Charlotte Olympia Launches Disney’s Cinderella Collection

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Founded in 2008, Charlotte Olympia is known throughout the world for its sophisticated shoe designs. Each piece is meticulously crafted to represent the style and glamor synonymous with the bygone era of old Hollywood glamor. It is not uncommon to see them on the feet of favorite stars such as Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Dello Russo, Keira Knightly, and Katy Perry. Now, to honor the upcoming release of Disney’s live-action film, Cinderella, Charlotte Olympia is launching a new shoe and accessory collection that is sure to bring magic to closets everywhere.

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Charlotte Olympia Dellal first entered the world of fashion in early 2000 when she attended Cordwainers, a world-renowned college for footwear and accessory design in London. After exploring her interests which predominantly included shoe and corset craftsmanship, she graduated and opened her first store in January of 2008. Since opening that initial store in England, Charlotte Olympia locations have emerged in other areas of the globe including Beverly Hills, Manhattan, and Hong Kong. To this day, each shoe is handcrafted in Italy and marked by a signature gold spiderweb on the sole.


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To honor the upcoming release of Disney’s Cinderella starring Lily James, Helena Bonham Carter, Cate Blanchett, and Richard Madden, Charlotte Olympia will debut its new “Capsule Collection” focusing on the romance and enchantment that makes this story so special. Several shoe designs and accessories will be available that mimic the sparkle of Cinderella’s glass slipper and even the pumpkin that her grandmother turns into a whimsical carriage.


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To compliment these beauties, Charlotte Olympia will offer two new designer clutches that are far from ordinary. Both feature the company’s signature clear design and are accented by Swarovski crystals. My favorite features a clock that is just about to strike midnight and a clasp that nods to Cinderella’s shoe. It’s almost difficult to believe that these pieces are actually handbags; they really are works of art.

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The Capsule Collection inspired by Disney’s Cinderella will be available for pre-order beginning February 16, 2015 exclusively at Charlotte Olympia’s website. I imagine that they will appear on shelves at company stores soon thereafter. Happy shopping!


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