The Good and Bad of the “Muppets Most Wanted” Blu-ray

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Well, Muppets Most Wanted is finally out on Blu-ray after a not-so stellar run in theaters. 2011’s The Muppets was made for $45 million dollars and domestically grossed over $88 million, whereas Muppets Most Wanted only managed to pull in $51 million on a $50 million dollar budget. The sequel just didn’t have the heart and word-of-mouth surrounding The Muppets, but it is by no means a bad movie at all. In fact, the Blu-ray release makes it even better.


The Good

The Unnecessarily Extended Cut

    • The Muppets Most Wanted theatrical cut had a runtime of 107 minutes which isn’t shabby for a family film. However, 12 minutes of footage have been added on to the Blu-ray release to make a 119-minute extended cut and frankly the film benefits from the added time. A lot of the funniest jokes in the film were left on the cutting room – my favorite is a conversation between Dominic and Constantine in a bathroom in which Scooter overhears them using their code names, Number 1 and Number 2, in an extremely awkward way. Also, a lot of favorite Muppet characters (cough – Rizzo the Rat – cough) received more on-screen time and that can never be a bad thing. The deleted scenes are only accessible through the extended edition, but frankly it makes more sense to see what was cut in the right context rather than viewing a bunch of 10-second clips.


The Statler & Waldorf Cut

    • There isn’t much to say about this edition without completely spoiling it, but if you’re familiar with Statler and Waldorf , the old Muppet hecklers, then you might be able to guess what this 2-minute cut of the film is like. It is absolutely hilarious to watch once, but there isn’t a lot of repeat value.


Celine Dion

  • I’m taking a wild guess that most people walked out of the theater and said, “It was a pretty good movie, but it sure could’ve used more Celine Dion in it.” Well, unfortunately there were no extra Celine sightings in the extended edition, but the brilliant thing about the Blu-ray release is now you can watch your favorite Celine Dion moments over and over again. Although, how can something so right feel so wrong?


The Bad

Special Features

    • Really, the only bad thing about this Blu-ray release is the special features and by that I mean it would’ve been nice to see more included. The three bonus items to watch are: “The Longer Longest Blooper Reel in Muppets History,” “Rizzo’s Biggest Fan,” and a music video for “I’ll Get You What You Want” as sung by Brett McKenzie. The most worthwhile of the three by far is the blooper reel, but a lot of the outtakes included aren’t even that funny. The best part about the blooper reel is seeing Ricky Gervais crack up around the Muppets and prove that he actually did enjoy making the film. Granted, he was one of the villains so there was never an opportunity for it to show, but the blooper reel highlights how much fun he had on set.


The Outcome

Craig’s Review

    • In my original review for Muppets Most Wanted, I felt like the film was rather mediocre and gave it 3 and a half stars out of 5. However, after repeated viewings of the theatrical and extended editions, the movie has finally grown on me and has become way more enjoyable. Factor in the great video and audio quality of the release and overall it makes a good package. As I said previously, the special features are definitely lacking, but that shouldn’t be a factor when deciding whether or not to purchase Muppets Most Wanted on Blu-ray, DVD or Digital Download. If you gave this sequel a chance in theaters and weren’t impressed, definitely give it another shot at home with the extended edition.


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