Magic Kingdom February Construction Update

| February 27, 2015 | 6 Replies

I promised to keep you updated with the construction going on in the Walt Disney World theme parks. I am happy to report that some of the construction walls have come down in the new Hub area of Magic Kingdom. As you face Cinderella Castle the new Hub gardens are open on the left. The right side should be opening in the next few weeks. This area is becoming the FastPass area for watching the nightly fireworks.

That is Main Street USA in the background.



DSC_5492 DSC_5469 DSC_5467 DSC_5462

If you have a FastPass for viewing the fireworks, you will enter this area down by Crystal Palace.

DSC_5460 DSC_5452 DSC_5450 DSC_5448 DSC_5446

These cast members were walking around inspecting the details.  I even saw them wiping down the handrails. I was impressed.

DSC_5445 DSC_5440


There is expanded seating for dining outside Casey’s Corner now and also outside The Plaza restaurant. There aren’t many places to sit in this new Hub area but there are a few short walls where you can sit and enjoy the new area.



The Partners Statue is still boxed up while they work on this area up close to Cinderella Castle. PS: there are short walls in this area so I didn’t go peeking over the construction walls.

DSC_5424 DSC_5426 DSC_5430


Disney did a great job in this area. Since they are known for the time they put into the details, I was a little disappointed to see that it didn’t extend to some of the concrete work. If you don’t look down you will be ok. But if you do then you will come away wondering why they didn’t take a little time to make it blend in better. Maybe there are plans to improve it but I remember when you would never see something like this in the Walt Disney World theme parks. They would replace all the concrete so when they were finished it would all match.

DSC_5477 DSC_5471

They are still using a crane behind Cinderella Castle. The scrim is still up on Main Street. Hopefully both of these items will be gone soon.

DSC_5432 DSC_5494

They have taken away the smoking area behind Cinderella Castle. Smokers will need to use one of the other smoking areas in the park. You can always stay up to date on rehabs by visiting our list of rehabs. If you haven’t heard, Pirates of the Caribbean is going down for a long rehab.

Until next time, See you in the Parks!

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  • kirsty want

    hurrah that the castle smoking area has been nixed – always a horrible experience as you slipped down that side path

  • Mrs. Potts

    Any chance of getting aerial photos to compare the old hub to the new hub?

  • jasmine

    where is the fast pass area for the main street electrical parade

  • Kyle Carroll

    There are no benches in this new area, so I’m guessing they want everyone to sit/stand in this area. What about the older Disney fans that would have a hard time getting up from the ground?

  • harmeyer

    I have had several conversations about the smoking area behind Cinderella Castle and I am so excited that they have changed it. (And I smoke!) But this was a bad choice from the beginning given that it was on both sides of a highly traveled path. Most of us will find the smoking section and there are out of the way places that will work better than that spot. Yeah!!!

  • Mc Kenna

    Kathy… you beat me! I was there the night before the walls came down and the morning after. I took picture specifically to put up..and here are yours. :)
    I think the area looks quite nice…and it was beautifully groomed. It didn’t take families long to fill it up for a quiet rest as an hour later the area was filled with families sitting on the lawn. A few children were doing hand-stands and cartwheels; while other families were enjoying an early lunch.
    Though I loved looking at the area… I DO fear that the grass will take a real beating especially as it is used as a standing/viewing/mixing area for the fireworks.