Tom & West’s 5 Favorite Thrills at Magic Mountain

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My 10-year-old son, West, and I were inspired to take a day trip by my good friend Wayne Toigo’s recent segments on the DIS Unplugged: Disneyland Edition that focused on Six Flags Magic Mountain.  Magic Mountain is about 60 miles north of Disneyland (which makes it 60 miles closer to us…with NO Southern California traffic).

Six Flags was running a great deal on their 2015 Season Passes, so we just couldn’t resist giving it a try now that West is tall enough to go on all of the coasters….and make no mistake, Magic Mountain is all about the coasters.  We experienced 12 of their most exciting.

Be sure to check out Wayne’s segments for more information on Magic Mountain.  Part 1 is on the 08/28/14 podcast and Part 2 is on the 09/11/14 podcast.  In the meantime, here are our favorite thrill rides at Magic Mountain.


#5 (tie) The Riddler’s Revenge (Tom #3) / Tatsu (West #4)


The Riddler’s Revenge is a huge stand-up coaster with lots of loops and corkscrews.  The thing I liked most about it was that it offered a nice long ride.  It didn’t make West’s list because the seats hurt his “boy parts.”  Be warned.


I have to admit now that I didn’t ride Tatsu.  It was the last ride of the day and after 11 other coasters (and dinner), I was done.   Tatsu is a flying roller coaster with top speeds up to 62mph.

#4 (tie) Apocalypse (Tom #4, West #5) / X2 (West #3)


Apocalypse opened in 2009 as a Terminator-themed coaster, but was renamed and rethemed just a year later.  Now that Cyclone is closed, Apocalypse is the only wooden roller coaster left at Magic Mountain.  It offers the classic wooden feel…but with very padded seats.


I’m not sure why I allowed West to talk me into this one.  X2 is billed as a 5D coaster.  I’m not sure what all of the “D”s stand for, but I know one of them is “DANG that’s a scary coaster.”  Riders spin and drop at speeds up to 76mph with onboard music and sound effects.  I won’t be repeating this one.

#3 Goliath (Tom #2)


Goliath is FAST.  Fast I can deal with.  It features a HUGE 255 foot drop at 85mph, but doesn’t include an inversions.  No loops.  No corkscrews.  None of that.  Just a some nice drops, curves and lots of speed.

#2 Full Throttle (Tom #5, West #2)


Full Throttle is Magic Mountain’s newest coaster and features three launches and the world’s tallest loop.  This one isn’t scary…just intense.  I think it would have been a bit higher on my list had the ride been a bit longer.  West loved it though.

#1 Superman: Escape From Krypton (Tom #1, West #1)


Number one on both of our lists, and there’s a reason.  Despite being a VERY short ride, the adrenaline rush created as you speed up the tower backwards at speeds approaching 100mph, then plummet back down face first, is beyond compare.  This was the only coaster we went on twice.

Okay, that was 7 thrills, but we couldn’t agree on the top 5.

As I said, West and I picked up Season Passes that are good through the end of next year, so look forward to more reports from Six Flags Magic Mountain.


X2 photo & Magic Mountain map courtesy Six Flags


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  • JenPeace

    Awesome review. This makes me want to go there next time we are out that way. Thank you.