Review: Epcot After Hours Wind Down

| April 22, 2014 | 12 Replies

I love being in the theme parks at Walt Disney World when it is quiet. I got the chance on opening night to experience Epcot’s After Hours Wind Down. There is something magical about being in the parks when you don’t have to share it with thousands of people.


This experience allows you to linger in Epcot until 11 PM. You don’t have to fight the crowds after IllumiNations and you can stroll leisurely out of the park after spending a few hours with friends in one of the lounges. This event takes place in La Cava del Tequila in Mexico, Rose & Crown Pub in the United Kingdom, Spice Road Table in Morocco, or Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar in Italy.

For $35 per person, you get a flight of drinks and snacks. They still hadn’t announced all the menus the night we went. You do need to make a reservation in advance, so be sure to bring your confirmation number and check in at the door of your chosen lounge. We were pleasantly surprised to see that we had 6 choices of the snack plate. You can mix the wine or drink with the other food choices.












We all thought the food was very good and enjoyed our choices.  You can order other drinks from their menu or purchase different food items from the cold case by the bar. They don’t have a full menu for this experience. The bill is presented at the end of the evening and there are cast members standing there to escort you out at 11 PM.

We all decided that we would do this event again.  It wasn’t crowded the night we went. We had a fantastic waitress named Barbara that took great care of us.

My only con about this event is that you can only choose one lounge to visit during the evening.  They should have an option where you could visit more than 1 lounge for an additional price.  You are give a paper wristband when you check in so they can tell you are part of the After Hours Wind Down experience.

Would I do this again? Yes, in a heartbeat!! The evening was fun, nothing beats watching IllumiNations and spending time with friends. The experience of walking out of an almost deserted Epcot was priceless. If you are looking for a new adult experience while you are on vacation, I suggest this experience.  See you in the parks!

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  • Sevey13

    Any chance you can re-load the menus higher resolution? I can’t quite read them. Looks awesome! Thanks for the review.

  • Michele

    Is this at Tutto Gusto?

  • Caroline

    The menu’s can’t be read, not with those pictures…

  • Jamie Sulzer

    On our last visit to Epcot, we had a late dinner reservation at Chefs de France. When we were finished dining, we walked through Epcot to catch the resort bus and it was like a ghost town. You are absolutely right, it was an amazing experience to walk through the park at night with virtually no one around.

  • Miranda Murdock

    Do the resort buses still run after the wind down?

    • Jeff

      I would like to know this too please. Thanks for sharing your review! We look forward to going.

    • disfandad

      Yes. Disney doesn’t leave anyone stranded. (that’s exactly what they told us too).

  • Kathy Werling

    I have tried posting the links to the higher resolution images twice now here. They keep disappearing.

    • Kathy Werling

      I will put the links up on the Podcast board on the DIS.

  • Clare

    Thanks for the review Kathy. I read another review from the same event on a different blog who slated it (they were at TGWC too) but to be honest, I trust your opinion a lot more.

    We’ve booked it for our last night on our trip in August (we’re on DDP, so would be only meal we’d be paying for OOP) and my DH is a bit edgy about it, but I think it’ll be great. :)

  • Cold71

    This review feels a little incomplete to me. You listed a few places you can go for this but didn’t tell us which one you went to or what food/flight you ordered. Could you guys send the entire Dis crew to this, maybe send a few members to each spot? Order a wider range of food and drinks and let us know what you ordered. Not trying to be rude about this by any means, it’s just really hard for me to gauge anything about this event by reading this review. Thanks!

  • pma

    we went to Spice road last night and it was great. Flight of white or red wine with their sampling of lamb sausage, lamb slider, and spicy chicken roll. The food is spicy and delicious. The service was good and the manager greeted guests. We would recommend this to any one who likes flavor in their food. A deserted Epcot is a different experience