Marketplace Co-Op Gets It Right: Merchandise for Ultimate Disney Fans

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Tea cup-shaped salt & pepper shakers?  Tiki Room throw pillows? Orange Bird figurines? Haunted Mansion dessert plates? Dole Whip trinket boxes? The new Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney in Florida has all of that and more! This innovative retail shop has something for ultimate Disney fans looking to bring a bit of the parks back into their daily lives at home. And I have to admit, Disney definitely got it right this time. Take a look at some of my favorites, and I dare you to not “ooo” and “ahh” right along with me.


Marketplace 1 (600x436)

Ever since Disney Springs was announced last spring, I have been beyond excited for the opening of Marketplace Co-Op. According to the Mouse House, the concept of the shop is unlike anything they have done before. Inside, six unique boutiques offer a variety of authentic merchandise developed exclusively for Disney Parks:

  • Cherry Tree Lane – Accessories for women including scarves, bags, jewelry, and shoes.
  • Beautifully Disney – The official Disney make-up line featuring lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes, fragrances, and more.
  • D-Tech on Demand – Smartphone and other tech accessories that can be personalized and customized right in the store.
  • The Trophy Room – Vintage-style sports apparel and collectibles.
  • Zoey & Pickles – Girls’ clothing and accessories.



And the grand mecca that the Disney Parks fandom will soon make regular pilgrimages to…


Marketplace 2


Cue the angels, folks! Do a happy dance! Spin around in circles because YES, Disney has at last come to the realization that we are large in number and want to show our love for the parks in style! Disney Centerpiece is going to be the new homecoming…an oasis…a haven…a Shangri-La….a utopia…the new metaphorical Holy Land of mildly-overpriced merchandise that we will throw our dollars at with glee and never succumb to an ounce of buyer’s remorse!


wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-centerpiece-004 (600x397)

wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-centerpiece-008 (600x397)

wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-centerpiece-010 (600x397)


Okay, maybe I went a bit overboard, but you understand where I’m coming from here, right? For years, we have been begging for merchandise that celebrates and memorializes our favorites from the parks – big and small. Finally, Disney listened, and they truly did it right. We saw a glimmer of it once resort-specific merchandise made a revival, and now the items in Disney Centerpiece are absolutely spot on.


wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-centerpiece-003 (397x600)

wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-centerpiece-005 (397x600)


Throughout this boutique, you’ll find textiles, room furnishings, and everyday ware. All of the items nod to the iconic images we know from the parks including attractions and characters alike. Similarly, Disney Centerpiece will focus on the latest trends and styles. I think that this is a great way to incorporate a bit of pixie dust into a home without making it look like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Fortunately, I lucked out and was able to get a few items before the store’s opening and can vouch for just this fact. So far, my favorites are the Magic Kingdom trashcan salt & pepper shakers, Mad Tea Party salt & pepper shakers, and attraction poster tumblers.


wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-centerpiece-009 (600x398)

wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-centerpiece-011 (600x397)

wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-centerpiece-012 (600x397)


There’s even some fun stemware and dishes themed to the various lands of the Magic Kingdom as well as Disney Italia items. Orange Bird fans will also find a collection of goodies. Plates, juice glasses, bowls, pillows, and even ceramic figurines are available. Isn’t he just darling?


wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-centerpiece-007 (600x397)

wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-centerpiece-006 (397x600)

wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-centerpiece-013 (398x600)


Even though I am completely enamored by the offerings at Disney Centerpiece, other areas of Marketplace Co-Op are worth visiting. Nearby, D-Tech on Demand allows you to personalize and customize a new smartphone case themed to your favorite resort, character, and more. Touch screen computers allow you to work with a variety of images, colors, and settings. You then perfect it to your style and are set! What a fun souvenir from the parks! Pre-made accessories are available too, themed from Mickey to Anna & Elsa from Frozen.


wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-d-tech-001 (600x397)

wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-d-tech-003 (600x397)

wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-d-tech-004 (600x397)


Beautifully Disney offers a complete designer make-up and fragrance line. You’ll find various collections themed to Disney Princesses, individual characters, and even villains. I love the bold colors.


wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-beautifully-001 (600x397)

wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-beautifully-002 (600x397)


Cherry Tree Lane offers some fabulous sun hats and jewelry. Looking to add a spoonful of sugar to your day? How about a new Mary Poppins-style bag or umbrella? If simplicity is your thing, one of these fun floppy hats might be more your style. They would be perfect for a stroll around your favorite Disney resort.


wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-cherry-tree-lane-004 (398x600)

wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-cherry-tree-lane-001 (600x397)


Oh, and then there’s these beauties…


wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-cherry-tree-lane-003 (600x397)

wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-cherry-tree-lane-002 (600x397)

wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-cherry-tree-lane-005 (397x600)


Designer handbags a la Disney is something that makes me smile. Both Dooney & Bourke and Vera Bradley are offered at the Co-Op. You might even see a new design or two before they’re offered elsewhere on Disney property. I don’t know about you, but I already see two that have my name on them!


Little girls will have a blast checking out the latest in fashion at Zoey & Pickles. Think bright colors, fun patterns, and trendy styles. Tanks, t-shirts, hats, jewelry, journals, hair accessories, and the like are on the shelves. Many of the items have unique designs of favorite Disney characters. I absolutely love the Buttercup the Unicorn top!


wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-zoey-pickles-002 (600x397)

wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-zoey-pickles-001 (600x397)


For the guys, be sure to stop by The Trophy Room. Here you will find t-shirts, hoodies, and hats by 47 Brand along with some pretty nice collectibles. Senior merchandiser John Sami explained that there’s more to this location than first meets the eye. “Once inside, guests will soon realize this space represents a lifestyle. The location aims to create sports fans, rather than just outfit existing enthusiasts, by offering high quality, vintage-inspired garments that instill a sense of nostalgia and old-school, collegiate spirit,” he said.


wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-trophy-room-001 (397x600)


The shop will offer a mix of vintage styles highlighting popular teams in baseball as well as professional and college football. Pennants and even designer baseballs featuring printed images of famous stadiums like Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium will also be sold. The Trophy Room will really expand what’s available to sports fans – especially men – who are looking to bring something back from their vacation that doesn’t scream Disney.


wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-trophy-room-003 (600x397)

wdwinfo-disney-marketplace-coop-trophy-room-004 (600x397)


All in all, I think that Disney did really get things right when considering its fan base for Marketplace Co-Op. This is especially so with Disney Centerpiece’s offerings. As time progresses, we are told that new merchandise will appear and be “tested” at this location before branching out to other locations. Be sure to stop by during your next trip. In the meantime, let me know what items are your favorites in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  • Liz

    The phone cases – oh my goodness! Thank you for this post ♥

  • Rose

    At D-Tech on Demand, do you happen to know if the customizable cases are only for iphones or are there other options? I haven’t been able to find it listed anywhere what options are available now that it’s a store and not just the truck. Thank you!

    • Nicole L. Mancini

      I know for sure customizable cases are available for the iPhone 4S and 5S. Based on what I saw though, there are other options too. I believe I saw a Samsung Galaxy option, but don’t quote me on that as I’m not familiar with the layout of other phones. Click on the first D-Tech above to enlarge it, and you’ll see the various case styles there. I see at least four different ones depending on where the flash/camera screen appears.

  • Robert Reid

    the store is called Disney Centerpiece? and where is this located? at the new Disney Springs? the story is a little vague on details. is all this merch going to be sold at the parks too or just at this store?

    • Nicole L. Mancini

      Hi Robert,

      This new Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs) store is called Marketplace Co-Op and within it there are six separate mini-stores each with a different theme. There’s a description of each in the second paragraph above. As of right now, the bulk of these items can only be found at Disney Centerpiece, but eventually some may spread to shopping locations at the parks.

  • Kathy A. MM1fan

    Love the whole idea of this buying. Can’t wait till my next trip to Disney. ♥ Thank you for the great post. ♡

  • Laura

    And here I was thinking I wouldn’t need a lot of spending money for my December trip… I see so many things I want in your photos!! Thanks for a great post! Time to start saving…

  • Stephen

    I noticed the D-Tech employees weren’t wearing Disney name tags. Does anyone know the name of the company running that location?