Polynesian Resort’s Capt. Cook’s quick service restaurant reopens after refurbishment

| August 14, 2014 | 5 Replies

Amid the expansive construction taking place at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, the first byproduct of the work has been revealed. Capt. Cook’s quick service restaurant, which has been operating out of a temporary location for the past several months, has now reopened in its original location.

With a modified menu featuring a few new additions, brand new design elements and decorations, new chairs and tables, and a new food ordering procedure, the refurbished Capt. Cook’s is just a slightly spruced up version of its former self. It keeps a lot of the aspects guests loved about – with one slight exception that we’ll get to in a second.

Rather than using the touchscreen kiosks to order entrees and food, guests now order through a Cast Member standing near the entrance, similar to the way you order at The Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge. While the kiosks were quick, this allows for questions and more customized options in case of allergies or restrictions, so we’ll see.

Dole Whip


The biggest question on everyone’s mind is whether or not the self-serve Dole Whip machine is still located at Capt. Cook’s – unfortunately the answer is no. A dessert cooler has taken the place of the machine and no Dole Whip is offered at all at the Polynesian. But not for long! A quick service location will be opening sometime during the renovation in the old Wyland Galleries space that will sell Dole Whips similar to the style of Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom. Reportedly, guests will be able to order Dole Whips from both inside the Great Ceremonial House as well as from a walk-up counter outside. Yes, this will mean that you will no longer be able to make the Leaning Tower of Dole Whip, but we all were eating them out of house and home.


Polynesian Travel Posters

My absolute favorite feature of the newly renovated Capt. Cook’s space is the set of twelve new Polynesian-themed travel posters hanging in the larger of the two seating areas. They all have a vintage style and are beautifully designed based on different location throughout Polynesia. I took individual photos of each one so take a look and let us know your favorite in the comments. Enjoy!

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  • Sam Vigorito

    Rarotonga is my favorite. The image of the water ferry launch ties in the exotic destination of the poster to the Polynesian Resort in my mind.

  • Kristina4109

    Tuvalu is my favorite for sentimental reasons – we stayed in the Tuvalu longhouse this past June!

  • Lroger01

    Someone needs to put a stickie (removable, non destructive) on the See Tonga poster that says “Eat Toast”

  • Sarah

    Love those posters too! Hope prints are available for purchase…

  • Chris

    Hey Shaun, love the Blog!! Do you think you could make a “previous post” link for your Blog like Touringplans Blog?…it would be easier to peruse! Thanks for all the awesome Disney info!