DVC Owner To File Class Action Demanding More FastPass+ Experiences

| April 1, 2014 | 34 Replies

I have confirmed, from a confidential and normally reliable source, that today, April 1, 2014, a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) owner will be filing a class action lawsuit against Walt Disney World.  The gist of the lawsuit  will be to demand Disney allot five FastPass+ experiences per day to all DVC members.

Boardwalk at Night 2014I called Tilleulen Spiegel, the attorney my source identified as filing the class action, to get more details about the lawsuit. DVC members, she said, visit Walt Disney World more frequently and deserve better treatment than ordinary paying guests.  “DVC members visit the theme parks more frequently than other guests,” she asserted, “and Disney is fooling itself if it thinks only three Fast Pass+ experiences a day are going to satisfy them.  DVC members are Disney’s most loyal clientele.  They deserve special treatment and I intend to sue Disney until they get it.”

Mr. Potato HeadI asked Spiegel whether her planned class action lawsuit might be perceived as elitist or, worse, trigger a backlash against DVC members from non-DVC guests.  “Bring them on” she said, “I’m not afraid of the unwashed masses, I represent them all the time.  If they want additional FastPass+ experiences, let them file their own class action.”

I asked Spiegel what she would do if guests staying at Disney’s Deluxe Resorts were to demand five FastPass+ experiences a day.  “Easy,” she said, “I’ll just amend the complaint to increase the number of experiences I demand for DVC members.”

Pirates of the CarribeanBy this point in the interview, I began to suspect my usually reliable source had set me up.  The whole idea of a lawsuit demanding additional FastPass+ experiences seems, to me at least, pretty outlandish.

So when I asked Ms. Spiegel the name of her client, I was not too surprised when she informed me that she was also going to be the named plaintiff.  I guess Ms. Spiegel will attempt to disprove the old adage that “a lawyer who represents herself has a fool for a client.”

Breir Fox and the Briar PatchAnd speaking of fools, Happy April First!

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  • Justine Caiazzo

    April fools!

  • Snauzrgirl

    Hope this IS an April fools. Otherwise, as a DVC member for 20 years, the case is friggin’ stupid.

  • Penelope Zielinski

    In the beginning of DVC, you could pick up fast passes at the sales office……also totally agree with this …..good luck with the class action….we’re for it…..

    • Stevo

      Park your enthusiasm and check the date !

  • Teresa M.

    If anyone took this story seriously they are truly an April Fool!

    • Tracey Scott

      Having been to the parks last month and having to endure this new crap policy. ONE CAN HOPE!

  • joannro4


    • Reddog

      Not ALL rooms at a DVC resort are DVC rooms. When you book through the Disney website, you’re getting a room that is part of the Disney Hotel inventory. Not DVC.

      • joannro4

        I fully understand that. The inventory at all WDW hotels that are part of the DVC reserve rooms (i.e. studios, 1 bdrm, etc) for rent to non-DVC members. My point is that more should be allotted to DVC and if those dedicated to the sales inventory are available then that inventory should be open to book with points. As of right now, they are not.

  • Bwana Bill VWL 2000

    I’d rather see a lawsuit against Disney for spreading the cost of the Aulani fiasco among the DVC owners of the other resorts. Why should we pay for that mess?

  • http://www.mastrangelolaw.com Dean Mastrangelo

    The “unwashed masses” comment put this article over the top… very funny…. happy April’s Fool Day

    • Drbearsec

      Agreed. It actually had me thinking it was legit until that line… After all, it would surprise me over what some people sue for. Nice job!

  • Meg Comeau

    If it’s real, which I strongly doubt, this suit won’t go anywhere. There’s no merit; no damages. You can’t sue based on what you want or think you deserve – you have to prove you’ve been injured in some way. Hurt feelings and an injured sense of entitlement don’t count. Any lawyer knows this and wouldn’t waste his or her time. That’s another reason why I think this is an April Fool’s stunt.

  • George

    Good one, Jack!

  • SueinTexas

    Ha, ha! Thanks for the April Fools’ Day laugh – it was a good one!

  • Standupguy

    Bazinga !!!!!!………….Happy April 1st :-)

  • Peoplemakemesick

    OMG -___- for the people who are getting all hyped about this and say they are for it. It’s dumb. Everyone always feels like they are entitled to things.

  • kelly

    i need to go back to sleep i fell for it lol

  • Pickles

    I also laughed but seriously only 3 fast passes a day? AND worse only one park. They need to stop charging for Park Hopping – can’t make fast passes for your favorites in each park

  • Suzanne Willis

    That’s a good one…..

  • Ed

    Please add to the lawsuit to immediately remove parades, fireworks, and all omni-mover attractions from whatever fast pass system they use. I so wish this weren’t an April Fool’s joke…..

  • k

    what about people who are charge annual passholders?

  • Lisa Ahrendt

    They had me until “unwashed masses”.

  • Tracey Scott

    Needs to be real. :( This totally screwed up my vacation 3 weeks ago. USED to go twice a year.

  • Zee

    As someone who use to work Merchandise for a DVC resort at WDW, I wouldn’t think this article was far from the truth. They seriously think they’re entitled to all sorts of crap cause they pay more. Though it was their choice to.

    • Midaroco

      It’s not that we are entitled and think we out to get more. It’s that we are SOLD to with the premise that we will receive more perks being a member and part of a regularly returning clientele. So, from the beginning we are led to believe we will receive more as part of our membership, yet we continue to receive less and less as things are taken away. Perhaps they ought not promise the world and deliver next to nothing and then there would not be these feelings of “entitlement” as you say, or more realistically broken promises.

  • David M

    I think this SHOULD be REAL. With the previous card system, and using the time windows as stated on each fast pass, it was possible for my family (of 4) to get 6-7 fastpasses per day. Only allowing 3 per day is absurd. And then to have to choose from a tiered attraction list – especially when there are extra (evening) magic hours!

  • Ed

    Assuming this is true, why not make yourself the plaintiff? Disney will obviously settle rather than fight it out in court. Aside from the fact that as the case’s lawyer, she will get 30 to 40% of the settlement plus expenses; as a plaintiff, she would get several thousand more dollars. The rest of the class will probably get a coupon good for a free Mickey Head.

  • Princess

    I beg to differ BIG TIME. Annual passholders probably visit more that DVC members. As per this ‘Special Treatment” it was your choice to become a DVC Member. You knew what you were signing up for. As a PREMIUM Passholder maybe we should get “Special Treatment” So maybe us passholders should file suit too. Its a waste of time to sue. They only just rolled out with the Fast Pass + and its not set in stone you will only be able to always only choose 3 attractions. Go take your “Special Treatment ” somewhere else.

    • Dana

      It was an April Fool’s joke. Read the entire article.

    • Emmy

      I totally agree!! I am also an annual passholder. This new system is nothing but to get you to ride less and to eat and buy more in their parks! If there ever is a class action suit I’m in. Not so funny April fools Disney’s old system enabled you to get as many fast passes as you could once you figured out how it worked.
      Now they want to charge more and give us less. I am in love with Disney will never get tired of it but there has to be some sort of loyalty program!!

  • Chasejr

    I thought this was a bit off….especially when I got to the to “unwashed masses” comment. Nice:) My family will be checking out the new Fastpass+ system in 2015, so hopefully all the bugs will be fixed and we can get it to work for us. If anyone is upset with the fast pass system…they can be thankful that Disney’s Fast Pass is free to use. Universal is costing me almost the equivalent of an extra park ticket for their Express option….$63 a day per person for a “limited” pass. Disney could always get the bad idea to charge in the near future…

  • Tanya

    I have to admit I was an April fool and fell for this.

  • C. Nettles

    Oh Jack B:) You did this with the Starbucks gag last year you card. Made my day. Happy April Fools Day Folks!