Disney’s Hollywood Studios Construction Update

| January 22, 2015 | 24 Replies

It seems everywhere you go at Walt Disney World these days you will find construction walls. Walt Disney’s philosophy was that his theme parks would never be finished. He said that they will “continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” Walt Disney World is changing daily with some new and exciting attractions, some much needed road work, parking garages, etc. One of the things that many disagreed on was the Sorcerer Hat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.



There is either much rejoicing, or wailing that the hat is coming down in the Disney community. We are a split house here, I think it is kind of sad it is going away. My daughter is delighted the hat is going away. I do agree that the view down the street will return to the original classic look where you see Grauman’s Chinese Theater at the end of the street.

They have started taking down the hat. You only have a short time left if you want to get your picture with part of the hat. PhotoPass photographers are no longer taking pictures with the hat in the background.  They are turning you around so the entrance is behind you.

DSC_4000 DSC_4002 DSC_4010 DSC_4012

Do you see the top of the Sorcerer Hat there to the right?DSC_4017 DSC_4021 DSC_4025 DSC_4028


The back side of the hat.

DSC_4043 DSC_4059 DSC_4070 DSC_4092



It shouldn’t be too much longer until the Sorcerer Hat is just a memory. There are some attractions that have closed in the park with no announcement of what may be coming. The Disney community has plenty of rumors to go around about what may be coming.

It is sad to me when you see a shuttered attraction. It will be nice when they announce what is coming to these locations.


The Backlot Tour is closed.

DSC_4111 DSC_4114

Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show is rumored to be closing in the near future.


A project that is almost finished is the new Starbucks location. It is on Hollywood Boulevard, on the right as you are walking down the street towards the tip board. It should be opening in February.

DSC_4150 DSC_4159

So we have plenty to look forward to at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below. See you in the parks!

UPDATE: 1/30/2015

DSC_4765 DSC_4766 DSC_4773 DSC_4783


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  • KimS

    Thanks for the updates! Exciting!

  • jamie

    Disney didn’t want any part of the real world in the parks, as is quoted on the construction walls.

    So explain Starbucks….?

    • CTThink

      Starbucks is how you escape the real-world: i.e. weariness :)

      • Amber Woolsey

        Yes, but you can find barstuck’s everywhere. I have never been in one and that will never change.

    • Nezumi Fan

      Starbucks also is a fantasy of sorts — an idealized Italian cafe experience, as I’ve heard it described.

  • reileeave

    I wonder if they’ve considered relocating it. Like to my back yard. =] It’s bitter sweet. The Sorcerer’s hat was never meant to be permanent, but its always been there for every visit we’ve made over the years. I’ve never seen the park without it. Then again, we still call Hollywood Studios “MGM” in our house. We’ll all adjust. =]

  • Mike Blue

    So as we pay as annual pass-holders to visit the mess of all the theme parks, and downtown Disney and yet they rush to get the Starbucks and other $$$ shops open in a hurry! This is one more example of why Disney has once again turned to the good old $$ instead of its roots of spreading the joy and happiness to all! Why would you pay to go to a theme park where half the rides have been closed? We have been pass-holders for more than 2 years and this will be our last. We have dealt with and seen rude cast members, unorganized paid events(villains) and ride closures constantly! No rhyme or reason to most. I understand improvements have to be done and a business has to change with the times, but when people shell out over $100 a person of there hard earned money they deserve better….As my wife and i have said time and time again, “thank god we live down here and are pass-holders, could you imagine if we spent all this money to have a once a year family vacation and was treated and turned away because of all this Disney Greed” Sad but so true!

    • Tom

      I agree. It does seem more about the buck than anything else anymore.

    • martindi

      My family and I have been passholders for the last several years, but will not be renewing. I think the separately ticketed party within the separately ticketed Halloween event was the tipping point for me. It is too much about greed.

      • Holly

        It should be ticketed separately that way everyone has the chance to go that wants tonot just annual pass holders that can go whenever they want.

    • Irene Fontana

      We stopped going to Disney 2 years ago… for the previous 2 years before that, I noticed that it just wasn’t magical anymore.. :( Sad really, I grew up going to the parks and my older children grew up going there as well, now my youngest who the biggest Disney Fan in my house, doesn’t get to experience a true Magical Day at Disney

    • Nezumi Fan

      Respectfully, to me a Starbucks in a Disney park IS spreading joy and happiness.

  • Gene Doss

    Just did some quick number crunching with some guesstimated dimensions of the hat. If it were a cone 100′ tall and had a 50′ diameter at the base (and not accounting for the “rollup” around the circumference), there is probably over 1 million square inches of blue metal making up the surface area. Imagine how many limited edition collectible pins could be made from that hat!

  • Catherine

    I’m hoping the rumor of them adding a 3rd track to Toy Story Midway Mania is a true one!

  • Nancy Nolan

    Wow! Some unhappy people on here. I guess when you’re spoiled and get to go all the time you become jaded. We had a blast in Dec 2013 and can’t wait to go back this December. BTW, I had no problem with paying separate admission for the MVMCP. I actually get to save a day on my park pass.

  • Ghost Man

    We’re not annual pass holders, but have gone to DW once per year since 1992. I don’t have an issue with them removing the hat even though each park has it’s own icon. Last year, we questioned a cast member about it being the last year for the Osborne Lights. Her response was, “Disney is always changing.” I understand that, but some changes shouldn’t be made. Closing popular rides/attractions and replacing them with rides to push their marketing items makes me wonder if others are correct.

  • beth


  • bud

    I think they should put a star wars stunt show in place of indy. Makes sense right. And why not put star wars land here unless they are going to make it a separate park which would be OK too! Then bring cars land to Hollywood

  • DVC&AP Holder

    I agree with the Starbucks post…BOOO Starbucks, they are really not necessary. What’s next? Nike? McDonalds on Main Street? I don’t like that change.

    • dutchnblue

      They had McDonald fries in the parks for years. Sponsors have been in the parks since the beginning.

    • hmm

      I understand your complaint in a way, but keep in mind that Disney always had horrible coffee. For those who enjoy coffee this is very exciting news. Before Starbucks, we’d pack our own coffee from home.

    • Jaymz

      McDonald’s has been a part of Disney for many years… Just like Stouffers, Nestle and Coca-Cola. Without cooperate sponsorship, the Disney we know wouldn’t exist. What’s the difference in GM sponsoring Test Track and any other sponsorship?!?… I’ve heard this complaint many times but in reality, this sort of thing has been happening since the days of Walt himself

  • Emperor Zurg

    The bacon, egg and gouda sandwich, if it’s anything like the one in the Disney’s California Adventure Starbucks, is killer! Served hot on a ciabatta roll, it’s almost worth a trip just to have that again!

  • humbucking

    Another Starbucks!?! This is the McDonald’s of the coffee industry. I go to WDW to escape from the Starbucks world of burnt coffee beans and overpriced pseudo gourmet coffee. On the bright side those suckers in line at Starbucks means fewer folks in line at TSMM. Plus the coffee served at the Joffrey’s kiosk outside TSMM is a better quality at a reasonable price.