A September Stroll through the Magic Kingdom

| September 19, 2013 | 5 Replies

It was a beautiful day to take a stroll through Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.  The park was pretty crowded, but at least the humidity was not as bad as usual. There have been some changes lately and I wanted to check them out.


What is the first thing you notice in this picture?  I would like to think you would notice the Halloween decorations but it seems that everyone notices the crane behind Cinderella Castle first.


The crane is there to put up the Castle Dream lights.  It looks like half the Castle is draped in lights.  I hope they put more lights on the backside of the Castle this year. It is a beautiful sight when you see them during the holiday season.


The Magic Kingdom is also doing some concrete repair throughout the park. Be aware that the sidewalk in front of the Main Street Confectionery is currently being worked on so it is very congested in this area.


I wanted to check out the Princess Fairytale Hall.  But first, I stopped to watch the Royal Majesty Makers at the Sword in the Stone.


The first person wasn’t strong enough to lift the sword.  Next, they selected this child from the crowd and he was able to lift it.  It is little gems like this that I love about Disney.


I wanted to see the new Princess Fairytale Hall that opened yesterday.



The sign outside said the wait was only 20 minutes.  They obviously hadn’t updated the wait time.  It took me over half an hour just to get in the front door and there was a very long line ahead of me before I could see a Princess.  We do have  a photo gallery from opening day here.  Just be aware that there are 3 entrances into this area, so be sure to follow the signs.  I also saw a lot of adults leaving the line and then attempting to fight their way back in. If you are spending time in New Fantasyland, you might want to keep checking the wait times so you don’t spend a lot of time waiting in line.

There is also work being done on the outside area outside of Pinocchio Village Haus. They have moved the tables outside the walls if you care to dine outside.


The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster is coming along.  They look like they are getting ready to cover the building.




As I left the park I noticed they are still working on installing more of the new entry points. Hopefully these will be done soon. It really is much easier to enter the park with this new system where you can use your Magic Band or your RFID Key to the World card or theme park ticket.


As I was walking down Main Street, I saw this window display. If you aren’t in a hurry check out all the windows on Main Street. You never know what you might see. One of the things I love most about Walt Disney World is all the details.




So that was my lazy stroll through Magic Kingdom. I can’t wait for the weather to cool off so I can spend more time in the parks! We are coming up on some great events in the next several months at Walt Disney World.  I hope you all come along with me while I have fun in the parks!

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Kathy Werling

Shaun Thompson

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  • Casey

    Lol! I did first notice the decorations but the immediate second was the hideous crane! Any ideas on how long it takes to put up the lights?

  • St Eve

    Awesome job, thanks for sharing

  • Mary Campbell Neal

    I noticed the decorations first. It is annoying when construction and repairs are going on but they are necessary. Knowing how gorgeous the castle lights are makes the crane easier to handle! THanks for this. It made a very ugly, rainy day just a little better.

  • Jose Serrano

    Kathy- It’s little segments like this that although very basic, provides the Disney fix that I need to keep me going until my next trip. Really awesome job!

  • RockyMountainMama

    Awesome pics, nicely done!