Top 5 Tips for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

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Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party debuted last night at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. You truly feel like the holidays are just around the corner when you are strolling down Main Street U.S.A. The dates for the party are select nights from November 8, 2013 until December 20, 2013. This event requires a separate ticket from your regular park admission.


1) My first tip for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP) would be when purchasing your tickets, try and take advantage of any discounts that may be available for your dates. Select nights offer reduced pricing. Also, if you are here on vacation think about replacing one of our park touring days with this holiday party.  Make it a resort day and not go into one of the parks.  Swim, relax, rest,  enjoy the recreation at your resort for the day. Then head to Magic Kingdom in the evening for fun in the park.

I have been going to MVMCP for 10 years and I have never been to a sold out party until last night, which was interesting. It requires you to pack your patience as you enjoy the festivities. Try to visit the attractions during the parade, stop by the holiday treat areas earlier or later in the evening. You won’t find the lines as long.  Typically you can cover a lot of ground visiting the attractions since the lines aren’t very long.



2) My second tip would be to dress for the weather here in Orlando.  You should dress in layers, as it does get chilly in the evening during the parties. It doesn’t get cold like other parts of the country, but you will be thankful you dressed in layers.  I saw a lot of people purchasing sweatshirts to wear during the evening. Pajamas also seemed to be a popular choice in the gift shops. Don’t forget the kids when you pack that bag for the theme park. I saw lots of kids that were undressed and they had to be cold. Take a look at the weather forecast before you arrive.

3) My third tip is to take a look at the park map before you arrive and decide how you want to tour the park.  There are quite a few shows that you will want to enjoy so make that plan so you aren’t running back and forth across the park.  If an event is being performed several times, go the later show. You will find it isn’t so crowded.  If you have small kids with you don’t forget to spend some time at the Character Dance parties.  Woody’s Hootin’ Holiday Open House at  The Diamond Horseshoe is fun for the entire family.


4) My fourth tip would be to enjoy the Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, Holiday Wishes fireworks, and the Celebrate the Magic show. No trip to MVMCP is complete without them.





Could I also ask for a little photography etiquette?  Look around you as you hold that phone or iPad up in the air. Are you blocking the shot for someone else? Don’t move around in your area.  Pick your spot and stay there. Once again, I saw a number of iPads in the crowd that totally ruin the view for someone behind them.

5) My final tip would be to not rush out of the park at midnight. Everyone is rushing to the exits only to stand in long lines for the monorail and ferry boats. Take your time as you stroll down the street. Be aware that the shops will be closed so if there is something you really wanted you will be out of luck.  Shop earlier in the evening.  Every MVMCP has special merchandise, so be sure to stop by early and take a look.

Once you get out to the monorails you have a decision to make. There may be two monorails running. Last night there was a very long line for the express monorail and almost no line for the resort monorail. If you are parked in the parking lot you can take either one. It was much quicker taking the resort monorail last night.  I know some will say that it is only for resort guests but Disney doesn’t check for ID. Just realize that everyone else is trying to get home too.  Pack your patience as you leave. It will make it much easier for everyone.

I had a great time last night and I can’t wait to go back. Don’t forget to pack your camera to capture all those wonderful memories while you were partying in the park. Happy Holidays everyone!

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  • CrazyAuntie

    Thanks for the tips, Kathy. As much as I like MVMCP, Osborne Lights is my favorite!

  • Brooke Wade

    We are going for the very first time next week! We visit WDW several times a year but this is our first Christmas party. I appreciate the tips as I will be alone with my 3 kids (2, 5 and 14) and any info I can get helps!