Happy Thanksgiving from the Magic Kingdom!

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I am blessed to live near Walt Disney World. I can pop over to the parks whenever the mood strikes. I have lived here for almost 10 years and it never gets old. I still get goosebumps when I drive onto property! I wish all my friends could join me for a day in the park.


The crowds today weren’t as bad as I expected. There is always a special feeling as you walk down the street and realize you are celebrating a holiday in the Magic Kingdom. I have found as I get older you don’t need the snow to enjoy this holiday.  It is cooler here today and we finally have to put on long pants and a jacket. Before you think it is because I am a Floridian, most everyone in the parks was wearing a jacket.  So remember if you are coming during the fall and winter months you may want to layer your outfit. In the sun it was heavenly but there was a wind that cooled you off.

I got to ride down the street on the horse drawn trolley.  It was great fun because the Dapper Dans were singing for us on the back.  They sang Happy Birthday to one guest and told lots of jokes going down the street.  If you want to ride one of these vehicles they are typically out for the first several hours and then they are removed when the crowds get too large. I hate to say it was magical but it really never gets old with all the special Disney touches.



Be on the lookout for cast members creating some sidewalk art!


We headed over to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and got some fast passes. Our wait time was less than an hour so we decided to check out Club 626, the dance party in Tomorrowland. All I can say is Disney really knows how to get the crowd dancing.



While I was standing there watching the show I felt an arm around my shoulder. It was Dale of Chip and Dale.  It was one of those moments I felt like a child enjoying every second of it. Of course I didn’t get a picture – I was enjoying myself.


It made me a little misty while I watched Stitch dance with this boy in a wheelchair. They both were enjoying themselves.



As we walked by Auntie Gravity’s we saw Push the Trashcan. That is always great fun watching everyone interact with him.


We decided to wander through New Fantasyland behind the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Some of the walls for this area were down and there is a new food area.


This shot is looking through the peephole in the wall looking at the construction.





 We wandered back to Main Street because we wanted to see the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It! parade.  There are now fireworks at the end instead of confetti. While we waited we enjoyed the Dream Along with Mickey show.







I know a lot of people don’t care for this parade but I love it!  It just says Disney to me when guests are dancing in the street without a care in the world.


I wonder what Walt Disney would think seeing all these people enjoying his park?


Here is the new ending.  They shoot fireworks from the top of each of the floats.



Finally, all the turnstiles have been converted to accept your Magic Bands. It was nice coming in because the lines were not crowded like they have been.



We had a great time at Magic Kingdom today. I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I have a lot to be thankful for today. I hope everyone has a great Turkey day! Hug your loved ones and take a moment or two to realize how blessed we all are with all the problems in the world.  I truly appreciate all the loyal readers of the DIS Unplugged Blog!

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  • USMelinUK

    That was lovely Kathy, thanks.

  • Cassandra (Storybrooke Villas)

    Really nice walk through Kathy. I love that parade too. 😉

  • Marie Lavallee Pike

    I agree ..this was a great blog on something that we all love…Disney

  • Chris

    This was a great read Kathy, thank you! Really brightened my day. :)

    • Chris

      Oh and also – I love that parade too!

  • pat

    I love that even though you have been there 10 years, the parks never get old! Thank you again for sharing your day.

  • Terry L. Garwood

    My wife and I are Disney fans and want to buy a house near WDW. Anything for sale near where you are? Yes, we are serious!

    • Cassandra (Storybrooke Villas)

      Terry, my husband and I just bought a couple condos in Kissimmee and have a great realtor we can recommend if you need one!

      • Terry L. Garwood

        Thanks, we have been in touch with a realtor, Bryant Day, but would be interested in one you would recommend. We have been looking near Davenport.

        • Cassandra (Storybrooke Villas)

          Sent you a message on Facebook! :)

    • Jack Bisikirski

      Do you want a vacation home or a real honest to goodness home?

      • Terry L. Garwood

        We have been looking online at single family homes that we could live full time in, if we decide to at some point in time. We want a place for our family to use when we are not there and they go down to WDW, to save on the cost to them. Right now, we may just become snowbirds.

  • Jack Bisikirski

    Where have all the Photopass people gone? I was at WDW the same time. I am so glad I didn’t invest in a Photopass Plus deal because I did not see many photogs out there. Have you noticed this or am I imagining things? Of the few pix I got from PhotoPass only about 4 or 5 are good enough to purchase.