New Frozen Merchandise at Disney Parks

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Just in time for this week’s DVD and Blu-Ray release of Disney’s Academy Award-winning film, Frozen, new merchandise is popping up on the shelves at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. After selling out their stock back in the late fall, stores are expanding what’s available for adult and kid fans. I recently took a look at some of the new items and was pleasantly surprised at what was available.


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In November of 2013, park guests found themselves face-to-face with Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Sven, and more from the movie when perusing the stores on property. Plush, t-shirts, toys, pins, and the like were populating shelves and quickly selling out. I’ve heard reports of plush Olaf snowmen being wiped out within a week or less! In local Disney Stores, Frozen items were the No. 1 property for over six consecutive weeks. In fact, during this past holiday season, the merchandise accounted for half of the weekly top 25 selling items in terms of girls toys, fashion, sleepwear, role play, and plush categories.


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Disney truly underestimated the success of this film from the get go even despite its extensive advertising. As a result, the amount of merchandise could not keep up with demand. For a period of several months, little to no Frozen items were found in stores throughout the parks and Downtown Disney. Whenever merchandise would be replenished, word spread quickly and the items were sold out soon after. Now though, it seems as if Disney Merchandising is catching up.


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Adorable girls’ t-shirts featuring Anna and Elsa are sure to be hit sellers. I love their pretty colors and how they include fun sayings from the film. Children’s books take this a step further; you can read and re-read the story over and over again. My personal favorite is the set of iPhone cases that are both fun and can help to protect your device.


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Perhaps something that was in the biggest demand when Frozen first hit theaters was that of toys and play sets. Now you can find Anna and Elsa dolls that sing tunes when holding your hands. Their clothing and hairstyles accurately depict those found in the movie. In addition, there are also figurine sets that let kids take on the role of master storyteller. Some even come with Frozen light-up rings!


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Adults can also find t-shirts paying homage to their favorite Frozen characters. A few styles have matching kid designs which I think would be fun for family vacations. And looking towards the summer, Disney Merchandise has released sketches of a new ladies’ line of shirts and tanks that will be sold. Again, the colors are very pretty and show off favorites from the film.



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All in all, I am very excited to see more Frozen merchandise in Disney Parks. Now that the film is coming out in stores, more fans will be born and the demand for even more items will grow. Hopefully Disney can keep up with it this time around. Happy shopping!


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  • anna

    which park are these in?

  • I’ve stalked here for a while.

    anyone know whereabouts in the parks the merch can be found? i know there’s a gift shop after the anna/elsa meet and greet, but i’m not sure if i’m going to wait in line for the girls at all. going to disney for a quick stay next weekend and hoping there will still be some stock left…
    (as a side note – sorry about my username. this disqus account is carried over from another site that i have, indeed, stalked for a while.)

  • Nicole L. Mancini

    For those asking, you should be able to find Frozen merchandise at the following retail stores on property:

    MK – The Emporium
    Epcot – MouseGear
    DHS – Mickey’s of Hollywood
    AK – Creature Comforts
    DTD – World of Disney & Once Upon a Toy

  • Disney Happy

    Any idea when the merchandise will hit the Disney Stores in PA? How about online as I looked the other day and nothing?

  • amy

    where are Olaf dolls?

  • Kimberly Melewski

    Have they restocked the costumes? My daughter wants the Elsa dress so badly and the disney store and jcp have been sold out. I’m hoping we can get her one once we get to disneyworld!

    • AmyW

      Our Target had them today in North Aurora, IL. They had Anna and Elsa Dresses for size 4-6x. Check with your local Targets… I also scored Anna, Elsa and Kristoff dolls there – barbie size, non singing. I found Olaf pull apart dolls a few weeks ago at Target, as well.

  • lili

    Any plush Elsa and Anna dolls around the store?

  • Kristen

    FYI – there’s close to NOTHING to be found in the parks and at downtown disney. I found a handful of xs t shirt, and the books. No toys, no dolls, dresses/accessories. nada!

  • Lisa Medors

    As posted earlier there are no toys at the parks. I went with my husband because of this post. We lucked in to an Anna dress in Norway(only because my grandaughter is so small- XXS)and found a few shirts as well(too big). But we didnt even see shelves that were empty? We thought that was weird-but everyone there was looking for the same thing.

  • Dan

    I was at Epcot in Norway today and the had a bunch of Anna and Elsa dolls (the Barbie sized ones) they also had dresses and books but that’s about it. The place was a madhouse and I was there around 11:00 am so I don’t know whats left. If they got new stock maybe everyone will soon. I would check on Tuesdays if you have to most shipments for retail come in Mondays and are on the shelves for Tuesday morning. Good luck!

  • Tiffany

    Do you know if the Elsa dress is available when you go to the BBB at Magic Kingdom? My daughter has an appt at BBB at the end of April.

  • Karen

    We are going Mid May….Has anyone had any luck finding Frozen Merchandise after Eatser? What about at BBB??



  • Cin

    It is so crazy there is nothing Frozen! Disney is missing out on money because since they are not making a lot people are buying anything they see Frozen and selling it two or three times the amount Disney sale their frozen stuff. Party stuff the same its crazy how there is nothing at the stores. I called Jcpenney today and they stated they got a shipment on Tuesday and on the same day they sold out. Nothing at Target, Walmart, Toys R us in the Tulare County. This is crazy!!! I am having a very hard time getting anything frozen.

  • Em Halford

    Does anyone know if they have olaf teddy/ plushies or stitch ones in the parks at the moment. I’m going in summer but was considering buying one online, however I want to buy the one that won’t be available at the parks. Any help would be very appreciated!

  • Alicia V

    When we were there in Mid May, Sir Mickeys in MK was to the place to find some Frozen stuff… Art of Animation Anna & Elsa, singing Anna, the Barbie sized Ann & Elsa and Olaf pin….. there was the mini Frozen figure set as well. Lots of books, cups, & some smaller sized shirts….

  • kallie11

    me and my sister love olaf!