Have you ever wondered? A peek into the Disney details

| February 23, 2015 | 10 Replies

I know I can’t be alone in this. Are you fascinated by the Disney details? Have you ever wondered how they did that? Well, I was in the right place at the right time to see a little bit of Disney “magic” at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge recently. Typically when Walt Disney World refurbishes something they do it behind walls so you can’t see what they are doing. I respect that so I don’t go shooting photos over the walls. I was there taking photos of the resort when I was able to view the chandeliers up close while they were working on them. They were doing the work during the day so anyone could see what was going on.


First a little trivia, The 4 teepee shaped chandeliers in the lobby each weigh 600 pounds. There is rawhide stretched over them and they are decorated with buffaloes and riders on horseback.   Looking up at each chandelier you know they must be large but I didn’t realize just how big they were until I saw one laying on the lobby floor. They are 9 feet 4 inch at the bottom and they are 12 feet, 6 inches tall.


They replaced the burned out bulbs before they started on replacing the hide on the outside of the chandelier. Now you can say it takes 4 cranes to replace the light bulbs and hide and several more cast members on the ground.

image006 image008 image009 image010

Here is the base of the chandelier on the lobby floor. You really get to see just how large it is.


I know this wouldn’t excite some people but for me it was magical watching them work. I love the Wilderness Lodge and this only added to it. To me Disney is all about the details. Till next time, see you in the parks!

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  • Suzanne Sunderland Sevier

    Thanks for sharing these great photos!

  • Linda

    Very cool – last time my husband and I were there, there was a problem with Space Mountain and we were on the ‘Wedway’ People Mover (that’s how I will always remember it) – and when we went through Space Mountain, there were no passengers on the roller coaster and every light was on inside the mountain – of course, I was so in awe of what it looked like that I didn’t take any pictures – but after going to Disney since the 1970’s, I had never seen that before (and probably won’t see that again!) but, yes, very interesting to see the behind the scenes!


      That happened when we were net in line this summer. They had us in the cars and shut down Space mountain. We rode the people over and we’re able to see Space Mountain all lit up. It was nice because I actually helped my kids to see what it was since they were too scared to want to ride it again.

    • Hmorgan13

      We’ve actually had this happen more times that I can count, lol! Space Mountain always seems to go down a few times every time we’re there. When it does, we always hop on the People Mover to do something instead. So cool to see it!

  • MrNico

    It is more scary to ride it with the lights on than off!

  • Tina Chapman

    I’ve stayed the twice and LOVE Wilderness Lodge! One morning we watched a racoon climb a tree outside of our top floor corner room at the Villas. How’s that for Disney magic!

  • Raymond M

    Thanks for such an interesting article, Kathy! This kind of stuff is so fascinating to me and I wish I could have seen it with you.

  • Hmorgan13

    I find this stuff interesting, too! I love seeing them at work :)

  • David McIntyre

    Kathy, I just stumbled upon the podcasts and love them. You guys provide so much helpful information. Thank you.

  • Henry Mazzeo

    We enjoyed a trip to Epcot today. We went to the American Story. There was a era of the Civil war, it was a part with a song sang about what was an did happen. One of the brothers lived, the other died. I would like to know if anyone could get a copy of the song. Thank you