below. The purpose, then, would be to use the slider to easily find where guests should tap their bracelet onto a RFID-reader outside of an attraction or at a merchandise location (i.e. “touch to play” and “touch to pay” features of the system).


Band7 (600x450)


Band11 (600x450)

Images: MagicSliders on Display


Finally, MagicBandits are probably the most expected accessory for the bands. These small charms feature popular Disney characters and icons like Phineas & Ferb, Tinker Bell, Mickey Ice Cream Bars, rhinestone Minnie heads, Mickey Mouse ears, Sorcerer Mickey, and more. This is a great way for kids and adults alike to proudly display their favorites.


Band8 (600x450)


Band9 (600x450)


Band10 (600x450)

Images: MagicBandits pop into the holes of MagicBands to add your favorite characters on display.


As we get closer to the official launch of MagicBands, you can be sure to find more accessories available in the shops throughout Disney property. Early on, I told you that I’ve caught word of a possible collaboration with Dooney & Bourke and even Swarovski. Although I haven’t received any news about this recently, I still think this could come to be in the future. Sit tight, Disney fans! The implementation of MagicBands is getting closer and closer everyday. I can’t wait to see them in action!


Band12 (600x450)


Image Credits:

N. Mancini


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  • Jan

    Those bandits look suspiciously like the Jibbits that were so popular to wear on Crocs. Problem with them (and from the looks of it, problem in these bands) is that they very easily and unknowingly pop off.

    • Lorri

      Sorry I bought them. I had them pop off three times while wearing them on my MagicBand. They are Crocs jibbits with a different size connector. I think some Crazy Glue will do the trick. Also the other accessories don’t make sense. With the sliders, you can’t really directly touch the Mickey on the band to the scanners, and sometimes you need to roll your wrist around to make the direct contact. The slider seems to be in the way. Also, the pretty covers don’t have any holes for the BandIts, so the displays are misleading if you want to use both covers and BandIts. By the end of the week, I was just using a plain gray band. It was too distracting to keep checking the BandIts, as well as my Disney pin backs that were not locked.

      • Disneytourist

        Hi Lorri,
        I agree with you. I don’t think we will be buying and Jibbits. I’m not fond of the way the bracelet itself even latch on. I’m keeping mine plain and simple, bright green. We leave on Oct 30, 2013. Can’t wait!

  • Disneytourist

    So, does this mean if you do not buy a MagicBand that you won’t be able to get a FastPass?


    • vvtim

      From everything I’ve heard, MagicBand is only for resort guests and is free for them. I doubt the regular FastPass system for all the people with paper tickets is going away anytime soon.

      • Disneytourist

        That makes sense. What through me for a loop was having them for sale. I didn’t understand. But, I guess it will all unfold when it’s ready.

    • Nicole L. Mancini

      It’s been said that resort guests will get them as a part of their stay; those staying off property will have the option to purchase one. Everything will be clear once they officially roll out later in the year.

  • Nicole Comtois

    I love all of this. Is it wrong that I plan to wear this year round, and not just to the parks?! I hope not! Thanks for the article Nicole!

  • PartofyourWDWorld

    What was the price range on the Bandits? I don’t see that pictured above. Thanks!

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  • Teresa Roberts

    I just booked our trip for January 2014. I’m really excited about this! Do you think this will be rolled before then? Last year was our first visit. We stayed in at Riverside. Just to afford to go again soon we are staying at All Star Movies. So I was a little concerned it will not be available at the value resorts yet at January? But I also see the tab on the “My Disney Experience” page.

    • brookeje

      I’m staying at Pop Century and have been messing around a lot with my ADRs on their site. A couple of nights ago, I suddenly saw the option to request a FastPass+ for a ride, and it appears I’ve been added to the test. It occurred to me this morning to see if I was also able to get Magic Bands, and sure enough, I’ve got pink and green ones coming to my house before my trip in less than three weeks. So as far as I can tell, staying at a value resort doesn’t preclude you from the bands.

    • Julie Ann Chowanec

      teresa, i spoke with a Disney rep because we are going in Dec 2013, she said they hope to have them for everyone by end of year 2013. So you should get the bands. she said usually you find out 30 days before your trip. So I’m hoping so myself.

    • Hope Walker

      My family will be going to Disney the week of Thanksgiving & my personalized Magic Bands arrived today! You’ll have them for your January trip.

    • SDPMitchell

      Theresa Roberts – I am staying at Riverside in 3 weeks and it has been rolled out to Port Orleans. All the benefits of it, FastPass + etc. you just need to log onto mydisneyexperience and update all your info and you will be able to customize them etc.

    • Ari

      We are staying at All Star Movies in November and we just got an e-mail saying our MagicBands will be waiting for us, so there is a fair chance you will be able to try them out in January

    • John Martin

      We are staying at Saratoga in Jan 2014, and just received notice that we will be getting MagicBands.

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  • Desire Henline

    Just found out that I will be part of the Magic Band test next month. So excited I can’t wait.

  • Disneytourist

    I hope the system works out. We have ours and are ready to use them in 4 days! We leave Oct 30 from So. Calif..whoo-hoo!

  • http://mediaispropaganda.com/ sammscript

    Well well, training little children for the 24/7 surveillance society and the mark of the Beast. . And with accessories no less. Tragic, disgusting and certainly not surprising.

    • troy

      Lolololololol, what a nut!