Peter Pan’s Flight’s new queue opens at Magic Kingdom

| November 28, 2014 | 10 Replies

It was a beautiful Thanksgiving day so I decided to head over to Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. One of the things I love about living here now is that I can visit a Walt Disney World theme park when the mood strikes me. I had heard that the new queue was quietly opened at Peter Pan’s Flight. I don’t know about you but waiting in line is not one of my favorite things. I was excited to see if it felt like the time passed much quicker.


If you book a FastPass+ you will bypass the queue that I wanted to check out.  The sign outside said it was a 40 minute wait for the standby line. It ended up being 36 minutes. If you want to see the new queue you will need to forgo the Fastpass. It didn’t seem like we waited almost 40 minutes so the new area does keep you entertained.

If you remember there used to be a set of bathrooms behind this attraction.  They are no longer there since the Tangled bathrooms opened. This is where they gained the space for the new queue.

These two are painted on the wall outside.



If you have seen Peter Pan the movie you will recognize many of the scenes as you are walking through the queue. It took me many years to see the movie but I can now appreciate the detail that Disney puts into their attractions.

image143 image145 image149 image154 image157 image167 image168 image172

The Darling family  from the movie.


Here are the portraits of the Mother and Father from the movie.

image180 image184 image191 image194 image199 image202

The best part of the new queue is that it is inside away from the weather. On those hot and humid summer days the air conditioning will be appreciated.



I just wonder if any of these items will be interactive at some point? Walt Disney World hasn’t released a lot of details on this new queue.

image213 image216 image226 image229 image233 image237 image243 image249

Is this the floor tile from the old bathrooms or just some leftover tile? It just doesn’t seem to fit with the theming of the area.



Have you seen this new queue? What do you think of the new addition to this classic attraction? Tell me in the comments below. See you in the parks!

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  • Ashley Graves Johnson

    Im pretty positive that is the old bathroom tile!

  • Otto Tieleman

    From what I’ve seen it’s an ok queue but it’s no where near what we have seen the last few years in theme park land and not good enough for a world class theme park called WDW. The lack of life in the scenery is the most shocking aspect imho.
    Sure it’s an improvement and they worked with the space and height they had but that is it.

  • Kati

    Did you see any hidden Mickey?

  • Stefanie Bartolomeo

    I’m having a hard time picturing where the queue is. I went a couple weeks ago but had a FP for it & did not notice anything but the normal queue w/nothing but people waiting in line. I know where the new Rapunzel Restrooms are. Also, do they give you a pager like the new Dumbo queue?

    • Kathy Werling

      No pager needed. You just walk and wait in the line. The old bathrooms were at the back of the outside queue line. They closed when the Rapunzel bathrooms opened across the walkway.

      • Stefanie Bartolomeo

        Thanks, Kathy! I’ll be back in a couple weeks & made it a point to not make a FP for this. It’s one of my favorites at MK so I’m pretty excited to see it!

  • Mike

    Look at the bathroom tiles. They are hidden Mickeys!

    • Goofy6294

      Also the hat boxes on the bed!

  • the choosed grandma

    The old queue did not support ECVs, they would give you a fast pass to come back later, does this new queue support them?

    • Erin Bailey Smith

      Wheelchair accessible only. No ECVs. I work the attraction we give you a courtesy wheelchair to go through the line.