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The beautiful sights, upbeat sounds, and tantalizing aromas. The 18th Annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is underway, and Disney fans couldn’t be happier! The 46 day festival, known for celebrating the best in culinary delights, brings food and beverage marketplaces, high energy concerts and performers, and premium dining experiences to the World Showcase. Guests travel from around the world to participate in the fun. But just how much do you know about the festival? Whether you’re a seasoned “foodie” or novice, test your knowledge below with some amazing facts and a fun quiz about this year’s event.


Apple Pie Meets Frozen Refreshment

Image: A celebration of food and beverage, the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is one of Walt Disney World’s most popular events.


 Awesome Facts

  • Over 220 food and beverage items are sold throughout the various food booths
  • More than 300 national and international wines are available for purchase
  • 100-plus celebrity chefs and 160 Walt Disney World chefs play a part in the festival’s happenings
  • 1.5 million food items, served tapas-sized, are served
  • More than 300 wine and beer seminars take place over the 46-day festival
  • The festival’s Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog is refilled only three times during the event and uses a total of 910,000 cranberries (3000+ pounds!)
  • 360,000 glasses of beer are served; that’s enough to fill the aquariums at Rainforest Cafe in Disney’s Animal Kingdom over five times!
  • 100,000 desserts are plated including the 500+ pounds of watermelon which is expected to be served at the “3D” Disney’s Dessert Discovery parties
  • Over 1,200 fireworks explode each night during IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth after a satisfying day at the festival


Brazil Marketplace Presents New Seafood Dish


Food & Wine Festival Challenge

Think you know everything about this year’s Food & Wine Festival? Test your knowledge below with trivia focusing on the food, beverages, events, and fun! The answer key is at the bottom of this article.


1. Question: How many continents are represented during the festival?


2. Question: How many Eat to the Beat concerts are performed in total?


3. Question: How many days did the first festival last just 18 years ago?


4. Question: How does a recently implemented Florida law affect the festival this year?


5. Question: At what food booth can you sample a cheese with pistachios and honey?


6. Question: Jamaica is not a country that is represented at this year’s festival. However, you can find a nod to the tropical paradise at what location?


7. Question: Due to the popularity of Disney-Pixar’s film Brave, Scotland is well represented this year. At a special dining experience, guests will feast on Scottish fare with Chef Leonard Thomason. What is the name of this hard ticket event and how many courses will be served?


8. Question: When and where can you learn more about America’s favorite treat, chocolate?


9. Question: Which of the following celebrity chefs will NOT appear at this year’s festival: Alton Brown, Buddy Valastro, Robert Irvine, or Jamie Deen?


10. Question: What was the most popular savory item at the 2012 festival?



A Sweet Discovery


Answer Key:

1. Answer: Six continents are highlighted with wine, beer, and authentic cuisine.

2. Answer: 136 concerts with six bands appearing for the first time at this year’s event.

3. Answer: 30 Days

4. Answer: A new law in the state now allows eateries to dispense wine from stainless steel kegs. The festival is one of the first venues to offer this service. Guests can try a Cabernet and Chardonnay from kegs at the Festival Center and a Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir from kegs at the park’s Cool Post.

5. Answer: Greece

6. Answer: The American Adventure Coffee Cart features “Shakin’ Jamaican Cofee made with Kahlua, vanilla, and caramel. The treat is served hot or frozen.

7. Answer: The Burns Supper will be open to 100 guests and feature a six-course dinner paired with aged whiskey.

8. Answer: The Discovery of Chocolate event costs $75 and is held at the Festival Welcome Center beginning September 29 and every Sunday through the end of October.

9. Answer: Alton Brown

10. Answer: Le Cellier’s Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon with Truffle Butter Sauce


I hope you enjoyed learning a bit of trivia about this special event. Let us know how you did in the challenge by posting a comment below!


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