Introducing Disneyland Shopping 201!

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Listen up, Disneyland planners!

It’s time to begin our Disneyland 201 series for your further entertainment and education!

This time we cover the fabulous Disney theme park pastime – SHOPPING!!!   This blog series, and our companion DIS Unplugged Disneyland Edition podcast, will be focusing on our best tips for making the most of your shopping experiences at the Disneyland Resort.

We’ll cover all the places to find your favorite items – both the fun and the collectible – making the most of your dollar and your time, and how to work those crowd strategies.  We’ll even finish with the best ways to get all those purchases home safely!

This series will be broken down into several articles and segments – each of the parks and their individual lands, the resorts, and (of course) the Downtown Disney District.  Like everything else, the obvious opener seems to be Disneyland Park, so let’s get started!

Ready for Disney Shopping!

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