A Frozen Holiday Wish debuts at Magic Kingdom

| November 5, 2014 | 9 Replies

It’s that time of year. That magical time when it is Halloween and the next day the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is decked out for Christmas.  The first Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is Nov. 7th, 2014 and is already sold out.


Tonight was the first night of the new Cinderella Castle lighting ceremony, “A Frozen Holiday Wish.”  Check your times guide when you enter the park to get the nightly time for this event. This year it is a Frozen theme. Anna and Elsa and Kristoff  made an appearance along with Olaf.  Anna and Kristoff urge Elsa to turn the Castle into an ice castle. She finally decides to do it. They get the crowd chanting as the magic happens. Personally I think they should have included Cinderella since it is her castle after all.

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Just a word of warning when the show starts.  All of a sudden there are lots of kids on their parents shoulders. This show seems worse than other fireworks shows because of the popularity of the Frozen movie. You think you have staked out the perfect spot when you see your view blocked. I understand that the kids want to see the show but I would ask that the parents stand to the back of the crowd so they don’t block the view.



They no longer have the garland across Main Street USA because of the height of the dragon in the afternoon Festival of Fantasy Parade.


Of course, there were plenty of folks using their tablets to take pictures and video. Please try using a digital camera to capture those special moments in the parks.



DSC_9356 DSC_9360 DSC_9563 DSC_9564 DSC_9568 DSC_9577


I can’t wait to experience Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and see the Castle lighting ceremony again! If you saw the show what did you think of this new version? Tell us in the comments below.  See you in the parks!

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  • Megan

    I am shocked that they took Cinderella out of it, this is her castle on Elsa’s ice castle!

    • Megan Goodwin

      Opps I meant ” This is her castle, NOT Elsa’s ice castle”

  • Karen M Cowan

    Kathy , I agree that Cinderella should be included. At least they should let her come out and ask Elsa to use her ‘Frozen’ power or have Elsa ask permission.

  • Foggy Fiftyfive

    It is, afterall, Cinderella’s castle; pretty obvious that she should have been included or at least written into the narrative script

  • Sheri Holthe

    Is this shown only at Mickeys Magical Christmas Party?

    • Goofy_Guy

      No this show is every night during normal hours.(twice)

  • Disneyland Dude


  • Goofy_Guy

    I also agree that including Cinderella would have been appropriate in the show and provided a wonderful contrast between classic and current princesses. Of course since they run 2 shows each night, the Frozen “lights” need to be turned off before the 2nd show, the COULD have Cinderella wander out front, see the Frozen “lights”, and ask her Fairy Godmother to get rid of them (that would be a hoot)? “Oh, my goodness, who did this to my castle?”

    • Goofy_Guy

      So if we got the crowd to all chant “Burn it down”, then Elsa and Anna could burn the castle down?