Haunted Mansion Merchandise Materializes in Disney Parks

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When hinges creak in doorless chambers and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls, whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still, that is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight.

Listen up, goblins and ghoulies! Just in time for the 45th anniversary of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion attraction this summer, Disney Merchandise has released some fantastic items to help you celebrate all things that go bump in the night. I took a stroll through The Yankee Trader shop in Walt Disney’s World’s Magic Kingdom and found everything from home decor to clothing to collectibles all of which are sure to make you scream with joy.


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The Yankee Trader shop is located in Liberty Square, a land modeled after America’s colonial period right up to the brick-covered buildings and lanterns hanging high above. It was recently spruced up a bit to enhance the fixtures and outside facade as well as to prepare for the plethora of Haunted Mansion merchandise coming on the market. Originally, the shop focused on Disney-themed kitchen accessories and packaged snacks, some of which is still available here; rumor has it that the entire shop could be re-imagined by the summer and solely contain Haunted Mansion items. For those of you die-hards out there, you’ll remember a time when finding a shirt, hat, or even trading pin themed to the attraction was difficult. Several years ago, a small cart located near the exit to the Haunted Mansion was your best shot. The likelihood of an entire shop dedicated to attraction merchandise is a promising and welcome thought.


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One of the things that I like the most about this shop is how well it fits in with its surroundings. Liberty Square is known for the charm and splendor surrounding our country’s rich history; immediately after setting foot in the land, you feel completely immersed in the time period. Luckily enough, this isn’t lost in the themeing of Yankee Trader. The shelves are wooden and cast members are decked out in colonial garb. Being that it is so close to the Haunted Mansion, this seems like a perfect spot to house the new merchandise. Upon entering, you’ll have little difficulty spotting what is up for sale…


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Both adult and children’s t-shirts, afghan throws, coasters, candy dishes, and even iPhone cases are for sale. You can also find playing cards, storybooks, musical CDs, car antenna toppers, wine goblets, and more. It’s a Haunted Mansion-lover’s dream! One of my personal favorites is the flat-sided Madame Leota snow globes. They feature the character in a bright sphere and base that is reminiscent of the bat icons you see in the line queues. Shot glasses with the same image are also available.


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In addition to Leota herself, fans can find various items highlighting other characters or sayings from the attraction. How about a tombstone coaster for your table? Wine goblets featuring the mansion’s infamous wallpaper? Gothic picture frames similar to the attraction’s plaque? Bat wine-stoppers? There’s even a gargoyle candelabra inspired by the paneling found in the queue just outside the stretching room. I love the attention to detail in these pieces. They are fun for any collector.


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You can also find books telling the story of the Haunted Mansion and music from the attraction itself as well as a few clothing items with quotes from the ride. These pale in comparison to this beautiful music box featuring an ode to Leota; it plays the popular song, “Grim Grinning Ghosts,” and her epitaph is on the inside lid. I also loved the mystical hourglass and ghost ornaments.

Before leaving, I made sure to pick up these three replica tombstones from the outside gates leading to the Haunted Mansion. They are spitting images of those which we all love to gawk at before stepping inside. Who hasn’t had fun spooking first time guests with a wink from Leota’s statue? Her eyes are just as creepy as in person. I’m excited to put these on display!


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I hope that you have enjoyed checking out some of the Haunted Mansion merchandise that is now available in Disney Parks. Be sure to stop by The Yankee Trader the next time you’re at Walt Disney World or Disney Clothiers, Ltd. in Disneyland. What do you think of the items? What is your favorite?


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  • Kim Armour

    It’s about time! We need more Haunted Mansion merchandise! It’s been so hard over the years to find souvenirs for this beloved attraction. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  • Buffy Swanson

    Don’t forget Disney Master Artist Kevin-John will be unveiling 4 New Haunted Mansion Paintings for the Anniversary celebration in August 2014. Yay!! Follow him on Facebook

  • Paul Saint

    Been a fan of the Haunted Mansion, ever since I first encountered it at Disneyland in 1977. That was my first introduction to the Magic of Disney Parks. Now, living in Orlando AND being an Annual Passholder, I can visit the “Family” at the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom whenever I want. It IS my favorite attraction at WDW, I believe. Hopefully, I’ll have the funds a begin collecting all the wonderful things representing this fantasmagorical place.

  • Shawn

    The ornaments look like the singing busts not the hitchhiking ghosts.

  • Disney fan

    Although I love Haunted Mansion and the merchandise, I don’t want to see the Disney themed kitchen accessories go. I love going into this store for the dishes and glasses that you sometimes can’t find anywhere else, or at least, all in one place. I buy more dinnerware/glassware at this Yankee Trader Shop than I do at Emporium or World of Disney.

  • Toni

    I have the Madame Leota music/jewelry box and it’s exquisite. Beautiful detailing; I saw it in the Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom, but waited until I got home and ordered it from Disneystore.com because I didn’t have room for it in my carry on and didn’t dare risk it being damaged in checked luggage. Very pleased with it!

  • Rebbecca

    I want to do a Disney themes haunted house in my neighborhood park for small fee. I can’t find anything online if thats legally ok. Do you know anything? Please email when you can! Thanks!! [email protected].