8 Great Places to Grab a Snack at Universal Orlando

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Not real familiar with dining at Universal Orlando?   With so many places to eat at the theme park resort it can seem a bit overwhelming as you pass by the various eateries and wonder what’s inside or how comfortable is it to enjoy a quick break from the hustle and bustle of the parks and resorts.


Since Universal Orlando has grown into a destination with 2 theme parks, 4 resort hotels, and an entertainment district the number of dining outlets has increased exponentially.   So, where are the best places to go and grab a quick snack during your visit?   My opinions may vary from yours, but here are 8 great places to grab a snack at Universal Orlando.  In order to keep this family friendly I’ve excluded indoor bar areas.  I’ve also considered the quality of food and the comfort, space, and atmosphere of the eatery.  Grab your shoes and bring your taste buds as we circle the “universe” for great snack locations.

Number 8 – Red Oven Pizza Bakery – Universal Citywalk


Located in the center of Universal Citywalk the Red Oven Pizza Bakery is a great place to enjoy watching the hustle and bustle of guests walking by after a day in the parks.  The choice of pizza pies is extensive and the quality of ingredients is top notch.   Delicious pizza, with several choices, and a great view of Citywalk make this location a great place to grab a snack in the middle of your theme park day or on your way out.

Number 7 – The Burger Digs – Jurassic Park – Islands of Adventure


I know what you’re thinking.  Isn’t this just a typical theme park burger joint?   That would be true, but what makes this place great to grab a snack is the back half of the seating area.  There’s a terrific view of Islands of Adventure off the back patio.  If it’s “surface of the sun hot” outside sitting just inside next to the panoramic windows also provides a great view of the park.   Not to mention this restaurant is a great halfway point to stop and take an afternoon break.  Definitely, eat, drink, and relax, but most of all enjoy the view.

Number 6 – The Beach Club – Hard Rock Hotel – Poolside


Some of you may consider this a pool bar, and yes it does have a bar, but it’s more than a bar.   It’s a great place to kick back and enjoy the shade near one of the best pools in Orlando.   The menu is extensive, the food is great, and you can enjoy some of the best tunes around.  There’s plenty of seating.   This is a great place to mellow out during an afternoon break from the theme parks.  And if you’re staying at the hotel, even better.  Rock on!

Number 5 – Springfield Dining – Universal Studios


Considered a food court, but full of food options, a ton of seating, and an immersive dining experience.   Grab a Krusty Burger or a Luigi’s Pizza, or enjoy other well prepared foods and immerse yourself in the same setting the Simpson’s have called home over the past 25 years.   Enjoy the indoor seating, air conditioning, and get away from the theme park guest traffic at this well-themed dining outlet.  DOH!!

Number 4 – Bayliner Diner – Cabana Bay Beach Resort


Do you want to see a cool resort themed around great family vacations from the 60s?  Then take a ride on over to the new Cabana Bay Beach Resort where you can grab a snack at the Bayliner Diner: a huge food court area with a ton of seating.  There are 6 stations to choose from with great selections like grilled foods, salads, pizza and pasta, and much more.   In the seating area you’ll find two large screen TVs playing commercials and clips from some of your favorite 1960s TV shows.  The Bayliner Diner and resort is a great place to visit if you want to experience something different.

Number 3 – The Three Broomsticks – Harry Potter – Islands of Adventure


Located inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade Village dine like Harry and his muggles inside this true creation from the hit movie series.  Enjoy such foods like cottage pie, fish & chips, turkey legs and more.   Off the back of the restaurant is a large deck where you can sit and enjoy your snack or meal while experiencing some peace and quiet from nearby park goers.   Don’t forget, Pumpkin Juice and Butterbeer isn’t too far away.  Expecto Patronum!!

Number 2 – Croissant Moon Bakery – Port of Entry – Islands of Adventure


This is the best bakery in any of the Orlando theme parks.  Located near the entrance to Islands of Adventure in the Port of Entry this bakery sells a small variety of breakfast and lunch options.  But, the real highlight here are the baked goods.  Portions are huge and big enough to share, but most notable is the freshness and taste of each baked item.   Indoor and outdoor seating is available.  This is a great place to grab breakfast if you’re not in a hurry to get to the attractions.  A hidden gem at this theme park.

Number 1 – Sal’s Market Deli – Portofino Bay Hotel


A 20 minute walk or a short boat ride away from the theme parks is the beautiful harbor side resort of the Portofino Bay Hotel.  Just off the replica Italian harbor is Sal’s Market Deli.  A quaint Italian Deli full of wonderful snack, lunch, and late evening food options.  You’ll find menu items like delicious pizza, Antipasto salad, Italian sandwiches, wonderful cheeses, and marinated olives.   If you love a snack with an Italian flare this is the place for you.   Grab your food and drink, sit outside, and enjoy the harbor.   Ciao!

That’s it!  That’s our list of 8 great places to enjoy a snack at Universal Orlando.  Of course, some of these locations carry full meals.  If you’re like me a full meal could be considered a snack.  Who made the rules anyway, right?

As theme park goers we love our snacks throughout the day.   Knowing where the best snacks are located in the most enjoyable spots is like having your cake and eating it too.   It makes your theme park vacation day more enjoyable, more relaxing, and more fulfilling.   “Fulfilling” is the key word here because all of those snacks are filling and definitely make you full.

Do you have a favorite snack location at Universal Orlando that was missed from the list?  Please feel free to share it here or on our official Facebook page.   We’d love to know about it.

Some photos courtesy of Universal Orlando

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  • Denise Rambo

    In my opinion, the best burgers in the Universal Orlando Theme Parks are at Richter’s. The burgers are big enough for the price, have a good texture and flavor AND there’s a free toppings bar.