Right or Left at Universal’s Islands of Adventure?

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Choices, choices, choices!  It’s what makes our day inside a theme park exciting.  It’s our choices throughout the day that turns our day into an adventure.  As guests walk through the turnstiles at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure they meander through the Port of Entry, the land specifically designed as the gateway to the six themed islands inside the park.  Even the stone arch connecting both sides of the Port of Entry reminds us with written word: “The Adventure Begins.


A day inside any theme park is considered an adventure or journey.  Your day’s adventure is defined is by the choices you make throughout the theme park.  A sudden turn left or right, an unexpected stop at an attraction, or simply bumping into an old acquaintance shapes our day inside a theme park.

One of the biggest decisions you must make awaits you at the end of the Port of Entry.  You look left and see some of your favorite Marvel superheroes.  You hear screams and music from some of your favorite sinister comic strip villains.  You then turn your head right and see a land full of curves, color, and delight, a land full of rhyme with a serving of Green Eggs and Ham on the side.  Simply put, turn left and you’re suddenly thrust into the Marvel comic books at Marvel Superhero Island or turn right and become part of the Dr. Seuss storybooks inside Seuss Landing.


For me personally, I usually turn left and head for Marvel Superhero Island because my favorite Orlando attraction sits squarely in the middle of it – The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman.  Starting my day with a spin on this $75 million dollar attraction is something I enjoy.  It’s how I choose to start my adventure at Islands of Adventure.


In the off chance I’d turn right towards Seuss Landing, it’s usually because I want to make my way back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade Village.  I’ve been asked in the past what is the best way to get to Hogsmeade Village.  Although it would seem about the same distance no matter which way you turn, there is a rather unknown shortcut inside Seuss Landing that will get you to Hogsmeade faster than if you went through Marvel Superhero Island.  As soon as you enter Seuss Landing turn left towards Green Eggs and Ham.  Around the back there is a pathway that takes you by Sneetch Beach.  That pathway will eventually drop you off at the exit of Seuss Landing near the entrance to the Lost Continent.  It’s much quicker and less crowded than walking along the main path inside Seuss Landing.


So, if you’ve visited Islands of Adventure in the past which way did you turn?  Left or right?  Do you typically turn the same way each visit?   If you’ve never visited this theme park before, which way would you go?  Check out the park map here.  Believe it or not, whichever way you turn can make a big difference in your day inside the theme park.   It can totally change your “adventure.”

The next time you’re walking into the park and through the Port of Entry start thinking about which way you’ll turn.  Try not to get distracted by the sweet smells coming from the bakery or the mystic music from above.  Do you want to experience the Marvel Superheroes or Seuss Landing?  Maybe you just want to take a shortcut to the back of the park?  Whatever you decide, the choice is yours.

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  • LunaLynx

    I always head right through Seus Landing and head straight for Hogsmeade Village. I’m such a Harry Potter nut :)

  • Amy

    Right and straight back to Harry potter. Pre Harry potter–left turn for hulk and Spider-Man

  • Mike

    Left to Hulk and Spiderman