Walt Disney World is now selling MagicBands to Offsite Day Guests

| March 31, 2014 | 33 Replies

As part of the My Magic+ testing, Walt Disney World has starting selling MagicBands to offsite day guests. Day guests are those guests who are not staying at a Walt Disney World Resort.



MyMagic+ is now available to everyone but Walt Disney World Cast members. Day Guests now have the ability to make FastPass+ selections for each day that they have theme park tickets linked.  They can do this 30 days in advance.

Day Guests can also purchase the MagicBands for $12.95 plus tax at Walt Disney World Resort park merchandise locations and at Downtown Disney.  The colors available are yellow, gray, green, orange, red, pink, and blue.


They can be purchased at:

Magic Kingdom

  • Big Top Souvenirs
  • Box Office Gifts
  • Curtain Call Collectibles
  • Emporium
  • Frontier Trading Post
  • Space Mountain Gift Shop
  • Mickey’s Gift Station at the Ticket and Transportation Center


  • Camera Center
  • Disney Traders
  • International Gateway

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • Legends of Hollywood
  • The Dark Room
  • Stage 1 Company Store

Disney’s Animal Kingdom 

  •  Chester & Hesters
  • Creature Comforts
  • Disney Outfitters

After you purchase the MagicBand, the cast member will link your theme park ticket to the band.  If you have already set up all of your plans on My Disney Experience, your dining reservations and FastPass+ selections will be linked to your new MagicBand.

Day Guests will not be able to use the touch-to-pay feature that is offered to guests staying in a Walt Disney World resort. Just as a reminder – you don’t need to purchase the MagicBands,  your RFID theme park ticket (type of theme park tickets currently being sold) will work at the attractions.  The bands are simply a different way of using your theme park tickets. If you have the old style paper tickets, you will need to upgrade them before you can use them at the FastPass+ locations. The MagicBands can be reused for future trips to Walt Disney World, you would just need to link the band with your theme park tickets.




Will you be purchasing a MagicBand if you are a day guest? What do you think of this option?  Tell us in the comments below.  See you in the parks!

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  • Nancy

    I would like to know if I stayed onsite and had Magic Bands linked to MDE, would they still work if the next time I visit I stay offsite? Thank you.

    • meehan117

      I believe they would as long as you had an admission ticket linked in MDE for the next trip.

      • Paige

        We just stayed at Bay Lake Tower just a few months ago so of course had magic bands. We’re wanting to go back just for the opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. But since we’ll be on the disney dream in Sept and back at bay lake tower in Dec this will have to be an off property stay (yes, we’re a little disney crazy!) So you think our magic bands from our last trip will work this time even being off property?

        • meehan117

          I am by far no expert but my experience is that every band you get stays linked to your MDE account until you deactivate them. You then could make a FP+ pick for any day you had a park ticket linked. Of course because you are talking about an off property stay you could only make FP+ picks 30 days in advance.

  • Jen

    Question- is there a way to order them by mail before arrival? And if not, how do day pass holders make their fast pass choices in advance?

    • meehan117

      Set up a MDE account and link your admission ticket to the account.

      • itsme

        what is a MDE account? and where do I order them from?

        • Nathan Straughan

          My Disney Experience

  • Frank

    This is fantastic! So excited they gave the option. While we always try and stay on property sometimes for a budget last minute trip we use our timeshare and stay off property. YAY!

  • Michael

    I will be purchasing magic bands as a day guest (at the Dolphin), or so my 11 year old tells me!

  • Tina Mansfield

    I so want one of these when we visit in October, I think it is the best idea yet, and I am looking forward to starting to book all my fast passes in the next month!!

  • Becky

    I wonder how they will then know if you should be in the parks for evening extra magic hours.. It doesn’t seem like they clear the parks anymore for this like they used to

    • Sara

      Linking the resort reservation to the band and then using the band to get onto a ride will ensure that all those riding during evening EMH are on property guests.

      • Miss T

        That only works if you use a Fast Pass for the ride. We go every year with our latest trip being back in March of this year and we enjoyed the evening EMH with no problems (and we didn’t stay on site).

    • Miss T

      They don’t. We go every year and we never stay on site and we have always been able to enjoy the evening EMH. The only thing we are unable to do is the early EMH, but you can get around this by reserving a breakfast character dining at Crystal Palace or CRT.

    • Chezbasson

      I just got back from Disney this week and was staying on site. What happens during the extra magic hours is they scan your Magic Band (they don’t scan it during the regular hours) and if it shows you are staying on site then you can go on the ride.

  • Victoria

    I can’t wait to purchase mine, I’ll be paying off my WDW tickets soon so can get it all linked to MDE :)

  • Freedomswatch

    So it seems that there is no benefit to staying on WDW property any more.

    • Sandra

      You can still get extra magic hours and there are some fast pass options for character greets that aren’t available to other guests – not even annual pass holders.

    • Kim

      On-property guests still get EMH hours, free parking, and an earlier time period to book FP+ (60 days vs. 30 days before for off-site guests).

      If you still think you’re paying too much to stay on-site, that’s ultimately on you.

    • donnsuz

      If you’re only staying on property for the benefits – then don’t. Stay where you want. Those of us who always stay off site due to the cost/convenience difference often feel like second hand citizens. Why shouldn’t we also be able to use fastpass+ ?

      • dangle27

        Cant agree more donnsuz. Off site guests should get the same perks as on site guests we r paying for the tickets to go to the parks. They get free parking and extra hours and other perks staying on site but the fast pass experience should be the same if u r on site or off site guests

    • behindtheblack

      The only “benefit” that’s gone now is that FP+ is no longer in hotel guest-only testing. You’re really going to complain about the “perk” of beta testing their system for them being over?

  • Rachel

    we went last year and did not personalize our magic bands bc we really didnt know anything about them. we are going back this year and can use our old ones but can we personalize them this time or do we have to buy new ones?

  • Tryna

    I really want to purchase them in advance so I can use them to surprise my family about the trip! :) anyone know if any of the shops have a shop online option?

  • Liella Rivera

    Question: Can someone purchase a magicband before purchasing park admission?

  • Kelly

    Where can you purchase these at Downtown Disney? I would like to do it before we go to the parks.

  • Kayla

    My family Bought the magic bands but now one family member can no longer come, can I bring someone else to use their magic band?

  • Erica

    Can I link my photo pass+ to the magic band being an off site guest? I know that when you are an on site guest they will link that but I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere if off site guests photo pass+ will also link to it.

  • Amanda

    I tried to purchase a band at Downtown Disney in June and the people at Pin Traders wouldn’t let me. They said you need to have tickets to link it to at the time of purchase. I think that’s bogus information. Anybody know anything?

    • Nathan Straughan

      At that time you needed an active ticket to link the band to. Since then you can link them on your own with My Disney Experience. The system is still developing and at that time they didn’t have the capability developed.

  • Mickey

    For what it’s worth, We stayed offsite and purchased our Magic bands at the Disney store in the airport on our way in town. The process was smooth and the associates linked the bands to our My Disney Experience app our tickets including Memory Maker.

  • Sue

    Will it ever be possible for cast members & day use guests to use the band for shopping & dining? Like the F&W bracelets/cards. Pay a couple hundred at guest services & have it credited to the band.