Trader Sam’s Mixes Up Holiday Drinks

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Creating Holiday Memories --

Back in 2011, Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar opened up at the Disneyland Hotel and was an instant success. Trader Sam’s borrows its name from the Jungle Cruise character Trader Sam who is the “head” salesman of the jungle. Along with the name, Trader Sam’s also borrows themes from the Jungle Cruise, Enchanted Tiki Room and Adventureland. Patrons can even sit in the bar and notice subtle nods to other Disney properties like a Stitch tiki statue and the Paradise Falls change jug from Disney-Pixar’s Up.

The holidays are a special time at Trader Sam’s too and this year Sam has brought back three holiday drinks that have been on the menu the past two years. All the favorites are still on the menu including the ‘Uh-Oa’, ‘Krakatoa’ and ‘Shipwreck on the Rocks’, but back on are the ‘Red-Nosed Zebra’, ‘Gorilla Nog’ and ‘Mele Kaliki-Mocha’.


 Red-Nosed Zebra

What do you get when you cross a thirsty zebra with a bottle of rum? Yule find out!

Aged Rum, Strawberry Purée, Lemon & Lime Juices

The ‘Red-Nosed Zebra’ is the sweetest of the holiday drinks and probably the one that will appeal to most people looking for a festive treat. Made with Pyrat rum, the strawberry-flavored drink is garnished with three cranberries to make eyes and a nose and two sprigs of mint to make antlers.  Although the menu says it is made with strawberry purée, some bartenders have been making the drink with cranberry juice, which actually turned out to be the better of the two versions and also more holiday-oriented.


Gorilla Nog

Are the holidays making you go ape? …this icy jungle juice will set you on the path to a Happy Gnu Year!

Honey Flavored Whiskey, Sam’s Gorilla Grog, Ginger & Orange Liqueurs

The ‘Gorilla Nog’ is not at all a type of eggnog even though the name implies it. In fact, it is a play on Gorilla Grog, a juicy mixture featured in a lot of Trader Sam’s drinks. The honey flavored whiskey really stands out and overpowers the juicy flavors from the Gorilla Grog and liqueurs making it a bit more potent, but could also warm you up on a cold night. ‘Gorilla Nog’ is actually the most ordinary of the three drinks on the holiday menu, but it is also a drink that could be easily adapted to the regular menu and fit in perfectly. The drink is garnished similarly to the ‘Red-Nosed Zebra’ with cranberries and mint, but also sprinkled cinnamon on top.


 Mele Kaliki-Mocha

Mele Kaliki-Mocha is the thing to say if you want it made Trader Sam’s way.
That’s the jungle java that Sam sends to you from the land where lions prey.
Coconut and coffee over ice so bright, with whipped cream to make it snowy white.
Mele Kaliki-Mocha is ol’ Sammy’s way to say Merry Christmas to you!

Iced Coffee, Cream of Coconut, and Coffee Liqueur

The ‘Mele Kaliki-Mocha’ has the best holiday name of the three drinks, but that is pretty much the only thing that can be said about it. The drink itself is very pleasant if you are a coffee drinker, but a little of the cream of coconut that is used goes a long way and leaves the drink with a very distinctive coconut flavor. Bartenders can make the drink with less cream of coconut, but like all Trader Sam’s drinks, it is best to enjoy it the intended way. The best thing about the drink is it is completely different from anything else on the menu as well as the perfect pick-me-up in the middle of the day if you are looking for some coffee with a little kick. The drink is garnished with whipped cream, red and green sprinkles and sprigs of rosemary.


Make sure you get to Trader Sam’s quickly, because the drinks will only be available until early January!

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  • Katie

    how long will these drinks be available for into the New Year?

    • Craig Williams

      I don’t believe there is a set date for them to end, but holiday events at Disneyland Resort are ending around the 4th and 5th of January. One thing to keep in mind too is that Trader Sam’s bartenders maintain a secret menu and I’m sure if you asked for one of these drinks they would be more than happy to make it for you.