Disney Infinity Teases Marvel & Confirms Version 2.0

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Today, Disney Infinity teased fans around the world with information about its future. While many have been making predictions for several months now, no official word has ever been given by the franchise regarding what is the next step. That has all changed…and the possibilities are definitely endless!


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Back in January, I shared some of my predictions for Disney Infinity’s future. While it appeared that Star Wars characters would be the next to join Mickey and the gang, it appears as if Marvel will pop up first. A new teaser trailer was released mid-afternoon today featuring Captain America’s red, white, and blue shield soaring past Sulley, Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible, Buzz Lightyear, and friends inside the Infinity universe. Text then flashed across the screen saying “Bring on the Super Heroes” as well as “2.0 Edition.” This has fans giddy with excitement. By 5 PM EST, the trailer was trending on Facebook and other social media outlets. Such an announcement is very big for the game franchise.



Even though we know Marvel will make an appearance somehow in Disney Infinity, the logistics are not clear as of yet. The way I see it, there are two possible scenarios: (1) Marvel character figures could be made for the current version of Infinity aka a “2.0 of character figures” or (2) an entirely new and updated game will feature the characters. Many fans have wondered if we have seen all of what the current version has to offer; some speculate that there might be hidden pedestals in the Hall of Heroes, a virtual arena that has a statue for each playable character in the game.  With the discovery of a Star Wars-related element that is revealed if a player collects every character figure, it appeared that Luke Skywalker and his comrades would be next. The Marvel world is something new to ponder.


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If I had to solidify a decision, however, I would say that Marvel characters will not be available until Disney Infinity 2.0 is released (possibly this summer). This version is said to be an updated game complete with new challenges, adventures, and characters. It only makes sense to introduce Marvel in this way. Other than the appearance of Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, and the like in a Phineas & Ferb cartoon special during the summer, this is the first time that Disney and Marvel characters will be on the screen side by side. I’m excited to see how that will work. Can you imagine the damage that Syndrome and Thor could do together?


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For those of you out there who are not big super hero fans, take a closer look at the trailer. There seems to be a few new elements including one from the Disney classic, The Rescuers. About ten seconds into the video, Buzz Lightyear is actually riding the boat that Madame Medusa had in the film. Similarly, some of the background objects look new to me although I could be wrong. I’m particularly curious about the clock tower towards the middle of the trailer.


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All in all, I think that this is an exciting new development in the world of Disney Infinity. What do you think? Will it push you towards playing the game? Share your thoughts in the comments suggestions below!


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  • Ralph Trentacosta

    What’s odd is that the latest update for the PS3 version at least, brings the app up to version 2.01. What’s this version 2.0 going to be? Will it be just an download update or a new disc to purchase. If i have to purchase a new game at $50-$60, THEN spend $10-$14 on new characters and $5 on new power packs that would not make me a happy parent. They should release free updates to the game knowing they will make money on the add on’s. The game updates probably cost disney interactive minimal. They should focus on making money on the add ons and give away the game. Like printers, the manufacturers make on the ink not the printers themselves.

  • Rachel

    I am also curious to see how this will work with the current game and characters. I can say that after his birthday and Easter coming up, my 5 year old will have collected almost all of the characters. If the 2.0 version means that we would need to purchase new everything, we would continue to play the original version and not upgrade.