Downtown Disney Construction Update

| February 14, 2015 | 9 Replies

I promised to keep you updated with construction updates going on in Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney.  Every time we visit lately there is something new to see.

image070I am getting used to the parking garage. It has plenty of parking spaces and it has ended that fun game of finding a parking spot by circling and riding up and down the rows. The new parking garage doesn’t have any Disney touches, it could be in your hometown. What it does have is a state of the art system for finding a parking spot!  See  the sign outside with the number of available spaces on each level?


As you are going up the ramp you can see the updated availability.


image090 image209 image213 image215

At the end of each row you will see a sign indicating the number of free spaces in that row. If you look up at these lights it will glow red or green.  If it is green it indicates a free parking spot.  When you leave the spot it will turn red for about 15 seconds then turn green as you pull away. While you are parked the light is not on. This was fantastic!



There have been a number of new stores open on the West Side. The walkway they built to get to the water taxis is now closed.

DSC_4891 DSC_4911image019

This is a new shoe store.


The selection of hats for men and women is amazing. It also seems to be very popular already!


The new walkway opened while we were there.  This will be a big help with the crowds on the Marketplace side.  You can now make a complete circle around the lake.  It should help lessen the congestion over by the Lego Store.


The 4 new kiosks that will be opening soon on the new walkway.

image038 image040 image042 image044 image046

There are a number of seating areas on this new walkway if you would like to sit and enjoy the view.

image048 image050 image057 image102

image107 image108 image120

I am loving the feel of the new Downtown Disney!  It is going to be awesome when it is finished.  There are a few new restaurants that are coming that look very interesting. For all the delays, changes in theming I think Disney got it right with Disney Springs!  The only problem at this time is the construction on Buena Vista Drive.  They are widening the road and creating overhead pedestrian walkways. It looks like a war zone with all the orange barrels, piles of dirt and the cranes. Once it is done it will be wonderful but we have to live through this growing pain stage. All the work hasn’t chased me away yet. We do go during the off peak weekdays so I can’t speak to the weekend crowds but you might want to reconsider staying away from Downtown Disney during the construction. If you have been lately, what do you think? Tell us in the comments below. Till next time, see you in the parks!

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  • Matt H

    We were just there this week and in December. We avoided Downtown Disney because of the construction for so long, but it has really come along nicely. The parking garage helped and I can’t wait for more parking to be completed on the Marketplace side, since we spend more time over there. The causeway opened two days after our visit, but it will definitely help congestion. Still a lot of construction walls, but it’s easy to see the potential.

  • Lori

    I was there last night & it took an hour to get from Hollywood Studios to there. We didn’t have the option to park in the garage. It was bad. I would avoid it on the weekends for sure.

  • Nick DiSandro

    Is ther a fee to use the Parking lot? If so what is it?

    • Lucy

      There is no fee to park anywhere at Downtown Disney.

  • leopardlass

    If the garage works like it should, it will be awesome! Thanks for the update!

  • pat

    Great pictures as always. Surprising that they didn’t go with “Disney” naming of the levels instead of L2 etc. I think it would be easier to remember you are on the Figment level! Should you get a chance to go some evening it would be great to see pictures of the new walkway and the water at night. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  • Sandy

    Wow! Thank you so much for the info. You’re doing a great job. My husband and I went to Animal Kingdom & Magic Kingdom yesterday but decided to avoid the village because we were pretty sure that most of the construction was still underway.

  • Rcbelieve


  • Rcbelieve

    I learn so much when I read your postings. You bring so much thought to them. Thanks