The Top 5 “Must Do’s” at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

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I know I have said it before, but Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World signals Fall for me in Orlando. If you get the chance to be in Orlando during this time, you really should attend MNSSHP. There is so much to see and do that I am going to offer my Top 5 “Must Do’s” at the party.


Before you get started enjoying the Party, you should pick up a MNSSHP map as you enter the park. This will help you as you walk around and enjoy the party.  There is so much to see and do and a little planning will be helpful.  Don’t forget to also pick up a trick or treat bag as you enter the park. If you have special dietary restrictions, you can stop by City Hall.  They  have special candy if you ask the cast members behind the desk.  They will show you a card with your different options so you can decide what you would like.

The Number 5 “Must Do”!- Enjoy one of the special food treats while you are at MNSSHP. The Main Street Confectionery has plenty of sweet treats for you to enjoy.




The Number 4 “Must Do”! – Stop at all the Trick or Treat locations or Trails! There are plenty of places to get candy as you walk through the park.  Be sure to check your park map because there are a few new locations this year. We were surprised to see that you walk into the Enchanted Tiki Room to get candy this year.


Look for the lighted pumpkins along the way, as they will indicate a treat station.




The Number 3 “Must Do”!-  You should take some time to enjoy the Character Dance Parties.  There are two this year –  Woody’s Happy Harvest Roundup in the Diamond Horseshoe in Liberty Square and the Monstrous Scream-O-Ween Ball at Rockettower Plaza Stage in Tomorrowland. Your kids will enjoy dancing with the characters.







You could see a number of characters from Monsters University here. The characters do come and go so be prepared to stay and party down for awhile.

The Number 2 Must Do! – Mickey’s “Boo-To-You Halloween Parade.  The parade begins in Frontierland at 8:15pm and 10:30pm. The second parade will not be as crowded.  Be aware that it is pretty dark back in Frontierland if you are trying to take pictures.

The parade starts off with a ride by the Headless Horseman.  You don’t want to miss this, it happens quickly!







My personal favorite from the parade are the Gravediggers!! I love to watch them scrape their shovels on the street.



Finally! The Top thing you Must Do!- You can’t miss Happy HalloWishes, the Halloween fireworks show at 9:30pm. I am going to go one step further and suggest that if you have watched the fireworks from in front of the castle before, that you try a new location.  New Fantasyland is a great place to watch the fireworks and it isn’t crowded.  It’s a treat to watch the fireworks from the back side of the Castle.



DSC_3794Do you agree with my Top 5 “Must Do’s”? What are the favorite things you like to enjoy when you go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? See you in the parks!


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  • Sherry Rini

    My favorite part of the parade is the the grave diggers!! LOVE them!! :-)

    • Michele Komacek Gardinier

      They’re my favorite, too!

  • NikkiMouse

    Love the Halloween Parties! Our favourite thing to do is ride Big Thunder Mountain as the sun is setting! Catch the 2nd Parade. Oh and don’t forget your ‘extra Guests’ photopass picture at the Haunted Mansion! Great fun

  • LLorton

    I was wondering, what do the treats look like this year? We will be going next week! :)

  • Jason Pope

    Is the entire park and ALL activities open during the party or only selected attractions?
    The 29th is our first night in Orlando and we cant check in till 3pm so were thinking of going to Magic Kingdom first and using the Halloween party to get a full day out of that first day.

    • Kellie Gleason

      Just FYI. the party starts at 7 BUT they let you in for it starting at 4. I really not to stop sharing this secret… but anyway it’s 3 extra hours of magic for FREE! All rides for the most part are open. Jungle Cruise and Space Mountain will be hit or miss as they are getting minor refurbishments… google Magic Kingdom refurbishment schedule for exact dates.

      • Jason Pope

        Oh no that stinks about SM one of my all time faves. Super bummer. Thanks we have 5 day park hopper passes already so technically we can go as soon as we are checked in. But know this is an extra charge now. Not sure how that will work or if we even should start that on Sunday or just buy the Halloween tickets and save that day for our next 6 days there.

        • Megan

          Check in and go to the party after. Get a few rides in and then enjoy the party! The only ride we went on was Mansion that night. The rest was candy, Hallowishes, parade and characters!

          • Jason Pope

            Not really what we are interested in. No kids just 2 adults. So may skip and do universal Halloween instead.

          • Megan

            Fair enough. But I don’t have kids either and although Horror Nights is ok, I like MNSSHP a lot.

        • DC

          What do you mean by extra charge?

          • Jason Pope

            This is an extra charge over the cost of our tickets 80 dollars per person she said in fact.
            And straight from Disney not all attractions are open these nights so that’s a deal breaker for us since its our first time there.

  • Michele Komacek Gardinier

    This is getting me very excited for our trip next month. We’ve been to MNSSHP 4 times, but missed last year. Can’t wait!!!

  • ChristianFronckowiak

    Great list, Kathy! I always enjoy reading your blogs. My list used to include Villains Mix and Mingle- however, I’m not really liking the new version, but maybe it’ll grow on me over time.

  • Goofy_Guy

    I have to strongly disagree with a recommendation in the top Must-Do.
    “New Fantasyland is a great place to watch the fireworks and it isn’t crowded”.
    It isn’t crowded because it is a horrible place to watch the fireworks from.
    Anywhere but in front of the castle is NOT recommended, for 2 very important reasons…
    1) the fireworks are ruined because the main ones are are behind the park, while the supporting ones are above the castle, so you have to turn back and forth between the main fireworks coming up from the back of the park and the supporting fireworks being launched from each side of the castle. This ruins the effect of the entire routine.
    2) you will then miss all the castle activity, the special castle lighting, the ghostly projected figures, the smoke and spark effects, the characters fighting in the castle (if they still do that?) and most of all the flying witch (instead of Tinkerbell).
    You should ALWAYS watch the fireworks from somewhere in FRONT of the castle otherwise you are missing most of the show (actually the WHOLE show is ruined, essentially). The supporting fireworks on each side of the castle are meant to be part of the show, complementing the main fireworks, not seen separate from them. FURTHERMORE, having the castle in the forefront is the perfect “frame” for the fireworks show in addition to actually being a major part of the show.

    The ONLY cool thing about seeing them from behind the castle it the big kaboom echos created by the exploding fireworks (this also occurs if you watch them from in front of the Contemporary Resort.

  • Goofy_Guy

    Unlike the MVMCP Christmas Party, all of whose special events can be seen without attending the party if you are at the Magic Kingdom between Christmas and New Years, including the Xmas fireworks and the Xmas parade (sans the free cookies and cocoa), the MNSSHP Halloween Party’s fireworks and parade are unique and can only be seen during the MNSSHP…and are each must-sees…and if you attend right around Halloween itself, the guest costumes can be VERY impressive themselves and therefore become part of the event…(unlike Universal’s Halloween party where guests are NOT ALLOWED to dress up)

  • Goofy_Guy

    Still don’t understand why the “Enchanted” Tiki Room is closed during Halloween, considering it, and the Haunted Mansion are the only attractions that match the spooky Halloween theme. So be sure to see the Enchanted Tiki Room BEFORE the event starts, between 4pm and whenever it closes (either 6 or 7pm)

  • Goofy_Guy

    If you like your candy but don’t like walking, then get in line, get your handful, then get back in line again. Do this until your bag is full, there’s no rule against this. However visiting each station is a nice “goal” to have and forces you to get all around the park to see all the little halloween details. Also if your little one has and empty bag (especially later in the evening) there’s a good chance it could get filled quickly by a ‘generous’ cast-member, so bring a big bag to empty the little bags into when they start getting full (then you can personally ‘inspect’ all the candy to be sure it tastes yummy). Also be on the lookout when you leave the park for the ‘fill your bag’ stations where you can…fill your bag. They roll these out near park closing.

  • Goofy_Guy

    Also remember that they charge a separate parking fee for this event, even if you are an Annual Passholder (free parking does NOT include special events). So be sure to get there BEFORE they start collecting the separate parking fee. I think the park closes to the public at 6pm and the event starts at 7pm, so I imagine that they start charging for separate event parking somewhere around 6pm.

  • Kathy Werling

    As someone who has been to many parties I found watching the fireworks from behind the castle a great experience. If it is your first time then by all means watch it from the front side of the castle.

  • Kathy Werling

    The Magic Kingdom closes to day guests at 7PM. If you come after 7 you will pay for parking even with an annual pass.

  • Cindi

    I love the gravediggers in the parade and the macabre dance of the dead. Those dancers are extremely talented and entertaining to watch. I can’t wait to see this live for the first time this year! I loved the video of the parade. The caretaker and his hound is creepy but in a fun way. I’m going to do all 5 things on this list.

  • Dani

    We will be there on the 31st for MNSSHP, we have our tickets and it is now “sold out”. Soes anyone know how many tickets they sell? will the park be packed with people? Just curious about what we’re getting into.

  • Melissa

    Are “grown up kids” welcome at the dance parties?