New Disney Parks Inspired Coffees from Joffrey’s

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Back in December, I brought to you the news of Disney’s partnership with Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company. The company replaced Nescafe in resort rooms and introduced a line of brews inspired by favorite restaurants in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Announced this morning, Joffrey’s is expanding this collection with nine new blends created specially in collaboration with their head roastmaster and Disney chefs.

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The additions to the Disney Parks and Resorts Specialty Coffee Collection include:


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As with the other brews in this collection, each blend is 100% Specialty Grade Arabica coffee. Chris de Mezzo, the Joffrey’s roastmaster, travels the world and selects the best beans to use in his concoctions. Each is themed to represent the scents and flavors of the Disney restaurants. I love the artwork on each package. It would be fun to display a favorite in one’s kitchen.


Guests can find the new brews in each of the corresponding Walt Disney World and Disneyland restaurants as well as online at Joffrey’s website. Have you tried any of the new blends? Which one is your favorite? Post your comments below.


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  • Dunkies mom

    Thank heaven for a better coffee….now all we have to do is replace it in the remainder of the restaurants. Nescafe is horrible….sorry Nescafe but for a person who really enjoys her cup of morning coffee, yours just don’t get it.

  • sdlong329

    Sorry Dunkie … the coffee was fine. If you like Starbucks swill, THAT is not coffee! Regardless, that’s why Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors … not everyone likes the same product. Did you ever realize there are people who like chocolate, but not strawberry ice cream?

  • sdlong329

    This story talks about a new line of coffee, but does not indicate whether the new line will be served in the rooms, offered as beans in a retail package, or both.

    • Nicole L. Mancini

      Joffrey’s has replaced Nescafe in all WDW resort rooms which I mentioned in the first paragraph above. In the last paragraph, I explained that you can buy the bags online at Joffrey’s site or enjoy it at the corresponding restaurant. :)

  • MTC

    What are each of the different coffees like? Are any of them a dark roast? It is great that Disney has stopped poisoning us with that awful Nescafe.

  • Kristin Moore OCallaghan

    Has anyone heard if this company is going to eventually have Disney inspired teas? Not a coffee drinker, but I love tea and would be super excited for teas inspired by locales at Disney World and Disneyland.