Confirmed! Star Wars Discovery in Disney Infinity

| February 18, 2014 | 3 Replies

Disney Infinity fans, hold onto your hats! I have confirmed news regarding what exactly happens once you collect all characters for the game. Star Wars fans, get ready…


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Something new has been confirmed for Disney Infinity. Keep reading to find out just what it is! SPOILER ahead!


Last month, I told you about some rumors regarding the future of Disney Infinity, a popular new game that incorporates real-life character figures that are instantly transported into your TV to combat villains, create new worlds, and participate in adventures from your favorite films. One of these rumors has been gaining some heat recently and has officially been confirmed: Star Wars is coming to Disney Infinity!


The Hall of Heroes part of Disney Infinity is a type of video game showroom where players display their character figures and rankings in their corresponding adventures. There are 29 characters in total, but only 27 are available for purchase as of right now. However, once the Phineas & Agent P. figures hit stores in just a few weeks, that all changes, and this is when Star Wars comes in.

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Over the weekend, the 2014 American Toy Fair was held in New York City. Guests attending Disney Interactive’s presentation received the Phineas & Agent P. character set and Power Discs as a gift. As a result, it was confirmed that once all 29 characters are placed on the Infinity base and reach the bronze ranking, a Star Wars lightsaber appears! This glowing green weapon packs a powerful punch and can supposedly defeat many villains in one shot! I don’t know about you, but this is an awesome surprise!


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Speaking of surprises, this news definitely has me thinking. Fans have been wondering if Star Wars would make an appearance when the next generation of Disney Infinity appears in the form of a playset with its own adventures. With the release of the final characters and the resulting lightsaber Easter egg, I think it is safe to say that this is an allusion for things to come. What do you think? Is Star Wars going to have a bigger future in the game? Post your comments below!


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  • shannon

    YES YES YES I really hope it has its own play set that would be awesome!!!!

  • Chris

    Well they DID say they were trying to get approval to use star wars and marvel 😀

  • Jordan C

    Very Cool! Where I am going to store all of these things? So many good characters being released.