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This is part of a series of blogs and coordinating DIS Unplugged: Disneyland Edition podcast segments focusing on the off-property establishments near the Disneyland Resort collectively known as Good Neighbor Hotels. This time, I take a look at the Anabella Hotel located at 1030 West Katella Avenue. I talk in detail about my stay there on the June 26, 2014 podcast, but continue below for pictures and information.


The Anabella Hotel was “created from a group of smaller hotels in 2003.  The lush landscaping and occasional online deals make it a favorite among Disneyland visitors (and locals looking for a night away).



I visited The Anabella Hotel on a Wednesday night in mid-June. With a AAA discount, I paid $125.96 per night before tax, fees and parking ($169.69 per night total) for a single queen bed room. This seems to be a bit high for this room.



The Anabella Hotel is on the corner of Katella and West, next door to a Tiffy’s restaurant. It’s only a 10-15 minute walk to the Disneyland Resort, so that is probably your best option, but there is a Anaheim Resort Transit stop right outside the hotel.



Parking is $15 per night.



The Anabella Hotel offers several different room styles, from the small Bella Reyna with one Queen bed to the 650-square foot Hacienda Suite.



The room I was in was nicely decorated, but was very small. The room featured a very small table and a combo dresser/tv stand. It included a small refrigerator, small coffee pot and television.

The bed was very comfortable and featured updated linens.



I had no issue with the cleanliness of the room, however I did notice a room service tray that sat in the hallway WAY too long.



The bathroom was also very small, all in one room, featuring a pedestal sink, toilet and shower.  There was no tub.

Storage space in the bathroom was very limited.


The soap and conditioning shampoo were updated, as were the towels.



The Anabella Hotel has two pools, their regular pool and an adults-only pool.  Both are lushly landscaped and feature bar service.  The regular pool is in a nice location behind the Tangerine Grill & Patio, however the adult pool sits next to Katella Avenue.



WiFi was provided free of charge, however upgraded WiFi plans are available.


The Anabella Hotel does not provide breakfast.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner is available for purchase at the on-site Tangerine Grill & Patio.  Tony Spittell did a review of dinner there on the January 16, 2014 podcast.


I hope that you can use this information to help plan your vacation. Remember, this is based on a one-night stay in one room of the hotel. Be sure to check out the podcast for more thoughts.


I actually had left the Anabella disappointed.  I felt I had paid way too much for a tiny room, but as I did more research for this review, my view softened.  You can probably get a better (family) sized room for not much more money if you don’t wait until the last minute and pay too much like I did.

There are lots of fans of The Anabella, and I can see what they like in it.  You or your travel agent should watch for specials, book a few months out and definitely give the Anabella a try.

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  • http://www.anabellahotel.com AnabellaHotel

    Tom, thank you for your review of The Anabella. Being that we used to be three different hotels, we have over a dozen different room types ranging from on the small side to spacious family suites. The single Queen rooms are the smallest on property, so some of them do not have tubs. But of our 358 rooms, there are less than a dozen that are shower only. We do hope you’ll come and see us again soon. We’d love to show you some of the different types of rooms we offer – including our Concierge rooms which include daily breakfast for two. Thanks again! – Jennifer (Anabella’s Marketing Manager)

  • Rita Smith

    I stayed here and paid about the same as you did. But I used a Groupon and was placed in a huge room- 2 beds, big bath, plus it came with two free breakfasts and parking was free.

  • Chris

    As locals, we always book last minute (sometimes as late as an hour before check-in) and never pay more than about $55 (and this is for a high end room, such as the Hilton) plus tax for a room in the Disneyland area.

    Bottom line is name your own price on Priceline if you are a family of two or Hotwire for large families is the way to go.

    Another good option is Hipmunk or Kayak.

  • Lori

    I had a nice visit there in October, paid around $99 a night that included a full breakfast. The location was fantastic and the rooms cozy. My only complaint
    was there was no soap dish in the shower.

  • Jenni

    I am curious as to how people got the free breakfast? Were they all through Groupon? We are currently booked here for five nights for our upcoming October trip, but we have been looking at other options who will include free breakfast. We booked several months ago, but based on some of the reviews I have seen on here (and other sites) I may switch to a different hotel. This hotel looks nice, but for the price we may do better in another hotel. We won’t have a car, so will be relying on food options on site or in the close vicinity. Any tips or suggestions anyone has would be appreciated :)

    Thank you for the great series on good neighbor hotels. As a frequent WDW visitor, I have been overwhelmed planing our second DL trip and your series has been both informative and fun to read.

    • http://www.anabellahotel.com AnabellaHotel

      Jenni, we’d be happy to help answer your questions about breakfast and the hotel. Please reach out to me directly at [email protected] and I can research your reservation.

  • laura

    We stayed in Anabella Hotel in May 2013 and it was a great disappointment in terms of both room and service. First, our room wasn’t cleaned on our 2nd day in hotel and evening manager told us it was too late to do anything about it, didn’t even say sorry. Second, our air conditioner was so noisy that we couldn’t sleep. We sent emails with complaints to Anabella management and Disneyland too as hotel was Good Neighbor hotel. Received generic answer from Disney and no answer at all from Anabella. Wouldn’t recommend to anybody unless you can get for $30-40 with parking and breakfast included (which we didn’t, paid ~$100).

    • http://www.anabellahotel.com AnabellaHotel

      We are sorry you did not have a good stay with us. Would you please reach out with the details and dates of your visit? My e-mail is [email protected].
      Thank you.

  • Jenni

    I just wanted to follow up and post a mini review based on our wonderful stay at the Anabella last week. I had posted a few months ago stating that I was beginning to question my decision to stay at the hotel based on some comments on this review and due to the fact that several other hotels offered complimentary breakfast, while the Anabella does not. After some further research, we decided to stick with our original decision and stay at The Anabella. We definitely were not disappointed. From the moment we checked in we were in love. The staff was super friendly, our room was perfect, the grounds were beautiful, and the location couldn’t have been better (without paying out of the nose to Disney on property).

    The staff was great. From the front desk staff, to the housekeeping, to the workers in the Tangerine Cafe, we couldn’t have asked for better service. Our room was kept very clean and tidy every day, and we never had an issue with housekeeping.

    Our room was perfect for our family. We stayed in a Mission Suite, which luckily was right across from the pool and restaurant. It had a main room with a King size bed for my husband and myself, and a smaller room with a daybed and TV for my daughter who turned 11 while we were there. It worked out great for nights when she was still wired from the park, but we wanted to crash and sleep. It also had a very nice, secluded patio with a small table and chaise lounge. I really felt like I was in a resort hotel. My only complaint about the room was that the sink was inside the bathroom. I really like staying at hotels that have a separate sink area so that multiple people can get ready at the same time, but it did at least have a large vanity and mirror which did allow for a little more speed in getting ready. The rest of the room definitely made up for this small inconvenience though.

    The pool was nice, and the grounds were beautifully landscaped. I really enjoyed all of the beautiful lights and fountains. I especially liked being able to see the lights of California Adventure from our hotel. At night you could see the lights of Mickey’s Fun Wheel and California Screamin’ from the hotel. It really felt like we were on Disney property the whole time.

    We especially loved the walk in the morning to the parks. We would get our breakfast to go from the Tangerine Cafe and carry it with us to eat while we sat in line for the turnstiles to open. It was such a short walk, that the food was still warm by the time we got to the lines. The walk itself was really nice, and short. We could leave our hotel room and be in the bag check line in about 10 minutes. It was a short walk up Disney Way and through the Grand California lobby. During our last trip we stayed at a hotel off of Harbor Blvd, but really disliked the fact that we had to walk past several stores and restaurants before we actually got on to Disney property. We never felt that way at all during this stay. There is hardly any traffic on Disney Way and as soon as you pass Katella the only thing you see is Paradise Pier hotel and the back entrance to California Adventure. With all of the palm trees and flowers on your walk, you can really enjoy the beauty around you and feel like you are staying on property.

    We loved our stay at The Anabella and will definitely stay here again if we are ever in the Disneyland area again :)