The Lone Ranger Merchandise Rides into Disney Parks

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Today marks the release of Disney’s new film, The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. The two fight for justice in the American Old West as they portray the famed characters of Tonto and John Reid. Fans are already lining up at the theaters to see the movie, and with that, comes a collection of merchandise sure to whet the appetite of anyone looking for adventure in the sunset.
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Image: A variety of merchandise for The Lone Ranger film is now available in Disney Parks.

I have to admit, I was originally a little bit concerned that this film would not get enough advertising and eventually experience the same demise as John Carter, a live action science fiction film that was released in 2012. However, Johnny Depp’s being cast in The Lone Ranger seems to be bringing in ticket sales. Many guests walking around Walt Disney World today were excited to see t-shirts, buttons, costumes, and more available for purchase and equally as eager to check out the movie itself.
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Images: New T-Shirts & Action Figures for The Lone Ranger


One of the things that I was most pleased with when seeing the items was Disney Merchandise’s attention to detail. Action figures and collectible dolls portraying Depp as Tonto are incredibly well done. I was amazed at their likeness! Depp’s facial features and make-up are truly accurate which will make fans of the film very happy.


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Images: Johnny Depp’s likeness in these figures is excellent.


Fans looking to dress up like Tonto himself will also find something to enjoy. Both children and adults can try on hats and costumes that mimic those in the movie. The Tonto wig and hat was popular at Magic Kingdom’s Emporium this week; notice the life-size bird on the top. You can even find a replica Texas Ranger badge which can be worn on a shirt, bag, or lanyard.


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Images: Tonto Costumes & Accessories


Other merchandise now available includes a themed Lego set, mugs, Vinylmation figures, and limited edition pins. There is also a biography of Johnny Depp for those looking to learn more about the actor’s life and a behind-the-scenes book about the movie. The Lego set, in particular though, is going to be a popular item. It includes the two lead characters as well as a stagecoach, horses, and other props to stage one’s very own scene from the film.


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 Images: The new merchandise has something for both kids and adults.


All of these items can be found at locations throughout Disney Parks including the Emporium at Magic Kingdom, AFI Showcase Shop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and D-Street at both Downtown Disney in Florida and California. Prices range depending on the item and some are limited in quantity such as the pins which feature a spinner effect. Be sure to check out what’s available during your next trip to the parks!


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  • Hawkeye321

    Movie bombed, so I guess these will be in the Magical Discount Bin in a month.

  • Choctawlady

    If people would watch this movie they would know that it was a very good movie. People should never put much stock in what the critics write about a movie. Go check it out,rent it or buy the movie. Love it.