Spooky Halloween Merchandise in Walt Disney World

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It’s that time of year again! The winds are blowing, the leaves are falling, and pumpkins are popping up at every corner. Of course, it wouldn’t be fall without new Halloween merchandise at Walt Disney World. Shirts, mugs, hoodies, hats, blankets, and more began appearing on the shelves in late August and are being replenished everyday. Check out what you can expect to find this holiday season below!


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I absolutely love Halloween in the parks, don’t you? Orange and black are everywhere and Mickey and the gang celebrate with a special party on select nights at the Magic Kingdom. Disney Merchandise Group has some fantastic new items to help you enjoy the season both in and outside of the parks. Some of my favorites include the new home decor items. This light-up Mickey pumpkin, for example, has a fun scene with the Fab 5 shivering at the sight of a well-known hitchhiking ghosts from the Haunted Mansion attraction. It would be great to display in a window or on a dining room table.


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There are even matching picture frames, afghan throws, a countdown to Halloween ceramic display, door hangers, antenna toppers, and a ceramic Mickey  jack-o-lantern candle holder. Placing these items in a living room or office would really get someone in the spirit of all things that go bump in the night. Even though I love the Mickey pumpkin ornament, my favorite is the one featuring the hitchhiking ghosts. It features Archimedes, the wise owl from The Sword in the Stone! What a treat!


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There are also some fun trinkets and novelties! Who doesn’t love candy at Halloween? You can also find light-up toys and even Wicked Witch bowls and light-up trick-or-treat buckets to hold all of your sweets.


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In terms of clothing, there are plenty of brightly colored t-shirts, hoodies, and Mickey ear hats to choose from. I really like how most of them incorporate elements from the Haunted Mansion like the wrought iron gate and ghosts. It is fun to see the characters at an attraction I can experience myself in the parks.


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I hope that you enjoyed seeing all of the fun new Halloween merchandise you’ll find in the parks! Happy shopping!


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