Rainy Day Ideas at Universal Orlando

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You’re in luck!  Despite the pesky rain outside that won’t seem to quit, you’re at one of the best places for a rainy day theme park experience – Universal Orlando, a place where the majority of the attractions are covered or are in buildings.  In fact, probably the most exposure you’ll have to the rainy day elements is walking through CityWalk to get to one of the resort’s two theme parks.    But, there are other activities you can do when it’s raining at Universal Orlando.  Here are a few to consider when it’s soggy outside.


It’s one of those days.  A day when you know the rain won’t let up, but you don’t care.  You’re on vacation and the last thing you’re going to do is let water droplets get in your way.  You’re at the parks and there’s no way you’re going to blow an entire day because of weather.   So, how can you enjoy it without letting the gray skies turn you gray?  Here are some thoughts.

The Wash & Dry Cycle


After utilizing your rain poncho you quickly realize you’re already wet.  Not soaking wet, but wet enough to notice.  What the heck!  You might as well go for broke and head over to Toon Lagoon where every ride is a soaking wet experience.  After a spin or two on the water attractions you now start thinking about how you can dry off.   The nearest restroom with a hand dryer isn’t too far away, but how much fun or effective would that be?   You need a serious dryer spin cycle.  A spin on Storm Force Accelerator or maybe the Hulk coaster are in order so you can dry off.  Of course, you won’t be completely dry, but it will certainly help.  Even better, you’ll have a ton of fun doing it.

Meanwhile – Back at your Resort Hotel


If you’ve made it past noon inside the theme parks you might want to consider taking a water taxi back to your resort hotel for an early afternoon meal or some shopping.  This is a great way to get out of the elements and still enjoy the day.  The 3 deluxe resort hotels are attractions in themselves and provide great scenery, dining, and shopping experiences.

Even if you’re not a guest at these resort hotels they are very welcoming.  You can still visit them and enjoy a meal and check out their lobbies and immersive themes.  It’s a great way to burn a couple of hours while the weather isn’t so nice outside.

In & Out, but Mostly Indoors


I mentioned it earlier, but universal Orlando is rich with great indoor and covered attractions.  It’s a huge benefit on a day when the skies won’t clear.  Jumping from Men in Black to the Simpson’s ride would seem routine on a dry sunny day, but on a day when it’s wet you’ll have a much bigger appreciation for the indoor queues and enclosed structure.

If you had to choose between Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios on a rainy day you may want to choose the Studios because there tends to be more to do indoors at this park than IoA.  Both parks have plenty of indoor attractions, but the Studios has a few more options.

Visit Universal CityWalk


Just outside the gates of both theme parks is a great shopping, dining, and entertainment district called Universal CityWalk.  Some Orlando locals love to visit this destination, especially on weekends.  CityWalk is a great place to spend time dining and shopping.  At times during the week, the clubs and bars have entertainment inside that can keep you occupied.  With the majority of CityWalk venues indoors and covered, it’s a great place to stay dry on a wet day while enjoying some of the great resort amenities.



A sunny day almost always beats a rainy day in Orlando.  But, if you find yourself at Universal Orlando on one of those somewhat rare all day rains don’t forget about the many entertaining options you have available to you.  Most of the attractions, shops, and restaurants are indoors allowing you and your family to still enjoy your day in either theme park.  In some cases you may find going on a wet ride is more enjoyable when it’s raining outside.

Rain at Universal Orlando?  It’s not a problem.  Just remember to keep your spirits high and don’t let that grey sky turn your frown upside down.  There’s still plenty to do as you frolic through one of the biggest theme park resorts in the world.

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