A Closer Look: Kameleon Jewelry Line at Walt Disney World

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I’m always looking for new and unique merchandise when visiting Walt Disney World. Instead of the standard Mickey hat or t-shirt, it’s fun to find something special to commemorate a trip. Luckily for us, Disney Merchandise Group has been reinventing what types of items are for sale in its shops around the World lately. Less homogenized souvenirs are being produced and more of a variety is hitting the shelves. That’s why when I first heard about the new line of Kameleon Jewelry being sold, I knew I had to check it out.


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Image: The Kameleon Jewelry line features a variety of interchangeable settings including a new Disney line which hit stores earlier this month.

On a recent episode of the DIS Unplugged podcast, Julie Martin and I discussed what makes Kameleon pieces a great option for those looking to purchase something unique when visiting Walt Disney World. The collection is inspired by nature and how it is ever-changing. Just like a chameleon alters its color depending upon its surroundings, Kameleon Jewelry can be changed based on your personality and style.

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Images: The same setting can be used with over 300 different inserts called JewelPops.


The premise is simple: the collection includes over 100 base settings including rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, belt buckles, sunglasses and more; each sterling silver piece is specially designed so that an insert, known as a “JewelPop,” can fit into the setting. There are hundreds of Pops available in a variety of colors and textures – Swarovski crystals, opals, Murano Glass, semi-precious stones, and more. Because they migrate so easily among the settings, you can change the look of your jewelry to match your outfit. Feeling fancy? Add some glitz to your setting. Having a casual lunch with a friend? Perhaps a plain stone is more appropriate. The Kameleon line is truly versatile and a reflection of one’s own personality.



 IMG_3146 (600x450)

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Images: Kameleon Jewelry can be found at Wyland Galleries in Disney’s Polynesian and Boardwalk resorts. Settings vary in price and begin at $39.


There are over 300 JewelPops available for purchase and the number continues to grow. All of them have cute names like “Hawaiian Fizz,” “Fairy Wings,” “Black Beauty,” and “Cranberry Ice.” I had a lot of fun looking at all of the different colors and styles. My favorites included the pink Pops seen below as well as the black and white ones. Some of the Pops are themed and feature animals like dragonflies, or even holiday icons such as pumpkins, Easter eggs, Santa’s sleigh, and more. New inserts are released regularly, so you never know what you’ll find when visiting the displays at Wyland Galleries, where Kameleon items are sold at Walt Disney World. Prices for the Pops range from $19-$54 each depending on which one you choose.


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Images: JewelPops easily “pop out” of a setting using your finger or a provided tool; this makes it quick and easy to change them on the go.


After becoming more familiar with Kameleon, I quickly learned that the company is definitely in tune with giving back. Some of the Pops help charitable donations or spark awareness of illnesses such as Breast Cancer. For example, the KarmaPops collection features three different designs all of which contribute a $5 donation for each Pop sold; money raised is given directly to KLEO, Karen Learning & Education Opportunities, which benefits struggling girls in Thailand. Most recently, Kameleon announced that they would contribute a portion of proceeds from the sales of their popular Panda Pop to Pandas International. It makes purchasing from the company that much more special.


Perhaps what’s most exciting for many is the new Disney line of JewelPops which began appearing in stores over the past two weeks. Each Pop represents a different character, movie, or icon from Disney fandom. Some have the traditional Mickey Mouse face while others focus more so on icons like a crown or Mickey head pattern. These Pops are only sold by Disney itself and are quickly making their way into shops such as Uptown Jewelers at Magic Kingdom and World of Disney at Downtown Disney Marketplace. While they are not a part of the official collection, Kameleon also has a few Pops that are inspired by our favorite princesses like Cinderella, Aurora, and Snow White. A few settings are also available including a Mickey head necklace.


IMG_3419 (600x450)

IMG_3420 (600x450)

Kameleon 6 (470x470)

Images: Disney Kameleon Pops & Setting Featuring Mickey Swirl Pop


To help promote and celebrate the Disney Pops line, a special trunk show will be held July 26-27 at Tren-D in Downtown Disney. Representatives from Kameleon will be on hand to answer questions and discuss what’s available. They will also demonstrate how easy it is to switch from Pop to Pop on your favorite setting. This is sure to be a neat event for those looking to learn more about the collection.


Kameleon 4 (600x221)

 Images: JewelPops come in dozens of designs and colors.


All in all, I am thrilled that I found out about Kameleon Jewelry and their new Disney Pops. If you’re like me and love discovering new collectibles, you’ll be instantly hooked. Let me know what you think of Kameleon below. Will you be purchasing pieces from it in the future? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  • Kay-Marie Webster

    I have recently purchased the Mickey head setting and I love it. I also have another setting and 3 pop jewels. I really like the variety they give me.

  • Linda Fleming White

    I also found out about Jewel Pops while at the Wyland Gallery at the Poly back in May. I now have over 50 pops to go in 2 rings, 1 bracelet and the the Mickey necklace. I just love them! It’s so fun to change them out to match whatever I’m wearing or my mood.

    You can also get the Disney Pops at the Disney online store, just FYI.

  • Leigh-Ann Magill

    Do the necklaces, rings, and/or bracelet settings come in gold, or is it just sterling silver? I have a metal allergy and can not wear sterling silver.

    • Nicole L. Mancini

      Unfortunately, Kameleon only has silver at this time. They do have a Facebook page though and frequently ask for recommendations of what to make next. You might want to mention this to them. I think it’s a great idea!

    • Kameleon Jewelry

      We have experimented with a Kameleon Gold Line, and you may see this released in the future.

  • Jodi Pontius Strock

    Wow! That looks like it can be addicting if you get started… Enjoy to those who choose to!

  • BethC

    I’m behind on podcasts and just listened to the show on this! I have already decided this will be my treat to myself on our trip next week. I’m wondering if there is a list of all the places the Kameleon jewelry is sold at Disney and can I get an Annual Pass discount at any of those places?

    • Nicole L. Mancini

      Hi Beth! You can find the Disney Pops and settings in several places as of right now including The Emporium at MK, World of Disney at DTD, and Uptown Jewelers at MK. They will be spreading to the other shops as time passes being that they are so new. If you’d like a larger selection of settings and other Kameleon Pops (non-Disney), head over to the Wyland Galleries at the Boardwalk or Polynesian resorts. Post back here and let us know what you selected!!

  • Kameleon Jewelry

    The entire Kameleon line, including the Disney JewelPops and Mickey Necklace are fully interchangeable.

  • priyankapandey

    thanks this blog is really nice and good

  • Cecile Strout

    Can only find the pops now, no longer can find the Disney jewelry to go with it. Where else can I look, just love the pops. Have checked WDW in FL in all the stores, they only carry pops.